Olive oil — benefits and harms, how to use in cooking and to accept the treatment

Ancient people have always appreciated the gifts of nature, actively used them in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The benefits of olive oil for the body extra class as it is a unique natural remedy due to its natural composition that is able to overcome a number of dangerous pathologies, to improve the condition of the skin of the person.

Olive oil — composition

This unique product is obtained by cold pressing, and the blanks become fresh olives and olives harvested exclusively in the period from November to March. Because these exotic fruits are rapidly oxidized after collection, you should creatively recycle to useful liquid. Chemical composition of olive oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and minerals. This:

  • phenols, polyphenols, phenolic acids slow down the ageing process of the skin;
  • oleic acid speeds up the metabolism, strengthens the vascular wall;
  • terpene alcohols, Tocopherols stabilize the blood sugar level;
  • Omega 9 is considered to be prevention of diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis;
  • squalane prevents cancer (especially in modern gynecology);
  • Sterol and β-sitosterol are warning of vascular disease, hypertension;
  • linoleic acid improves visual acuity, speeds up the regeneration of damaged tissue;
  • vitamin D strengthens the bones, is the prevention of rickets;
  • vitamin a for reduced vision, skin problems;
  • vitamin E, a natural antioxidant and prevents the formation of cancer cells, the toxicity of the body.
  • fatty acids, sciatica and palmitoleic against atherosclerosis;
  • vitamin K is beneficial for the intestines, especially in children.

Olive oil – use

Before you choose a natural remedy, it is important to examine their beneficial properties to completely eliminate contraindications and harm to health. Use olive oil marked by modern medicine, dietetics, cosmetology; even pregnant women are not prohibited in order to prevent the constituent substances. The healing properties of this oil bases are detailed below:

  • the reduction of harmful cholesterol in the blood;
  • a mild laxative effect, particularly relevant in chronic constipation;
  • skin rejuvenation, productive getting rid of small facial wrinkles;
  • prevention of diabetes;
  • improvement of intestinal peristalsis;
  • accelerating the metabolism;
  • the recovery of the body during pregnancy;
  • improve the quality of hair, getting rid of dandruff;
  • maintaining a youthful, natural beauty;
  • strengthen the immunity for babies.

The benefits of olive oil for women

If we talk about the female body, the product is valuable in modern gynecology. It is a great prevention of cancer, particularly obvious use of this herbal component for patients at risk of breast cancer. The health risks are minimal, but the healing effect is immediately noticeable. A tremendous benefit of olive oil for women are detailed below:

  • smoothing of the derma from wrinkles;
  • preventing breakage, hair loss;
  • nutrition and hydration dry skin type;
  • increase lactation breast-feeding;
  • strengthening the immune system during pregnancy;
  • improving the strength of nails;
  • accelerating the metabolism.

The benefits of olive oil on an empty stomach

The use of oil bases inside appropriate fasting, especially for problems with digestion, excess weight. First time to eat without harm for health it is recommended that a teaspoon, but then to increase the dose to a tablespoon (do it every day in the morning). The benefits of olive oil on an empty stomach is to start up the digestive tract, accelerating metabolism, suppressing appetite carousing, prevention of hemorrhoids, eliminate toxins. The main thing is to make a unique tool.

Treatment olive oil

Before you choose oil-based intensive care is required to determine the variety, method of processing olives after harvest. For example, according to the Spanish classification is especially valuable this natural product after the first extraction. This Extra virgin olive oil, which is much more expensive than their «followers». Virgin olive oil is the product of the second spin, and so inferior in quality and characteristics. Pomace oil, Pure olive oil extracts, obtained by chemical extraction.

Effective treatment with olive oil is possible with the selection of Greek product obtained by the first extraction:

  • the elimination of emotional instability, extensive neurological disorders;
  • strengthening blood vessels and myocardium, especially in chronic «cores»;
  • positive dynamics at the back pain;
  • maintaining muscle tone, rapid recovery of the affected tissues;
  • improving twilight vision.

Olive oil for hair

The oil base of the second spin is actively involved in cosmetology, not only to eliminate facial wrinkles from the face, but also to strengthen hair follicles, improve the overall appearance of the hairstyle. Olive hair oil has the following useful properties, without harm persists after cold pressing:

  • hydration and nutrition of hair follicles;
  • eliminating split ends;
  • smoothing unruly curls;
  • ensuring the durability of hair;
  • the rich color of the hair after use refined or unrefined basis.

Olive oil for face

Oil after the first pressing is especially valuable for sensitive skin prone to dryness and flaking. The benefits and harms of olive oil interested in each woman, but even in the case of oily skin this unique composition does not harm. A few drops and cheeks will appear flushed naturally and mimic wrinkles in a short time not a trace will remain. Olive oil for face can be used unfiltered, but first consult with your dermatologist.

Olive oil for constipation

Cold-pressing ensures a mild laxative effect in the digestive system. If you use olive oil for constipation in moderate portions, considerable damage to the digestive system are eliminated in full. But the benefits of intestinal motility enormous, because after the first dose, the chair is normalized, disappears the discomfort and the discomfort.

Olive oil for gastritis

Wood oil is widely used for dangerous diseases of the stomach, its prone to chronic conversion, frequent recurrence of acute attacks of pain. Olive oil for gastritis no harm, but envelops the affected mucosa, reduces the aggressive effect of certain foods, and normalizes the acidity of gastric juice.

Olive oil with pancreatitis

For liver cleansing and facilitate the work of the pancreas doctors at home recommended to use olive oil – the benefits and harms depend on daily doses, method direct application. Overall, this is a natural product used for cleaning the liver, elimination products of toxicity from systemic blood flow. Olive oil with pancreatitis reduces the number of attacks and extends the remission period.

Olive oil for hemorrhoids

To hemorrhoid not inflamed, it is necessary to ingest olive oil. The benefits of prevention are obvious, the damage is minimal. If the inflammation predominates in the active phase, the patient shows how to use rectal candles with this herbal components. Olive oil for hemorrhoids can be applied internally and externally to enhance the desired therapeutic effect.

Olive oil for stones in gallbladder

When pathogenic stagnation of bile, as well as in the case of the formation of stones and sand useful this natural product. It has anti-inflammatory and digestive action, provides a quick movement and efficient removal of such tumors in a natural way. Olive oil for stones in the gallbladder is primary or secondary drug, involved in the recipe of healing fees. Applied carefully, otherwise damage to health becomes a blockage in the ducts.

Olive oil – harm

Negative impact on the body is also present, for example, it’s time to remember that this is a high calorie product to use which is permitted in strictly limited doses. Harm the olive oil is present in infant formulas, so parents try to avoid the presence in the composition of the product peanut, palmitic element. Otherwise, increases the risk of allergic reactions, problems with the child’s digestion.

Olive oil — contraindications

This fragrant base for the treatment and prevention allowed all interested buyers. Absolute contraindications of olive oil to reduce the number of willing in practice to take advantage of this medicinal product. Medical restrictions are as follows:

  • the tendency to allergic reactions when in contact with this fragrant product;
  • the risk of obesity, diabetes;
  • fatty liver;
  • bowel disorder;
  • blockage of the ducts of gall stones;
  • potential complications of cholecystitis.

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