Abdominal pain on the left of a different nature — the cause of the symptom in men and women

Painful for men and women, the situation is a sore abdomen on the left. The condition may indicate significant health problems. The doctor correctly diagnosed, you need to tell him about the features of pain on the left side which vary widely in diseases. Nice to know how they manifest themselves, which have differences.

What is to the left lower abdomen

Pretexts for the manifestation of pain left a huge number, it is determined by the characteristics of the structure of the human body. What is in left side lower abdomen? Characterizes the area of the anterior abdominal wall just below the navel availability:in stock

  • spleen;
  • the sigmoid colon;
  • the appendages in women;
  • the left ureter;
  • kidneys;
  • Tolstoy, the small intestine;
  • of the hip joint.

Lower abdominal pain left in women – causes

In order to clearly determine the diagnosis is required to distinguish pain. It is equally important to consider the symptoms that appear separately. Lower abdominal pain left side in women is character expression indicates different diseases. She observed this form:

  • pulling;
  • sharp;
  • cutting;
  • aching;
  • pricking;
  • stupid;
  • sharp;
  • in fights, attack.

Pain in left side lower abdomen is expressed as the result of inflammatory processes, disorders of blood circulation, dystrophic changes of the organs, changes in intracellular metabolism. The reasons for its occurrence in women associated with gynecological pathologies:

  • twisted legs cyst;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • the menstrual cycle;
  • apoplexy of the ovary;
  • neoplasms of the reproductive system;
  • pathology of pregnancy;
  • inflammation of the appendages.

Dragging pain in the abdomen during pregnancy

The formation of painful feelings left women waiting for the birth of the baby, has different causes, depending on the length. For the initial phase is characterized by the emergence of such symptoms on the left due to stretching of the wall of the uterus, with the growth of the fetus from compression of the bladder. Dragging pain in the abdomen during pregnancy informed about the pathologies of this period:

  • the likelihood of disruption as a result of over the muscle tone of the uterus;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • the detachment of the placenta.

Abdominal pain on the left with the pull character of a pregnant appear in preparation for labor in the last weeks. The reasons they serve:

  • the beginning of the opening of the cervix;
  • training, about the fight;
  • cystitis, bowel problems as a result of hormonal changes;
  • the discharge of mucous and blood tube;
  • dysfunction of the urinary bladder;
  • problems with the lowering of the fetus downward.

Sharp lower abdominal pain in women

The onset of such symptoms of the disease poses a significant threat to life. Urgent medical intervention requires a sharp pain lower left abdomen in women. The cause are:

  • cystitis;
  • acute pancreatitis;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • bloating in the bursting gases;
  • the expansion of the bladder;
  • breakthrough ovarian cysts;
  • acute inflammation of the appendages;
  • giardiasis;
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidneys;
  • the accumulation in the fallopian tubes pus;
  • dysmenorrhea.

Cutting pain in the lower abdomen in women

The emergence of the painful signs of the cutting of the character on the left indicates bleeding or the development of the inflammatory process. They are caused by disorder of the digestive system, bowel problems – the emergence of malignant tumors, constipation. Often symptoms of the left increases with movement. Pain in the lower abdomen in women is extremely dangerous during pregnancy, informs about the presence:

  • the high tone of the uterus;
  • the detachment of the placenta;
  • stretching muscles;
  • ectopic fetus position;
  • threats of termination;
  • mechanical injury.

Severe abdominal pain in women

Should I call an ambulance when the manifestation of these symptoms, especially when the high temperature with nausea, vomiting. Often with development of severe pain in the lower abdomen in women without immediate surgery, the situation does not improve. This situation occurs when the bottom left stock:

  • twisting the legs of the cyst in the ovary;
  • inflammation in the intestine, its lower part, accompanied by bloating, diarrhea;
  • urolithiasis.

Acute lower abdominal pain in women

Uncomfortable feeling in the zone located below and to the left of the navel, represents a severe form, causes obstruction of the intestine. It is accompanied by severe swelling. Acute lower abdominal pain in women left dictates an urgent hospitalization because of serious caused by gynecological diseases:

  • hemorrhage into the ovary;
  • twisting the legs of the cysts;
  • acute inflammation of the appendages;
  • rupture of the fallopian tube with knife-like pain;
  • abscess of the ovary – can pulsate.

Dragging pain in lower abdomen in women

Peculiar manifestation of such symptoms among girls with early menstruation, colds, nervous stress. Drawing pain in the lower abdomen on the left is shown temporarily when there is irritable bowel syndrome (reduced after defecation, can be permanent with pyelonephritis). Often it is associated with inflammation of a chronic nature that occurs after the endometritis, adnexitis, she can inflate to give in the waist. Cause of pain in the left upper quadrant are:

  • Oncology in the epididymis;
  • cysts of large size;
  • start bleeding;
  • ovarian cancer.

Dull pain lower abdomen in women

You cannot stand it, better get to the doctor to be diagnosed and to receive treatment when there is a dull pain in the lower abdomen on the left in women. Its origin is not excluded as a result:

  • overeating;
  • problems of the pancreas;
  • indigestion;
  • bowel disease, during which the sick, there is heaviness, with increased symptoms while walking;
  • inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • heavy physical exertion;
  • inflammation of the spleen.

Colic in the lower abdomen in women

Serious trouble delivering spasms and painful cramping feeling on the left. They appear in the gastro-intestinal problems. Stabbing pain in the lower abdomen on the left, the women become symptom:

  • Crohn’s disease – defeat of gastrointestinal tract;
  • renal colic – radiates to the lower back;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • ischemic lesions of the intestine;
  • dysentery;
  • the sigmoid;
  • perforation of ulcer;
  • cancer sigmoid cancer.

Discomfort in the lower abdomen in women

The position is often accompanied by a variety of symptoms when pain on my left side of my abdomen. In this space may tingle, shoot, give in the waist. Meet left discomfort in the lower abdomen in women has different character:

  • pulsating – ectopic pregnancy, bowel obstruction, purulent inflammation;
  • periodic, caused by the malfunction of the urinary system;
  • permanent – in the chronic phase of inflammatory processes, the development of cancer.

Aching pain in the lower abdomen in women

There are many reasons for discomfort, painful symptoms in the lower region of the female body to the left of the navel. They are associated with problems of the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal tract. Aching pain left lower abdomen in women can not be excluded in diseases of the spleen, pancreas, inflammation of the intestine. Common cause be pathology that is accompanied by nausea, flatulence:

  • peptic ulcer;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • diaphragmatic hernia.

We should also talk about the aching symptoms in the left reproductive organs. If, moreover, observed bleeding requires emergency call. In this way can ache when:

  • endometriosis;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • the presence of large cysts;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes caused by tumors in the urogenital system;
  • inflammation in the pelvis;
  • pregnancy when a growing fetus is at odds to the pubic joint.

Lower abdominal pain in men causes

Not less reason for the emergence of pain left in men. They are often associated with serious diagnoses. Precipitating motive can be physical overload, hypothermia. When appear on the left side abdominal pain in men – the reasons are such:

  • inflammation of the urinary system;
  • infectious diseases;
  • problems musculoskeletal – gout, rheumatic arthritis;
  • inflammation of the testicles;
  • neoplasms of genital organs;
  • the aggravation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a cyst in the testicles;
  • BPH;
  • kidney stones;
  • prostatitis;
  • the cholecystitis.

Doctors give a classification of reasons for pain on the left below the navel in men:

  • urology inflammation of reproductive organs, tumors in them, infectious diseases of the sexual sphere;
  • gastrointestinal associated with the pathology of the spleen, pancreas, kidneys, lower bowel, the appearance in them of cancers;
  • musculoskeletal – inflammation of the hip joint, injuries, sprains, congenital abnormalities, tumors.

It is very important not to diagnose yourself, there are no longer to treat – you need to trust the doctor. According to the degree of development of the unpleasantness and pain syndromes on the left you can allocate these points:

  • pain attack began suddenly is a sign of acute pathologies: prejudice, obstruction of the urinary tract or bowel, bleeding;
  • feelings grow slowly – evidence of the slow process;
  • continuous, painful, talking about the development of inflammation;
  • painful feeling accompanied by ripple – the presence of purulent inflammation, increasing intracavitary pressure.

Cramps in the lower abdomen in men

Appearance cutting pain symptoms left provoke multiple causes. This situation requires urgent medical intervention. Cramps in the lower abdomen in men, are born as a result:

  • inguinal hernia;
  • diverticulitis intestines;
  • prostatitis;
  • inflammation of the seminal vesicles;
  • acute enlargement of the spleen;
  • malignant neoplasm of the intestine;
  • acute cystitis;
  • pathologies of the intestine
  • prostate cancer;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • BPH.

Sharp lower abdominal pain in men

Sudden pain deliver strong discomfort. Sharp pain lower left abdomen in men begins when inflammation, torn ligaments in the period of physical activity. The patient can diagnose:

  • the expansion of the renal pelvis;
  • the passage through the ureter stone;
  • intestinal cramping;
  • inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • of renal disease;
  • inflammation of the large intestine – the lower division to the left;
  • strangulation of an inguinal hernia;
  • infarction of the spleen;
  • renal colic;
  • inflammation of the testicles.

Drawing pain in the lower abdomen in men

The appearance of unpleasant symptoms to endure should not be, better to pass the examination, start treatment, then there will be complications. Drawing pain in the lower abdomen on the left in men, there is in sports activities may be the result of:

  • inflammation of the scrotum;
  • purulent processes;
  • hernia strangulation;
  • sprains groin;
  • cancer
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • BPH;
  • diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon;
  • kidney disease;
  • infections of the external genitalia.

Certainly you want to say about the issue of concern for a huge number of men – prostatitis. Strong pulling discomfort on the left radiates to the sacrum, perineum, trouble round the clock. The disease occurs as a result of infection, circulatory disorders. You cannot initiate the situation, to avoid infertility, decrease in potency.

Aching pain in the lower abdomen in men

Common basis of these symptoms are urinary problems that are accompanied by disorders of urination, the appearance of genital rash. It is not excluded the appearance of pain during sex, blood in urine, discharge with a nasty odor. Aching pain in the lower abdomen in men is born, if there is:

  • sexual infections;
  • inflammation of the seminal vesicles;
  • bladder cancer;
  • acute pyelonephritis;
  • cystitis, burning sensation;
  • HIV infection;
  • inflammation of the urethra;
  • prostate cancer;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • the presence of ureteral stones.

Dull lower abdominal pain in men

The appearance of painful syndromes blunt nature associated with the use of exorbitant quantities of junk food. They occur when a strong physical exertion, caused by excessive work or sports training. Dull lower abdominal pain in men – a signal of serious diseases:

  • the extension of the veins of the spermatic cord – varicocele;
  • a cyst of the pancreas;
  • BPH;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • chronic prostatitis.

Acute lower abdominal pain in men left

Unfortunately, men do not like to visit doctors, although it is known that at an early stage many illnesses are successfully treated. This could save you from unpleasant consequences. Acute lower abdominal pain in men left formed when developing:

  • inflammation of the digestive tract;
  • renal colic;
  • a tumor of the ureter;
  • acute prostatitis;
  • volvulus of the spleen;
  • strangulation of an inguinal hernia;
  • inflammation of the sigmoid colon;
  • inflammation of the testicles.

The situation, which does not require a visit to the doctor at occurrence of painful symptomatology in the bottom left – exercise. This situation arises when running, football, and other species associated with active movement. The reason it become classes after a long break, when the muscles are not ready for significant loads. State stabiliziruemost after a short rest.

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