What to do if her husband beats

Man looking for love, then creates a family. The wedding is celebrated, babies. All rosy and perfect. But in life not everything is so nice and smooth sometimes. Often a beautiful picture of the family gives way to a hellish life with quarrels, scandals and fights. Not in the best position in this situation is the female half. Because of their weakness and insecurity a woman is not always able to repulse the man. Therefore, the woman is in the hospital with beatings and bruises. And after all, what’s happening to her, she continues to live under the same roof with such a person, risking their lives. What to do if your husband has? How to avoid this situation? And whether or not to pursue a relationship with this person?

Что делать, если муж бьет

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When there is the first men’s assault, the head of the woman not at once all becomes clear. All as in a fog. How could a person you love and who loves you suddenly dare to lay a hand on you? Yes, argued, swore, called each other…. It happens to everyone. But suddenly he lost his temper at some point, and landed the first slap. The flow of tears, resentment and apology…

If from hot pursuit not to understand the situation, a slap in the future will be replaced by a blow to the head, face, belly, etc. After the «reconciliation» talk with my husband about what was the true reason of his such act. Maybe he’s freaking out, there are some problems at work, he says, experiencing them inside yourself, but the result breaks down on you. But, nevertheless, this is not a reason to raise your hand. If the spouse is worried about something and cannot cope with their emotions, encourage them to drink a course of sedative tablets. May assault in the specific case of a one-time occurrence and will never happen again.

If a beating when quarrels with her husband again, talking «heart to heart» to nothing lead, the findings from the stronger sex are not done, try to address to the family psychologist. Maybe he’ll give you valuable tips to help you with your spouse can keep the family together.

If the husband continues to beat, no matter what, you should carefully prepare to walk away from such a person. Plenty to consider. If you live in his house or apartment with the children, it is necessary to think in advance where you and the children will live. With relatives or in a rented apartment. If you financially totally dependent on her husband, ask friends or relatives to give you some amount of debt for the first time. Or try to save enough of the money to another account. Keep in a safe place documents for themselves and their children, prepare the necessities. Do not regret about the act. Because children also see what is happening in the family. In the future their lives will reflect such «family problems»: the son will grow up tyrant, and the daughter will take a beating from her husband. Yes, and there is no guarantee that you as the mother will save your life and health.

Therefore, if you decide to leave, don’t look back. Of course, will not be easy. You need to be a good mom to the children, and the breadwinner in the family. But children, especially, need a healthy and alive mother. And father, if, indeed, loves kids, will help financially, and morally.

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