What are the pros and cons of using viral advertising

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of viral advertising. Whether to use it and how it can be effective.

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Viral advertising is virtually no cost. Cash investments are only needed in the beginning: the idea, the creation, etc.

It is not imposed and not forced to anything, so the user feels no pressure and relates to your products more loyal.

Increases the credibility of the company, product, service, because the information comes from friends and acquaintances that are trusted by buyers.

Causes positive reaction on a psychological level, the desire to share information.

Increased recognition of your company or brand.

The viral effect lasts a very long time. Is sales growth.

For advertising customers, the biggest advantage is the lack of restrictions and censorship. It is important for sellers of alcoholic and tobacco products. Although for the whole society, perhaps this is will be less.

Disadvantages of advertising

Difficulties arise when planning and almost impossible to predict the outcome. For example, if you make a viral video, it is unknown how fast will spread the «virus» and whether it will even be distributed.

If the promotion of products or services over the Internet, and advertising should be to promote here, but this is a limited target audience — only network.

Is the high cost of the idea. For example, to develop and record quality video game.

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