How to control mouse with keyboard in Windows

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If you have suddenly stopped working mouse, Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 provides the ability to control the mouse pointer with the keyboard, and any additional program is not needed, the necessary functions are present in the system.

However, one requirement to control the mouse with the keyboard is still there: ‘ll need a keyboard with a separate numeric keypad on the right. If not, this method will not work, but in the instructions, among other things, will show how to get to the desired setting items, edit them and perform other actions without a mouse, only using keyboard: so even if you have no digital module, perhaps this information will be useful for you in this situation. Cm. also: How to use your Android phone or tablet as mouse or keyboard.

Important: if you have to the computer is still connected mouse or touchpad is enabled, mouse control, keyboard will not work (i.e. they need to be turned off: mouse — physically, touch panel, see How to disable the touchpad on a laptop).

I’ll start with some tips that may come in handy if you have to work without a mouse keyboard; they are suitable for Windows 10 — 7. Cm. also: Hot keys Windows 10.

  • If you click on the button with a picture of the Windows logo key (Win) will open the start menu, which you can move around with the arrow keys. If immediately after opening the «start» to start typing something on the keyboard, you will find the necessary program or file that can be run from the keyboard.
  • If you are in a window with buttons, boxes, markers, and other elements (it works on the desktop), then to switch between them you can use the Tab key and «clicking» or selecting — space bar or Enter.
  • Keyboard key in the bottom row on the right with the image menu calls the context menu for the selected item (the one that appears when you right-click with the mouse), which then can be navigated with the arrow keys.
  • In most programs and in Windows Explorer, you can access the main menu (the top line) by pressing Alt. Program from Microsoft and Windows Explorer, after pressing Alt also displays a label with the keys to open each of the menu items.
  • Alt+Tab will allow you to select the active window (the program).

This is only basic information about working in Windows with the keyboard, but I think the most important to not get «lost», being without a mouse.

The inclusion of control mouse cursor with keyboard

Our task is to enable control of the mouse cursor (or pointer) from the keyboard to do this:

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  • Press the Windows key and start typing «ease of access Center», will not be able to choose the item and open it. You can also open the search window Windows 10 and Windows 8 keys, Win+S.
  • Opening the ease of access center, press Tab to highlight the «ease of access mouse» and press Enter or the spacebar.
  • Use the Tab key to select «configuration control index» (do not include direct control pointer with keyboard) and press Enter.
  • If the item «Enable control mouse pointer with keyboard» is selected, press the spacebar to enable it. Alternatively, select it with Tab.
  • Using the Tab key, you can configure other options of the mouse, and then choose the «Apply» button at the bottom of the window and press the spacebar or Enter to enable management.
  • The available options during setup:

    • Enable or disable mouse control with keyboard shortcuts (left Alt + Shift + Num Lock).
    • Set the speed of movement of the cursor and the arrow keys to accelerate and decelerate its movement.
    • The inclusion of control when Num Lock is enabled and when is disabled (if you use the numeric keypad on the right for entering numbers, turn Off when not in use — leave «On»).
    • Display the mouse icon in the notification area (can be useful, as it shows the currently selected mouse button which will be next).

    Ready, mouse control with keyboard is included. Now how to control it.

    Control mouse with keyboard in Windows

    All control of the mouse pointer and pressing the mouse buttons is done using the numeric keypad (NumPad).

    • All the number keys except 5 and 0 moves the mouse pointer in the direction in which a given key is relatively «5» (for example, key 7 moves the pointer to the left up).
    • Pressing the mouse button (the selected button appears shaded in the notification area, if you are turned off this option earlier) by pressing key 5. For double-click, press + (plus).
    • Before pressing you can select the mouse button, which it will be: left button — press «/» (slash), right — «-» (minus), two buttons — «*».
    • To drag and drop elements, hover over what you want to drag, press 0, then move the mouse pointer to where you need to drag an item, and then press «.» (dot) to release it.

    That’s all management: nothing complicated, although we can not say that it is very convenient. On the other hand, there are situations in which can’t be choosers.

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