How to knit socks on 2 needles — a diagram and description of the tutorial referred to above for beginners with video

Knitting is not just a hobby, for leisure, but also the opportunity to create original household things or clothes. Thanks to this hobby can be made large items – blankets, rugs or small items – dresses, shawls, and more. Many mistresses while learning the skill start with the small things, the creation of which requires no special skills or knowledge. Knitting socks on 2 needles – a great chance to learn how to make unique things with my hands. To understand the technique of execution and the nuances of work will help master-classes, presented in the article. Once you have mastered this method, you can try to knit socks on 5 needles.

socks with their hands.

How to knit socks on two needles without seams:

  • For children’s socks knitting will need yarn in two colors and knitting needles of medium thickness.
  • Binding starting from the back of the cuff, to do this, we print on both needles 22 stitches and 4 cm (approximately 14-15 ranks, depends on the density) are finished gum alone.
  • Knit four inches of the front surface – rear part of a sock ready.
  • Proceed to vyvazhivanii heels. To form by knitting the front of a number make subtraction, promazyvaya 2nd and 3rd and the last two loops together. To continue on the scheme with uravneniyami until twelve eyelets for the spokes. Further work should be expanded, increasing the size of the web. To do this, the edge loop knit into the front one, purl rows are weaved according to the scheme without additions. Addition to make up until the spoke will not work again loop 22, and the product formed heel.
  • Are finished stop the facial work surface about 8 cm (depends on the size of the foot). To create alternate colors, promazyvaya for 2 rows the same color. The back and the sole is ready.
  • Similarly, as a woven heel, shape the toe: the loops diminish to 12, and then added to the original number.
  • Knit sock top is 8 cm, each front row connecting the first and last hinges with the edge. In this knitting connects the sole with the top of the sock and the product gets completed.
  • Cuffs are finished on the front side of the front surface, connecting the work back. Are finished elastic – 4 cm and complete the work.
  • Likewise, knit the second sock.

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