How to find a person by photo Vkontakte

At present quite often need to find a person by photo in VK to learn more about it and possibly meet you. If you have had a photo of a stranger, and you wonder whether it is registered in the social network Vkontakte, you can check this in several possible ways.

Вы можете найти человека по фото ВКонтакте

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1. So you were able to find a person by photo in VK, that man must be of acceptable quality. It is desirable that the photo resolution was not less than 800-1000 pixels in length and 500 to 1,000 pixels tall. The man’s face should be directed straight from the front (i.e., facing the viewer), and thus it is better, if it occupies a large part of the image. The photo itself must be clear and not blurred. If the image quality is not very good, but man it is otherwise, the chances of finding him in the social network, however they are much lower than in compliance with the necessary requirements.

2. Take advantage of our special web resources to search for a person by photo in the VC. Are sites that collate a picture database all pictures social networks and in result give the list of people with the appropriate appearance. The most reliable and effective services and They were originally designed to check the pages for authenticity and just a fun search similar people, however well proven as a great way to find a person by photo in Facebook. Sign up on both sites and upload the photo you are interested in the user. Don’t forget about the requirements to the image from the previous step. Wait some time until the search procedure. After that, you will get access to list of people, avatar Vkontakte which most closely matches your uploaded photos.

3. Please note that the results obtained might not be accurate. To narrow the circle of similar individuals on the website FindFace you can specify the exact or approximate age of a person of your interest. At this online free are only the first 30 attempts of the search, and then to continue you will need to Deposit a certain amount of money. The website VKfake completely free however often gives not as accurate results.

4. You can find the man in the photo through the social network Vkontakte. To get started, click the right mouse button on the photo file and go to its properties. Please note, not listed here, shooting date, location and other parameters. After that, log in to your profile in the VC and open the menu item «news» and then the section «Photos». Specify in the search string data from the photograph, which is at your disposal. Also you can search on the news, where useful information about the scene. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the results will be a link to the page of the person you are looking for.

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