Disport — what is it for drug for cerebral palsy and wrinkles, the result of injections with before and after photos

Women resort to the famous beauty shots Dysport, wanting to restore the elasticity of the skin, make it young. However, the known drug is used not only in cosmetics: with the help of doctors treat severe motor diseases, excessive sweating. The reason for the popularity of the drug is a small chance of complications.

What is Dysport

Women who are faced with the necessity of correction of wrinkles, you know that Dysport is a drug that has properties similar to the well-known Botox. Both of these tools are derivative of botulinum toxin. Administered the drug subcutaneously to trigger muscle relaxation. In cosmetology it is used for smoothing the skin. Medical use is indicated for some pathologies:

  • blepharospasm;
  • hyperhidrosis underarms;
  • spasticity of the muscles of the hand revealed after the transfer stroke;
  • dynamic deformation of the foot;
  • Cerebral palsy in children aged 2 years;
  • spastic torticollis;
  • hemifacial spasm.

Dysport composition

Like other medications, the drug has an active substance and auxiliary connections. The composition of Dysport include:

  • the hemagglutinin is a complex of botulinum toxin type A;
  • human albumin;
  • lactose.

Dysport Injections

To introduce the neurotoxin through prescribed injections. Dysport injections are made subcutaneously. The dosage and ratio of the drug for breeding should count only the doctor based on the patient’s diagnosis. In cosmetology with their help, struggling with facial wrinkles, acting on the area of their education. The drug is different from analogues in that it has an extensive scope, so the injections will need less.

Botox for cerebral palsy

The treatment of this severe illness, which may occur at the stage of formation of the fetus during childbirth or after birth into the light, is a complex of measures. Doctors recommend the use of Botox for children with cerebral palsy, because, unlike many other drugs, it does not cause necrotic changes in the tissues. In addition, the drug acts only locally, without penetrating into the blood, the brain and spinal cord.

The effect of Dysport is that this toxin blocks the impulses passing to the muscles from the nerve endings. Through the process relaxes the muscles, the joints begin to bend, and excessive motor activity is markedly reduced. Side effects with the introduction of the drug into the muscles affected by spasm, may be its weakness, however, this condition will not last more than 2 weeks.

Today there is a special program according to which children with palsy can get free Dysport injections. Treatment found to be effective is security: the manufacturer indicates in the instructions a minimum list of possible side effects. Children who begin to inject the drug can better control your body, stand up and stepping on his feet to stay standing.

Dysport for the face

Estheticians this medication, which contains protein derived from a specific species of bacteria, it is used for eliminating wrinkles, tightening skin. Injections of the drug will help to replace the peeling and operations. Injected Dysport injections for the face in places where muscles often move:

  • on the forehead;
  • cleavage;
  • on the neck;
  • in the corners of the lips;
  • in the area around the eyes;
  • on the bridge of his nose.

The rejuvenating effect of the drug is determined by the fact that the small muscles responsible for facial expressions, stops receiving impulses from nerves. For a short time the fabric is suppressed. The result of this impact becomes a relaxation and smoothing of the skin. Dysport – what it is, how useful the drug? A nice feature would be the lack of injury to the skin, and act introduced the drug within a few months, so a year only need a couple of treatments.

Dysport contraindications

Along with benefit, the drug may harm some patients. Contraindications to the use of Dysport:

  • Pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.
  • Injections of Dysport are not allowed if estimated exposure is detected by inflammation or symptoms of infections (herpes, acne).
  • Disorders of the kidneys and liver.
  • Of the disease-acute or chronic in acute.
  • Lung disease: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia.
  • Injections are more dangerous for patients with cancer.
  • You can’t use remedy for poor blood clotting.
  • If the patient is on treatment with antibiotics and some other pills. Course their use should be discontinued for a couple of weeks prior to the anticipated procedure, the introduction of Dysport.

Dysport effects

Side effects of the drug are rare. However, the unpleasant effects of Dysport may occur in the following forms:

  • On the place where was introduced the drug can develop small bumps. At the rate they are eliminated themselves in a few days.
  • Some patients may experience allergic reactions: rash, redness, swelling.
  • Rarely are the headaches.
  • If the introduction occurred correctly in the eye area, there is a risk of lowering the century.
  • Violation of technology use in the corners of the mouth causes them to SAG down.
  • Profuse salivation occurs if the Botox was incorrectly entered into the area of the nasolabial folds.

The price of Dysport

Buy medication Dysport is possible only in pharmacies, it is sold by prescription. The drug has a high cost. For example, a vial containing 300 units of matter, you will have to pay about 13300 rubles. Bottle with a capacity of 500 units will cost the price of more than 17,000 rubles, but this amount of drug will last for a long time: if you are using the drug Dysport in cosmetics, because the shots will have to do it rarely.

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Olesya, age 36

My son at birth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He was persistent cramps in the lower extremities. The doctor advised to use in complex therapy of this drug. We were unpleasantly surprised by the price. For reviews on the forums I learned about a free program. We were lucky to be participants in the son has become much easier.

Inga, 45 years

Always been afraid of the signs of aging, like to remain young. Turned into a beauty clinic to remove the wrinkles on the bridge of the nose. Injections of Dysport product has made my skin firmer, had a full face lift without surgery and a long preparation. The price is high, but the result is worth it. Look like something out of a glossy magazine.

Marina, 50 years

For my age the appearance of facial wrinkles – a characteristic feature. Creams and serums could not cope with the problems. To look younger, I went to cosmetologists for carrying out beauty treatments on the opinion of a friend. After several injections of the forehead, the relief of the face lined, the skin is tightened. The price is high but the effect lasts a long time.

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