How to start breastfeeding

The birth of a baby is one of the most important and crucial moments in a woman’s life. At the stage of pregnancy planning in my head a million questions. The most important — «if I can establish breastfeeding your child?».

Как начать грудное вскармливание

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The first and most important condition for successful breastfeeding is the desire of the mother to feed her baby. Believe me, if the mother has a desire, then this 75% component of success.

Second and also important condition is the communication with people having a successful experience with breastfeeding. This will give us a positive attitude is much more likely than if we listen to endless stories about what the milk was gone in a month, two, three.

The third condition is that early attachment of your baby to the breast. The ideal would be if immediately after birth the baby will make in the delivery room that he received the priceless drops of colostrum. But the realities of modern maternity hospitals to implement it quite difficult. Doctors don’t have the time, sometimes mothers are «conveyor». Therefore, the challenge for moms to put the baby at the breast at the first opportunity. As soon As your treasure has been with you, give him the breast. With the first feeding watch out for the correct capture of the crumbs, it will save you from damage of the breast and make breastfeeding painful. Also after feeding it is better to apply chest cream, for example, «Bepanten».

The fourthconditionis not to panic. Breast milk comes only 3-7 days after birth. The fair will be the one who asks, «What to feed your baby?». Nature invented for us. I agree it would be weird if a cat gave birth to kittens and they were starving her 7 days waiting for the milk. The first 3-7 days the child eats the most valuable thing created by nature is colostrum. It is a sticky liquid that is produced by the mammary gland in a very small volume, it is quite nutritious in comparison with breast milk. Also because of the minimal amount of liquid in the composition of colostrum does not overload the kidneys of the baby and has a laxative effect. Contained immunoglobulins and antitoxins in the fluid will saturate the child, will support his immune system. Colostrum is a complete food, which will be enough to a child in the first days after birth. One should not panic and due to the loss of weight of the child. Weight loss the baby is physiological within 10% of the weight at birth.

The fifthconditionis frequent in the attachment. The more often the child will make, the easier it is to establish breastfeeding. Here the law of demand, which creates supply. Also at the time when the baby at the breast, the uterus is shrinking faster — it promises a speedy recovery after the birth. At each feeding, if it has been more than 2 hours, change the breast.

The sixthcondition is not to be decanted. Our moms love to give advice about what we need to strain the chest. And what a joy to hear about naziemnych milk banks. Decanting is necessary only in one case, if there is stagnation of milk or engorgement of the breast. Decanting should only be to facilitate and not to the last drop. If you pump milk on the advice of the older generation, you risk all the free time to spend pumping. Here, too, the law of demand.

The main thing to remember is that breastfeeding is a natural process and 99% of women can breastfeed.

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