How to make a choker on the neck with your hands of velvet, leather or lace and what to wear with decoration

It is uncomplicated decoration on the neck became popular in 90-e years, especially among young people. If then it is often bought in the store, today there are ways how to make that short necklace. Fishing line, ribbon, velvet, lace is only part of the materials from which you can weave choker. These and other workshops are presented below.

Chalker with their hands

Now it is decoration gradually coming into fashion. Due to the tight fit short necklace accentuate the delicate neck girls, although chokers are worn on the wrist. You can even make a set of bracelet and necklace. Using different materials, easy to produce chokers with their hands under any outfit – casual or evening, and the whole process will not take much time and effort. The simplest of them is made from fishing line, thread floss, ribbons or scrunches. There are options for more delicate lace, velvet and even precious stones.

According to history, this decoration originates from the Indians. They wearing the choker was needed for protection during the battle. For this reason, first there was just the female model: she was very simple without any additional decorations, apparently this was a normal lace. Gradually women just borrowed this ornament and made the sample more than the original, adding different details.

Materials for chokers

Modern chokers are not necessarily jewelry. For the decorating and finishing use a variety of materials:

  • skin;
  • lace;
  • fabric;
  • thread floss;
  • rhinestones;
  • pieces of fur;
  • fabric.

What can be done chalker else? No less effective option would be chokers with ribbon or fishing line and beads. In the latter case will fit like a normal beads and glass beads, which has an elongated shape. Often use fishing line instead of wire or spandex, i.e., polyurethane elastic thread. Original version – chokers of the round wires of the charging or headphone.

Schemes weave chokers

There are many different techniques of making such jewelry. The specific weave pattern of the choker on the neck is determined based on the materials used and the purpose for daily or ceremonial entrance. The basic techniques for the following:

  1. «Pigtail». The most affordable and easiest option, all know how to braid braids. Normal, reverse, ear of 4 or more strands – you can use any.
  2. «Technology nodes». One of the most popular schemes for chokers. From the title it is clear that the braiding is due to tying knots alternately on each half of the cord.
  3. «Double knot». This technique is a bit harder than the previous one. For weaving 4 strands is required, which for convenience are numbered.

What are the chokers

With the growing popularity of chokers increased the number of their species. The basic classification divides them into male and female. Representatives of the stronger sex can also be met with the same decoration on the neck. They wear different types of chokers – with bones, fangs and other such accessories. The decoration itself is often made of leather and is minimalist. The female model more original and varied in appearance – braided, leather, lace, velvet or velour. The latter reflect the traditions of the Indians. There are chokers hippie – they weave the fishing line.

Know about the types of chokers need to pick the certain model for your image. Such ornaments will not fit tightly closed blouses or sweaters, because they are worn on the bare neck. Any clothing should be a small cutout. Options, what to wear with a choker, can be such:

  1. Easy loose dress or shirt with an unbuttoned collar. They fit the choker.
  2. Leather jacket, loose blouse will look perfect with a black collar with studs or even spikes.
  3. Little black dress for an evening out. Optimal is a velvet choker with a single stone, beads or rhinestones.
  4. Clothes made of cotton, leather, suede, linen and other natural fabrics looks very nice, if you add to the image of braided short necklace.
  5. Fashionable knitted top, a light summer blouse or lace dress. With these models of clothing looks best with a choker of beads.
  6. To normal shorts and a summer top fit satin ribbon, simply tied at the neck.

The choker on the neck

Original and even looks like very rich women’s velvet choker. Its advantage is that you can pick up almost any color scheme. Varieties of velvet so much that you can easily find a suitable option: bright purple, cerise, red, green or blue, black is only part of colors. To manufacture enough of only 7 cm of fabric to the selected shade. If the minimum material width 150 cm, we get from 3-4 choker on the neck.

Tattoo-choker on the neck

One of the unusual models such jewelry is considered to be a tattoo choker. The name of this necklace speaks for itself: it should resemble a tattoo. For this reason, manufacturers use black fishing line, spandex, headphones. These materials bracelet on the neck sits very tightly – so it is almost indistinguishable from a real tattoo. Diversity tattoo-choker is often complemented with rhinestones, beads, ribbons or charms.

A choker with pendant

Individual variation is the chocker with a pendant as pendants or brooches. The basis of such decoration can be any material, be it leather, cord, velvet or other fabric. In any case, their distinguishing feature is the pendant – it can be purchased in store or ordered online. For hanging, you will need a small ring-mount. Such varieties are chokers and men’s options with a pendant in the form of bone or Fang.

The original model – with Jean fringe. It is easy to make yourself, requiring only a old pair of jeans (although fringe often made of strands of floss). You just need to tie every knot, and then connect them all together. It turns out vivid original accessory for a fun costume party or everyday outfit.

Lace choker

If the lace choker, it gives the image an extra romanticism. It is the perfect accessory for evening attire, especially if the decoration is not yet matched. Even the older lady used a choker to accentuate a delicate feminine look. It is more suitable and embossed wide lace tape – it gives it a special status. For more young girls perfect narrow ribbon.

Choker tatting

Another special form of jewelry – choker tatting. The technique of its manufacture involves the weaving of lace cloths from small nodules. In this it is similar to the method using the hook, but there is a difference: the bone nodules are passed through otherwise. In this technique, weave even earrings – it turns out the whole jewelry set. In the classic version just take a ready-made ring and tied them. There are more complex ways, where lace vymazat a hook or even needle.

How to make a choker with his hands

In modern stores such ornament to find is not easy, and why waste money. The secret of how to make a choker at home is no longer a mystery. You can weave it for yourself or as a gift to a friend. For the last option is a good idea to make two identical choker. One to keep and another to give, for example, sister or friend. It depends on your wishes.

In the simplest version of how to make a choker on the neck, only used fishing line. For variety, you can add some beads or bigger beads. To make such a choker, you will need:

  • any color and thickness of the fishing line;
  • carabiner for jewelry;
  • thick book with hard cover;
  • binder;
  • pendant, beads or other small parts on request;
  • lighter.

Decorate the choker can be on your own. Any small pendant or necklace, beads, sequins suitable for decoration. The instructions for making the choker is very simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. If you are a beginner, you should measure the line more, about 3 m.
  2. Cut and fold in half, place the fold to hold the book.
  3. The left part of the line to put top on the right, and the right to retract to the left and skip under the right, as shown in the photo. Should get a bundle.
  4. Continue to do the same, only mirrored.
  5. Continue to weave so the choker to the desired length, stringing, eating need beading or beads.
  6. At the end of the weave trim the excess, melted with a lighter and secure with the carabiner.

In this technique it is possible to make chokers not only from the fishing line: so easy to weave a necklace from an old headphone or charging, but they should not be too thin. Otherwise, the netting may not be possible or the choker will be too big – then decoration will only shorten the neck, and not highlight its elegance. To enhance the weaving, it is recommended to take fishing line or wire of several colors.

Chalker from the headphones

Old things need not to throw away – they can become new and interesting things, including jewelry. You have an old or broken headphones? You can make the choker. If it is correct to braid thin wires, they shall be quite a delicate lace. Although thick, too, because it all depends on what necklace you want. For decoration you can use large beads or glass beads. Technology how to make a choker from the headphones, is very simple. It includes the following steps:

  1. Beginners should take just two wires. Their ends are connected and fixed in place with a binder or just a book.
  2. Next, left wire to put on the right end of which is to hold at the bottom to make a loop. It is necessary to tighten to the base.
  3. Then repeat the same thing, but in the other direction, tightening the loop already from the left wire.
  4. Continue this weave to need length. During the process, you can add beads, and even in the middle to make the hanger.
  5. The extra trim, the ends melted with a lighter, attached the clamps.

If you haven’t figured out this technique of weaving, then try a simpler version. For him you’ll need old thin headphones. They should not be too scratched or already fully oiled. You will also need the following materials and tools:

  • adhesive;
  • nail Polish;
  • brush;
  • gold foil.

If everything is already at hand, we can proceed:

  1. Cut off the headphone all the unnecessary parts to leave only the wire. The ends can be melted with a cigarette lighter.
  2. Then apply to the ends of the glue, wrap them in gold foil on the top to secure it with a colourless varnish.
  3. Closure is not required – just tie the choker around the neck, making a bow in front.

How to make a choker out of ribbon

If you want to quickly make a short necklace, you can try to make a choker with his hands from the tape. In the 19th century, such necklaces was better than usual for that time of massive jewelry. The classic version is made of satin or velvet ribbon with an oversized pendant of precious stones or pearls. Looks very elegant and rich. This decoration only emphasizes the taste of its owner, all this to make the decoration very simple. You will need the following:

  • scissors;
  • gold ring, beautiful brooch or pendant;
  • adhesive;
  • ribbon of satin or velvet in length, slightly larger girth of the neck.

In the presence of all the materials and tools work procedure involves the following steps:

  1. The tape is passed through the mounting pendant to lock in the center with glue.
  2. If you use the ring you can do so is to take not one, but two tapes, pass them through the decoration and then to breed in different directions, as if trying to stretch the product.
  3. Next is the back to bind the edges of the ribbon bow. If you cut her in the neck, you need to install on the ends of special hardware.

Chalker with your hands of velvet

If you particularly liked the velvet choker or is he just coming to the outfit, try to make this decoration yourself. This will require tools and materials from the following list:

  • scissors;
  • fasteners;
  • thread in the color of velvet;
  • sewing machine.

The main material is velvet. Length should be equal to the circumference of the neck plus a bit on the bend. The same applies to width. It can be adjusted by yourself – 1, 2, 3, 4, see If everything you need is already at hand, then start to sew. The technology includes the following stages:

  1. Cut a strip of fabric the desired length and width, bend on the equity line in half, to make amends.
  2. Further inward 0.5 cm to tuck the edges. They also Ironing.
  3. On the machine to stitch a neat seam that attach to the ends of the clasp.
  4. Decorate with accessories in its sole discretion.

Evening dress it is better to sew a black choker. Ladies like this option also because it is suitable for everyday wear of jeans and t-shirts. This choker is a classic, so it should be in every girl’s wardrobe as the little black dress. A necklace can take any. Rich will look Golden or bright red.

How to make a choker out of thread

Lovers of bright jewelry will love the choker with his own hands from threads. They are used for embroidery, but are perfect for creating this type of products. The choker is a bit wider than the previous model. Due to the diversity of sutures it is very bright and colourful, perfect for a casual look or a fun party. To make such a choker, you will need the following:

  • pliers;
  • colorful strands of floss;
  • small and large chains;
  • carabiner for jewelry;
  • plastic decorative chain with rhinestones;
  • needle.

In the manufacture you should consider the following – of thread required to weave a braid. In finished form it will be slightly shorter than the threads themselves, so you should cut them not exactly on the circumference of the neck, and a little longer. Further instruction looks like this:

  1. Filament floss to bind in a bundle, tightly wrapped.
  2. Continue to braid the usual braid the desired length. The tips also wrap to secure.
  3. Make the decor braids, sew to it a chain with rhinestone in the center.
  4. Next decorate the sides of the jewelry. To sew them a large and a small chain.
  5. The connecting rings to fasten the thin chain and lobster clasp.

Chalker with his hands in lace

To make the choker of lace with their hands, too, will take a minimum of materials and tools. Prettier it will look, if the center to hang any accessory, such as a pendant. In addition she will need a lace ribbon with a slightly longer neck girth and fasteners. If the material is too easy, you still need the tape. The manufacturing technology of the chalker follows:

  1. Cut desired length of lace ribbon to sew it to the ribbon of the same color.
  2. On center to attach a pendant or necklace.
  3. At the edges to lock the clasp as shown in photo.

How to weave choker made of gum

Now a greater popularity of loom bands for weaving. Of them can do anything, a small bracelets, rings, toys, phone cases and much more. No one bothers to try to weave in and out a matching choker. It will turn out very bright and colorful. The simplest technique of weaving is called «fishtail». Even if you have no special loom and hook, you can easily cope with it. For weaving you will need the following:

  • colorful elastic bands;
  • carabiner for fastening the ends of the jewelry.

The latter material is often sold together by rubber bands. Weaving will involve only the fingers. To begin practice, and then start making the necklace. Instructions on how to make a choker out of loom bands looks like this:

  1. The first band to wear one end on your index finger and the other on average, while crossing it, as shown in the photo.
  2. On top add two rubber bands, over which the loops to tighten the bottom.
  3. Add another elastic and repeat the action the second point.
  4. So to weave a necklace of the desired length.
  5. The last two bands to remove, and in a loop to insert a carabiner. Second end to attach to the beginning of the choker.

Choker of beads with your hands

In the case of weave choker bead work is more laborious, although there are very simple options. For one of these you will need:

  • a strong thread;
  • multi-colored or monochromatic beads.

From such simple materials can make a very stylish and original choker, while spending the least time. The production technology involves several simple steps:

  1. The thread is folded in half, make a knot to make a loop with a length of about 2 cm.
  2. On the right side to put the first bead, not to push left. The threads tighten.
  3. Repeating the steps of the second paragraph, weave choker desired length.
  4. In the end again to make a knot to secure the thread.
  5. To attach a carabiner for jewelry.

Want to weave a more complex chalker with their hands out beads? Then this manual for you. It can not do without the scheme of weaving. The product is delicate, it’s a great alternative to a choker of lace. The beads can take any color or even multiple colors. A good choice is a white or pale beige and then the product can be worn even for the wedding. In addition to beads you need:

  • glass beads of the same color;
  • carabiner for jewelry;
  • fishing line.

Instructions on how to weave a choker that looks like this:

  1. In the eye of the lock pin dual line.
  2. With the help of a needle to wear the first glass beads.
  3. Then a double line to divide each thread into her needle.
  4. To continue the scheme in the photo, alternating between the same stages – first glass beads, bead, glass beads on each piece of fishing line, then thread the needle through one bead.
  5. To do so to the desired length, then attach the clasp to expand the netting and use the second scheme.

Video: how to weave a choker from the fishing line

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