How can I tell what graphics card is in the PC or laptop

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Not long ago, I wrote about how to install or update the drivers for the video card, a bit touching on the question of how actually to learn which video card is installed in the computer or laptop.

In this instruction — more detail about how to know what video card in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, and also in cases where the computer fails to boot (plus videos on the topic, at the end of this manual). Not all users know how to do it and when faced with the fact that in the Windows device Manager written video controller (VGA compatible) or Standard VGA graphics adapter, I don’t know where to download driver for it and what to install. And games, and programs using graphics does not work without appropriate drivers.

How to know the graphics card model by using the Windows device Manager

The first thing to try to see which graphics card on the computer — go to device Manager. The fastest way to do this in Windows 10, 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP — press Win + R (where Win is the key with the emblem of the OS) and enter the command devmgmt.msc. Another option is to right click the mouse on «My computer», choose «Properties» to launch device Manager from the tab «Equipment».

Most likely, in the device list you will see a section «display Adapters», and revealing it — the model of your graphics card. As I wrote, even if the video card reinstalled Windows and decided correctly, to complete its work, you should still install the official driver is provided by Microsoft.

However, there is another option: in the tab video adapters will be displayed «Standard VGA the graphic adapter», or, in the case of Windows XP — «video controller (VGA compatible)» in the list of «Other devices». This means that the graphics card was not specified and Windows does not know which driver to use. Will have to learn it ourselves.

Find out what the graphics card using the Device ID (hardware ID)

The first method most often employed is the determination of the installed graphics card using a hardware ID.

In device Manager, just right click unknown VGA display adapter and select «Properties». After that, go to the Details tab and under Property select «hardware IDS».

After that, copy any of the values in the clipboard (by right clicking and selecting the appropriate menu item), the key for us are the values of two parameters in the first part of the ID — VEN and DEV which represent, respectively, the manufacturer and the device itself.

After that, the easiest way to determine what kind of graphics card model — visit the site and enter in the upper field the VEN and DEV ID of the device.

As a result, you will receive information about the video card and the ability to download drivers for it. However, I would not recommend to download from here, it is better to use the official site of the manufacturer now you know your video card.

How to know the model of graphics card if the computer or laptop is not included

One of the options — the need to identify which video card on a computer or laptop that no signs of life. In this situation, all that can be done (except for the installation of the graphics card in another computer) to study the labelling or, for the case with the integrated video card — to check the specifications of the processor.

Graphics cards desktop PCs usually have markings on the labels with the «flat» side, allowing you to determine what kind of chip is used on it. If clear marking, as in the photo below is not, then there may be a model ID of the manufacturer, which you can enter in search on the Internet and likely the first results will contain information about what kind of video card.

To find out what video card is installed in your laptop, provided that it is not included, the easiest way is by searching the specs of your laptop model on the Internet, they should contain such information.

If we are talking about the definition of graphics card the laptop at the markings here is difficult: it can be viewed only on the graphic chip, and to reach it, you need to remove the cooling system and to remove thermal paste (which I do not recommend someone who is not sure that he knows how to do it). On the chip you will see markings on the photo.

If you search on the Internet by ID, which is marked on the pictures, the first results will tell you what kind of chip as the following screenshot.

Note: the same markings on the chips of desktop graphics cards, and they also have to «get», removing the cooling system.

For integrated graphics (integrated graphics) everything is easier — just find on the Internet specifications of your model of your CPU or laptop, the information will also include information about the used integrated graphics (see screenshot below).

Definition video devices with the help of AIDA64
Note: this is not the only program that allows you to see what kind of video card is installed, there are others, including free: Better programs to learn the characteristics of the computer or laptop.

Another good way to get detailed information about your computer’s hardware is to use the program AIDA64 (has replaced the previously popular Everest). With this program you can not only learn about his graphics card, but many other hardware features of your computer and laptop. Despite the fact that AIDA64 is worthy of a separate review, here we will talk about it only in the context of this statement. Download AIDA64 free you can on the website of the developer

The program generally is paid, but 30 days (though with some limitations) works great and in order to determine the graphics card will be enough and trial.

After launching, open the «Computer» then «summary» and locate the option «Display». There you will be able to see the model of your graphics card.

Additional ways to know which graphics card Windows

In addition to the already described ways in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 there are additional facilities of the system, allowing to obtain information on the model and manufacturer of the graphics card, which can be useful in some cases (for example, if access device Manager blocked by administrator).

View information about the graphics card in the DirectX diagnostic tool (dxdiag)

All modern versions of Windows installed or that the version of DirectX components, and is designed to work with graphics and sound in games and applications.

These components include a diagnostic tool (dxdiag.exe), which allows you to know which graphics card is on the computer or laptop. To use the tool, follow these simple steps:

  • Press Win+R on keyboard and type dxdiag in the Run window.
  • After you load the diagnostics, go to the display tab.
  • On the tab will indicate the model of video card (or, rather, used her graphic chip), information about drivers and video card (in my case, for some reason is not displayed correctly). Note: this tool allows you to verify which version of DirectX. For details, see DirectX 12 for Windows 10 (also true for other OS versions).

    Using «system Information»

    Another Windows utility allowing to obtain information about graphics cards «system Information». It runs in a similar way: press Win+R and type msinfo32.

    In the window of the system information, navigate to «Components» — «Display», where the «Name» field will display what the video card used in your system.

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    Note: msinfo32 incorrectly displays memory card, if its more than 2 GB. This is a confirmed Microsoft problem.

    How to find out what video card is installed — video

    And finally — a video manual, which shows all the main ways to find your model of graphics card or integrated graphics adapter.

    There are other ways to determine your video card: for example, when automatically installing drivers using Driver Pack Solution, the graphics card is also defined, though I don’t recommend this method. Anyway, in most situations, the above methods would be sufficient for this goal.

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