Misoprostol analogs

Мизопростол - аналогиMisoprostol in structure refers to the drugs hormonal structure. Being the full derivative of prostaglandin, it has the property of causing the contraction of smooth muscle fibers of the organs, of the uterus. It is with this aim a medicinal drug used in the abortion. After use, there has been increasing contractile muscle fibers, which contributes to expulsion of the embryo outward. Valid a quarter of an hour. The half — life period half an hour (excreted by kidneys).

Often in practice, there are analogues Misoprostol, it is a component of other drugs. Consider such.

Cytotec for early abortion

Effective constituent substance is misoprostol. Like the above, Sycotec:

  • changes in prolactin levels;
  • changes the concentration of gonadotropins;
  • affect thyroid hormones;
  • reduces the aggregation (adhesion of platelets).

Compared to Misoprostol, the action starts half an hour later, pronounced effect has a duration of 3 hours. Adverse effects include:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • indigestion, vomiting, flatulence, constipation;
  • hypermenorrhea;
  • dysmenorrhea.

What is Mirolut?

0.2 mg of misoprostol is present in the composition. Acts similar to the drugs reviewed. A distinctive feature is the absolute lack of effect on the hormonal system, the concentration of the above-described hormones. The drug facilitates expectoration of the contents of the uterine cavity performed after medabot, by stimulation of the contractile movements, disclosure of the cervix.

The choice of drug, Mirolut, Misoprostol Sycotec for the termination of pregnancy is done exclusively by the doctor. The procedure is performed in the clinic under the supervision of highly qualified medical staff.


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