Best BB cream for your skin is a contrast to the creams and how to choose the type of leather, price and reviews

The industry of cosmetics offers women a range of goods that fit to get lost. If you are not an adherent of a large number of jars on your dressing table, it will be examined in BB creams. These tools can replace several body care products and reduce the time spent on makeup.

What is BB cream

What definition can we give to the product? BB cream is a multifunctional concealer balm, is able to neutralize minor imperfections. This tool was developed by German dermatologists for use after aggressive cosmetic procedures that the customer used it to produce a therapeutic effect, and masking problem areas on the face. The versatility provided by the fact that the cream moisturizes the skin, giving it the desired shade, and apply better than tonal. This caused a lot of positive feedback about the product.

The great popularity of this brand of cosmetics received in Asian countries. Why women living in this region, have been positioned as the best BB cream instead of the traditional cosmetic products for face care? This tool, along with the necessary care, well-corrected skin tone, creating the face a lighter coverage. This was a very important advantage for the Asian women who are striving to lighten the skin. Today, this product due to its versatility is in demand by millions of women around the world.

What is BB cream better

You need to know that even though this product is universal, but some characteristics differ. Categorically say which BB cream is the best, incorrect. So, for each skin type – normal, dry or oily – needs to get their product. You need to take into account the price of the specific means: for reviews girls, there are features in the expensive and cheaper options of cosmetics. Take a look at the different creams from different manufacturers – it will help to make the right choice when buying.

BB cream Garnier

This product is very popular. Rarely, a rating of BB-creams without the funds from this manufacturer. Why is it so favorite among consumers? BB-cream is indispensable for the owners of oily skin, because it helps to eliminate the greasy Shine, perfectly matarua face and giving it a slight glow. The product has a very pleasant texture that spreads easily over the skin, concealing minor redness and mild pigmentation. Another advantage of why women say how good BB-cream from Garnier, is a reasonable price.

BB cream

No need to think that the best BB cream are at the range of luxury cosmetic brands – good samples can be found among the titles of budget cosmetics. Among these include BB cream Pure Line. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it can be applied immediately after cleansing, without applying additional moisturizer. This property is especially valuable for owners of oily skin as it will help it is best to avoid greasy Shine. According to reviews, the tonal effect of this product is very light and there’s more, but low price still attracts many people.

BB cream Maybelline

What are the features of this product? BB cream Maybelline light texture similar to a gel, therefore, the cosmetic product easy to apply on the face and spread evenly, creating a uniform shiny surface. The product can not be combined with a moisturizer and apply immediately to the skin after cleansing. Need to know what the cream from Maybelline is able to make skin tone more even and glowing, but he can’t disguise the visible redness and pimples. With this purpose it is necessary to use powder, which, by the way, perfectly applied on this database.

Black Pearl – BB-cream

What results can you expect from a product of this brand? According to the manufacturer, BB cream Black Pearl needs to moisturize, give the skin an even tone to hide the smaller imperfections and even fight wrinkles. According to consumer testimonials, this product is better to use with day cream – a light, thin texture tool will not be able to effectively nourish the skin during the day. To get a more dense coating, will have to apply it in several layers, which can cause an oily sheen.

BB cream Missha

Description of cosmetic product the Korean manufacturer? BB cream Missha is more suitable for owners of dry and normal skin because Shine he is not liked. Doesn’t work means in the case when the skin is dehydrated, there is visible peeling. A huge plus of this cream is that it is perfectly different hides uneven tone and has a high protection factor from the sun. The formula of this product were developed under the Asian skin type, therefore, to make such a purchase for permanent use – not the most sensible option.

How to choose a BB cream

Often, the diverse range of woman does not know by what criteria it is necessary to choose the means. To buy the best BB cream, you need to pay attention to such things.

  1. Choose a product suitable for your skin type – then the tool will be comfortable to bear, not to pull the skin and give an ugly Shine.
  2. Carefully consider the balm to minimize the possibility of allergic reaction.
  3. Please note whether this particular cream is the desired tone effect.
  4. If the range of colors are a few shades, choose the option that is best suited for your complexion. Though the feature of these products is that they are tuned in color, medium with a touch contrasting with the skin (too dark or too light), it is not always possible to apply the best way.
  5. Price is important but not the main selection criterion. Prefer no more than a cheap or expensive option, and the fact that you more yourself like in the mirror.

The price of BB cream

The question of how much this cosmetic product is very relevant. Check out the prices on range of cosmetics that were considered in this review – this will help you make reasoned choice in favor of the best for you. Consult the cost in the table:

The name BB cream

Volume, ml

Price, R.

Garnier «the Secret of perfection»



Clean line



Maybelline Dream Fresh



Black pearl



Missha Perfekt Cover



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Valentine, 34

For me, this kind of cosmetic products is an absolute necessity because I do not like to spend too much time on daily makeup. At the moment I use BB cream from Lumene that I like the fact that it is easy to apply, it does not give a greasy sheen on the skin. Often joke that the Lumen bought and loved! Surely I recommend this Bibi!

Marina, 25 years

Yes, Bibi-means is one of the best inventions in the field of cosmetics! I used the products of different brands, now I have a tool from the manufacturer of Evelyn. I can say that this type of skin funds a lot of pros and cons in fact. You only need to choose the right product according to skin type and coverage.

Veronica, 27 years

When I buy a BB cream, yet avoid the production of manufacturers from Korea and other countries in the region. Explain why. I heard beautician, he said that there are fundamental differences between the structure of the skin in Europeans and Asians. I believe that the funds that were created for residents of other countries can harm.

Svetlana, 33 years

I use a product from Garnier, and say it enough! For me, this Bibi is the best and just saving the day when in the morning to quickly get ready for work, and time to spare. This tool immediately and hydration are doing, and the complexion and in order. Now rarely use toner – if you need to, just add another explosive layer, and the effect is super!

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