Accustom the child to the potty: how to do it quickly

The older the baby, the more often any mom begins to think about when to introduce their child to a pot. Some parents teach the child to walk on it before the year, others feel that this question can be postponed.

Приучение ребенка к горшку: как быстро это сделать

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According to many psychologists, the child is to potty in the age of 18-24 months. Why this age? Just in this period of life the baby there are certain skills to be potty trained: knows how to pronounce some of the words (with a toddler can agree), understood the speech of the adult, stays dry for 2 hours awake, uncomfortable in the wet pants. So, if your friends boast that their child goes on the potty before the age of 1 year, do not worry, as the child does its «business» reflexively, unconsciously. And rather it is the merit of parents who manage to catch the «moments» of his child, nothing more.

So, if your child from 18-24 months and youwant to teach him to potty, then follow some rules.

First, be patient. If the wrong approach potty training drag on for months. Second, for every successful «sight» pot admire the baby, say he’s done. Thirdly, refrain from the potty training, if the child is teething or he is unwell; do not refuse fully from diapers; after each dream to plant a baby on the potty. Do not scold the child if he did «dirty things» in his pants.

Before to teach a child to potty, you need to prepare yourself. 2 weeks before active actions need to purchase a convenient and comfortable potty and try to explain what the object is. Tell us what all the kids peeing in the potty, and then go to the bathroom on the toilet like adults. A week before the training buy new panties child picture favorite cartoon characters, and say that soon he will not run in diapers, and this interesting lingerie. And finally, we need to choose the time and days when you along with a helper (grandma or nanny) will be constantly with the child.

The process of potty-training during waking hours of the baby takes about 3 days. Method does not work if the complete abandonment of diapers.

So, the first day to give the child to run around naked at the optimal temperature in the room and at the appropriate time of year. Or wear a pre-purchased panties. Each attempt of the child to celebrate the need, you need to immediately run up to him with a pot and plant it there. For every successful action be enough for the misfire is not to blame. The first day should not depart from a toddler to watch his actions, to follow him in the tracks to catch a «hit» in the pot. Without the assistant here not to manage. The child must learn the relationship between the pot and their actions. For NAPs and night sleep is better to wear baby diapers, pre-invite to pee in the potty.

The next day you can go with your baby for a walk without diapers. It is better to do after a successful trip to the toilet. Walking is far from home, to at any time to return to the child sat on the potty. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes in case of confusion on the street.

On the third day you can walk 2 times. Before each walk, and sleep, and after walking and waking up, you need to plant the baby on the potty. There are cases when the child is sitting on the pot, completed their case, but clothes off did not. Do not scold the child for such actions, and choose comfortable clothing for your child: no extra buttons and straps.

If you do it right, after the joint efforts of the child will normally begin to go on the potty and even ask myself on him.

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