How to see saved passwords in the browser

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In this guide about how to see saved passwords in Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, IE, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex Browser. And to make it not only the standard tools provided by your browser settings, but using free programs to view the saved passwords. If you are interested in how to save password in the browser (also a frequent question on the topic), simply enable the offer to save them in the settings (where it will also be shown in the instructions).

For what it may require? For example, you decided to change your password on some website, but in order to do this, you will also need to know the old password (and autocomplete may not work), or you switched to another browser (see the Best browsers for Windows) that does not support automatic import saved passwords from other installed on the computer. Another option you want to delete this data from browsers.

Note: if you need to remove saved passwords from browsers, then it can be done in the same preferences window, where they can view and which is described below.

the Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10.

can check on VirusTotal) it is defined as undesirable (because of the ability to view passwords, and not because of some outside activities, as I understand it).

The program ChromePass is available for free download on the official website (you can also download the file of the Russian language of interface for which you want to unpack to the same folder where the executable program file).

Another good set of free programs for the same purpose available from the developer SterJo Software (and at this point in time they are «clean» according to VirusTotal). Each of the programs allows you to view stored passwords for specific browsers.

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A free download is available IN following related to passwords:

  • SterJo Chrome Passwords Google Chrome
  • SterJo Passwords Firefox — for Mozilla Firefox
  • SterJo Opera Passwords
  • SterJo Internet Explorer Passwords
  • Edge SterJo Passwords for Microsoft Edge
  • SterJo Password Unmask — to display the passwords under asterisks (but only works in Windows forms, not web pages).

Download program on official web page (I recommend to use the Portable version that requires no installation on the computer).

I think the information in the guide will suffice in order to read stored passwords when they need one way or another. Remember: if you download third party software for such purposes, do not forget to check its harmfulness and be careful.

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