The baby strapped to my chest

Ребенок висит на грудиBabies moms breastfed often suffer all sorts of inconveniences related to the fact that the child is constantly hanging at the breast. Often, this situation is treated as an «experienced» grandmothers as lack of milk, but modern pediatricians see other reasons.

Why the child is constantly hanging on your chest?

Regardless of age, your baby may very long time to breastfeed. Common reasons for this are the need for physical contact with the mother and fear that she will not come on demand. Frequent breastfeeding-year-old child can attest to the fact that your baby is not developing harmoniously, and the habit of trying to meet their needs and solve problems through the chest. According to experts, only 3% of cases, the baby strapped to my chest because of the lack of milk or insufficient caloric intake.

When frequent application is necessary?

For a newborn under 2 months of such behavior is the norm. The establishment of a stable lactation is almost impossible without frequent and long breastfeeding. So in the mother’s body maintained a high level of the hormone prolactin, responsible for milk production. Feeding on demand is good for the baby. Because the volume of the ventricle is equal to approximately 30 ml, and the digestion time of the milk does not exceed 15 minutes. Accordingly, the attachment to the breast every 3 hours, will lead to the fact that the baby will not have enough nutrients, and eat a large portion at a time will not allow a small volume of the stomach.

How to wean a child hanging on your chest?

To eliminate the shortage of milk, it is necessary to conduct an experiment — to give up a day from the use of diapers and to count the number of wet diapers. If more than 12, you have nothing to worry about.

Understanding the main reasons why a newborn baby hanging all day on the chest is the main reference point in the further actions of the mother. If milk from the nurse enough, then the baby in dire need of body contact and protection. She needs to talk more with the baby, do not hesitate to show their love and care. You should not attempt to wean baby from the breast by force — it will only exacerbate the situation becomes stressful for the baby. Only patience and calm, and soon the time will come when the child no longer hanging at the breast all day and all night.


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