Master-class of creating a candy on the nails

Interesting option for decorating nails for those who still remember the days of lollipops. Bright and original medium complexity design.

Мастер-класс создания леденцов на ногтях

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You will need

  • — BFA
  • — primer
  • — base
  • top
  • — color gel Polish
  • black and white gel ink
  • — Stirka «mirror finish» gold color
  • confetti for nail art
  • — stained glass gel is a dark yellow
  • — transparent gel
  • — cleanser or other liquid to remove tackiness
  • a thin brush to draw the design
  • An example is shown in tipse, but the description given as the design is on the nail.


1. Standard prepare the nail. Buff, remove the Shine, treated with primer, cover the base and dry them in the lamp. Two layers of color apply the gel Polish, this beige design. Each layer is dried in the lamp.

2. Into a sticky layer of dried gel Polish set confetti covered top and dry the lamp. If not all confetti went smoothly and cling in these places can be a little to buff, then again to cover the top. If the top adhesive, a nail wipe with cleanser.

3. Black gel paint draw the outline of future candy. Dry the lamp.

4. In dried black gel paint, gold RUB «mirror Shine». Shake off the excess.

5. Top candy apply gel stained yellow. Dry the lamp.

6. Increase and brighten, apply clear gel and again dry them in the lamp.

7. The finished candy white gel paint draw sticks and dry them in the lamp. To give volume on top you can apply the gel. Dry the lamp wipe nail with cleanser.

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