Safety rules when using gas stove

Among the incidents and accidents that occur in the domestic environment, the important place occupied by the explosions of household gas. To avoid trouble it is possible if to observe some simple rules.

Правила безопасности при пользовании газовой плитой

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1. In any case, do not obstruct access to the gas pipes and valves, gas equipment it is impossible to hide behind furniture or covered with chipboard panels. In the event of a suspected leak, you will not be able to get close to the pipes and turn off the gas.

2. Make sure that the extractor fan in the kitchen worked properly. If there is a serious gas leak, you will feel the characteristic smell. A properly working ventilation will protect you from possible suffocation or fire. So tape Wallpaper ventilation in the kitchen.

3. Use the gas stove only for its intended purpose, i.e. for cooking. Do not turn on the gas when you want to warm up the whole apartment, do not dry above the burning burners the clothes, do not leave a working stove unattended. In addition, if you have children, explain to them what can result when they are without adult supervision will twist knobs include the.

4. For your own safety do not install gas appliances yourself, even if you think it’s easy. In the future, provide access to the gas equipment specialists, gas services. That is, when the door of your entrance appear a Declaration from the management company about the arrival of representatives of gas services, be sure to be home at the specified time.

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