The flu shot to children — for and against vaccination, contraindications and complications

Vaccination of children causes a lot of controversy and gossip from the adults. Some believe that vaccinations are vital, and others say the health threat after execution of the shot. Doctors recommend parents to protect the child’s body, agreeing to vaccination. The question of whether flu vaccination is the child has some compelling arguments.

Giving the flu shot

Every year the influenza virus is more and more progressing, difficult for effective treatment. If it is not time to cure, develop serious complications, risk of life. Vaccination of children against influenza is a real chance to prevent a dangerous disease and avoid the development of pathologies with the most unexpected consequences for the health of the patient.

Specific medication flu appoint a doctor, taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism, the age of the child. Parents to determine personal position, you need to understand how vaccination works, what are the possible complications after vaccination against influenza in children. Because the typical virus has a bacterial nature, in the child’s body sends antibodies of a different type to form a stable immune response. Such antigens administered against acute respiratory infections, SARS, moreover, they prevent the development of colds.

The flu shot for children under 3 years

Choosing the drug, the age of the child is of great importance. Influenza vaccine works gently but purposefully on cells of the immune system. In the end, after a real penetration of the virus formed a stable and long-lasting immune response. The flu shot for children under 3 years is carried out with the participation of the following medications:

  1. Rippowam – another domestic vaccination to children against the virus over 6 months with a gentle chemical composition. A single dose is 0.25 ml. Re-introduction of the appropriate suspension after 4 weeks. Full analog of drug Flyuaryks (Belgium).
  2. Influvak is split vaccine production Holland. Be performed in patients aged 6 months – 18 years. In the natural ingredients hypoallergenic assembled virion proteins (virions), the risk of intoxication of the child’s body is minimal.
  3. Begrivac is a German drug that children under 3 years old are allowed to be administered subcutaneously at a dose of 0.25 ml Vaccine is imported, has passed numerous tests of domestic medicine.

Flu vaccination in school

In school children and adolescents also are vaccinated against the flu, especially in autumn, on the eve of the seasonal epidemic. According to doctors, to avoid the disease and its complications should parents give formal consent to prophylactic vaccination. Flu vaccination in school includes the following medications with a minimal list of contraindications:

  1. Grippol. It is a domestic vaccine against flu to children and adults that protects against a specific virus group A. Full equivalents of the specified drug are Grippol Neo, Grippol plus is allowed for use by children over 6 years and adults.
  2. Vaksigripp French vaccination children 6 months and older. For school children the optimal dose is 0.5 ml once. The drug has such analogs, as Agrippal S1, Pandeflju, Begrivac, Inflexal.
  3. Vaccine influenza (UGH-vaccine) is relevant in the autumn-winter period. Injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly, dosage is determined individually according to age. Is consist of whole vaccines with whole virus influenza lipids and the risk of intoxication.
  4. Ultrix Forte – the Russian flu shot to children — for and against to decide the doctor and the parents. The solution is injected subcutaneously disposable, every year in the autumn-winter period. The drug is ul’treks permitted for patients 12 years and older. Analog – Grigor.

Vaccination against flu in a kindergarten

To avoid internal imbalance in the development of such a serious disease in pre-school with written parental permission staff nurse carries out preventive vaccination. Vaccination against flu in a kindergarten helps to overcome the dangerous virus, however, does not exclude the occurrence of adverse reactions in the body. Here’s a good medications, which are used for the prevention of children against influenza:

  1. Microfly is consist of whole inactivated vaccine, injected subcutaneously, nasal. The effectiveness of the drug has been clinically proved, his appointment is appropriate against viruses of group A and B.
  2. The monogrippol – thanks to the natural composition, the drug is permitted for children of preschool age. The optimal age of vaccination against influenza is over 3 years old. Analogues such vaccination with split and Vysokochistye proteins monogrippol Neo, monogrippol plus
  3. Fluvoxin – flu shot for adults and children is available in the form of a suspension for injection intramuscularly, subcutaneously. Dose determined by age, school age is 0.5 ml once. Full analogue solution Savegrp.

How dangerous is the flu shot

Dr. Komorowski recalled that preventive vaccination may complicate the clinical picture, cause serious health problems, to develop highly undesirable in childhood the relapse. Real testimonials from parents confirm this fact. Potential complications of a flu shot when intact virion proteins decrease quality of life, and can even provoke inflammation of the lungs or pneumonia.

The effects of a flu shot

If the vaccinated child in the evening after vaccination complaining of General malaise and weakness, this is a normal reaction of a child. When typical complications be delayed for a single day, it’s time to call the doctor for advice. Possible consequences of a flu shotthat should alert parents, detailed below:

  • surface allergic, local reactions with a short-term effect;
  • the temperature jump with the potential migraine attacks;
  • muscle and joint pain, short spasms;
  • a jump in blood pressure, pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • respiratory failure.

Contraindications flu shots to children

Not all patients are allowed to use flu-like drugs, have their medical restrictions. Contraindications flu shots to children subject to an Allergy to egg protein and children up to age 6 months. In addition, it is undesirable to take root after a long course of infectious disease, the inflammatory process. For example, after progressing otitis, sinusitis, and other respiratory diseases.

Do a flu shot to a child

Dr. Komarovsky configured alternative to this kind of vaccination. Acquired immunity, in his opinion, may not work, but exacerbate the condition of children’s health is much more real. Before giving formal consent, the parents need to individually obtain the opinion of pediatrician, do we need a flu shot or not. In General, modern medicine strongly recommends that such acquired immunity.

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Maria, 27

I am totally against these experiments with children’s health. No one knows what they will cost a small child. A friend after such an injection, the son of General pneumonia was ill, even in hospital for three weeks. Because it is the parent’s decision is voluntary, it is better not to succumb to provocations, to write in the direction of against.

Alevtina, age 32

If the country is pandemic, it is better not to be against preventive vaccination, or the doctors are not responsible for the consequences. The immunity of the crumbs need to protect, the more modern drugs have virtually no contraindications, side effects. I for their babies choose Grippol or Bergeval.

Ekaterina, 29 years

I am also against it because my daughter had just been ill after this inoculation pneumonia. Why create a children’s organism in emergency conditions, especially during seasonal beriberi. It is better to give natural vitamins, vitamin complexes constantly to avoid visiting places where a large number of people. I am against vaccination.

Ilona, age 29

I know many strange parents who are strongly against preventive vaccination. I’m all for it. Every year Grippol the whole family and not get sick. If to be against it, and health was shaken in the autumn-winter period. Medicines are now expensive, so our family prefers to take care of available prevention.

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