What kind of petticoat to choose for winter

Ladies who adore feminine style in clothes in winter is not easy. Dresses and skirts, the most feminine part of clothing, in cold season is not very convenient. You have to look for clothing options that will help a woman to dress accordingly to your own taste and not to freeze.

Какие юбки выбрать для зимы

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Women, concerned with the revision of the wardrobe, there are many questions. Some wore skirts in the old days, when there was no insulated underwear and warm tights? Can I wear short skirts in winter? What to wear dress in the cold, in order not to lose the feminine appearance? To answer most of them, it is recommended to first decide what image you want to create. For example, utalises, you can figure out what a mini-skirt when you selected the ensemble you absolutely is not.

Warmest winter will be in a skirt-Maxi. It goes perfectly with a coat or coats, the length of which reaches mid-thigh. Look great and the skirts are floor-length. If the Maxi skirt you prefer to wear outerwear knee length, will certainly focus on the top of the silhouette. Pick up a scarf or hat so that he has allocated the upper part looks nice and moderately fluffy collar.

When wearing skirts below the knee (MIDI) choose the upper garment of such a length that matches the length of the skirt or a little shorter. But a lover of skirts and dresses above the knee in the cold it’s hard to heat you have to carefully select the top clothes or find leggings and tights.

What skirts to wear in the winter

Best suited for winter, made of wool, velvet or corduroy, you can use tweed or denim with a lining. The main criteria are: – provision of heat. If my favorite skirt is never enough, it is possible to hook warm shorts the right length.

And for those who like to wear short skirts in the cold it may be advisable to wear gaiters. Heat wrapped the lower part of the body, take care of your feet. Leggings in stores are available in a large variety of different sizes and species. For any style of clothes you can pick up such a comfortable part of the wardrobe and even make them the highlight of the General appearance.

How to choose tights and leggings for winter

When choosing leggings, tights, ensure that they were not very thin. Convenient if you have in the closet has not one, but several pairs of products of different colors. For a short dress, choose a leggings – they are a bit denser and will not spoil the appearance.

In modern stores you can also buy thermal underwear. It can be synthetic or natural. The main benefit of thermal underwear is that it is made of a fabric that is able to pass through moisture and not allow the owner to freeze. The structure of the fabric is very peculiar, it contains a thin layer, so that the body receives additional heating.

I want to be beautiful not only in warm weather, but during cold weather. Careful selection of clothing items will help you look attractive at any time of the year.

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