Avocada diet — the essence and principles of sample menus and recipes with photos

Vital for many women the question is how quickly and without damage to health to remove a few extra inches on the waist and hips? In recent years, gaining popularity of the diet, after which dropped weight is not returned and the body is replenished with vitamins and useful microelements. We will talk about avocado (avocado).

Benefits of avocado and how to eat it

Another is the name of avocado is alligator pear (alligator pear). Overseas fruit hits the shelves of supermarkets from tropical countries. His skin is in the shape of a pear looks like a green bumpy skin of a crocodile, but the most valuable is the fruit pulp. In nutrient composition of avocado includes folate, vitamins C, K, E, B, contains very little sugar, and fruit digested by the body very easily.

Due to the content of fatty acids and its lubricity, an exotic fruit tree of the Lauraceae family has a high calorie content (160 kcal/100 grams). Hence many natural question arises – can I eat avocado at night, late at night, so as not to lose mode weight loss? On the intricacies avocado diet need to stay a little bit more to benefit, avoiding the «pitfalls» of the product.

Avocado for weight loss

To use avocado for weight loss is not only healthy, but delicious way to get rid of some accumulated pounds, especially belly. Due to its high nutrition, tropical fruit brings rapid saturation, and then starts a process of splitting the internal fat of the body. Note that avocada diet hard for three days. It is not suitable for adolescents, pregnant women and individuals who turned 50 years old. The best way to lose weight is to consult with a dietician on the subject of exotic way of reducing weight.

Avocado – useful properties for weight loss

Using avocado in your diet can not only lose weight but also to eliminate certain health problems. Unsweetened fruit positively affects the processes occurring in the body. Healthy every organ will not accumulate excess subcutaneous fat. Useful properties of avocado for weight loss are those that help to keep the balance of healthy processes:

  • the reduced risk of heart and vascular diseases;
  • memory improvement;
  • healthy hair and nails;
  • normalization of cholesterol;
  • improve metabolism, immune support;
  • the excretion of excess fluid;
  • easing uterine pain before menstruation in women;
  • the maintenance of the hematopoietic processes of the body;
  • independent burning excess fats;
  • cosmetic and dermatological oil.

How to eat avocado for weight loss

For those who are just planning to add to your diet South fruit culture, need to see how to eat avocado for weight loss? The flesh of the fruit eaten raw, adding it to salads, sauces, smoothies, sushi, soups. The fruit with the flavor of walnuts is better to choose small size so as not to keep the cut halves. Dividing in half before use, you need to remove the bone with toxicity. Dense peel can fulfill the purpose of the vessel, which serves exotic dishes. When using pulp, ripe the skin is well cleaned.

How to prepare avocado for weight loss

If you are going to apply avocado diet, consider several variants of recipes where will be added the fruit. Based on the fact that heat treatment is undesirable to retain nutrients, cook the avocado for weight loss will be easy. Purified the flesh is cut into cubes or crushed in a blender, depending on what dish will be used.

Diet avocado

Some contraindications for health reasons, which have already been mentioned above, has avocada diet. Fruit is not cheap exports including Brazil and the USA, so you should make a full financial settlement on all the dieting days for avocados. A variety of dishes from snacks to soups that would use the southern fruit culture, will help you easily and comfortably move days weight loss. Full exception during meals should be starchy foods, sweet pastries, fatty foods that love be «stored» in the abdomen.

Recipes with avocado for weight loss

Armed with recipes with avocado for weight loss, you can begin to reduce weight. A day is recommended to eat 1-2 fruit. Here are some guidelines to plan menus based on the feedback of persons who have already applied this diet, where the key figure is the fruit of hot countries:

  • For Breakfast or a light supper in the evening fit avoidmy «sandwich». Cut the fruit lengthwise, remove the seeds. The pulp is gently removed with a spoon and mix with low fat cottage cheese. Put back in the pear half of the rind.
  • The separated pulp beat with a mixer. Use as a paste for sandwiches. In the Americas, the use of avocado has its own name – oil for the poor.
  • A puréed mixture of fruit to mix with yogurt to obtain a smoothie.
  • The main fruit for guacamole – avocado. Sauce greenish color is revered by Mexicans. The pulp of the fruit mixed with crushed tomatoes, onions, chopped herbs and chili.
  • A salad consisting of avocado slices, boiled eggs, fresh cucumber. All dressed with olive oil and green onions.

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Ekaterina, 30 years

The second year attracted to the study of different diets. Attracted attention on the basis of an avocado. It turned out that overseas fruit is another name of Perseus American. Tried it on. Liked it, although the taste. For two days got rid of 1.5 pounds, repeated three times a year. Noticed that the nails become stronger, as a bonus, and the stomach is not refundable.

Natalia, 35 years

Long doubted whether to start a diet with avocado, though a little expensive. Then I realized that not in vain. The variety of salads, sauces and even soups, where you can add the fruit, leaving no chance of starvation. It turned out very tasty and is not wanted even in the evening. In a week I «killed» 9 fruits, we managed to reduce the weight by 5 kg, which was very good before the jubilee.

Vic, 44

I want to tell you how to simultaneously get rid of two problems, saving time. Decided to lose weight, chose a three-day rapid diet with avocado. I lost a couple kg. Chose the flesh for salads with his hands, and that juice should not be wasted, struck him on the forehead and cheeks. In the opinion of the husband, my complexion cleared up, and even something as fine wrinkles tightened.

Elena, 26 years

I have long been tempted by fruit from the southern countries – avocado. Was afraid to try something new, but when I learned that it helps to lose weight, doubt rejected. The result of the use of the fruit tropical fruit tree did not disappoint. I mixed the pulp with other vegetables and fruits in salads in a couple of weeks the scales showed my effect is minus 7 kg.

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