Quilling for beginners with a description of the manufacturing technique of paper craft with photo and video

The process known as quilling, easy, here the main thing – to start. Thanks to this type of needlework created gorgeous miniature DIY that you can use as elements of decor. Beautiful compositions and patterns out of paper or thread is one of the best gifts with their hands.

The technique of quilling

The process of creating masterpieces is the connection of the spirals, whorls, tight Hanks of thin paper strips. Quilling technique helps to create enchanting paintings, toys, a variety of crafts with images of animals, trees, flowers, sun etc. Some make these masterpieces out of thread. Scheme of quilling for beginners with pictures will tell you how to connect the elements.

Quilling paper

Paper for crafts you can buy or prepare yourself. For workpieces of particular importance is the density of the material, which must be not less than 100 g per square centimeter. This indicator allows the strips well to curl and keep shape. Quilling is to wind the strip on a toothpick, awl or comb, and the end secured with glue. After creating the roll, you can make any figures and then painting.

Quilling of yarn

The technology of creating pictures from threads more difficult, requires hard work. Gain experience and skill, everyone can create beautiful lace work. However, it should be noted that the quilling of yarn for yarn master even a child: the occupation is very exciting, and crafts on cardboard be more vivid than those of grains or clay. Sort of thing contributes to the development of fine motor skills, develops attention, imagination and perseverance.

Elements of quilling

To create a DIY on any subject you should know a few basic elements. If you learn to twist the main first half to do such a hard work you be with joy and pleasure. Thus, the roll (or spiral) is the basic unit, basis, and allocate such General items of quilling:

  • tight roll;
  • uncool roll;
  • loose roll;
  • curl;
  • with-curl;
  • heart;
  • arrow;
  • drop;
  • heart;
  • Crescent;
  • eye;
  • leaf;
  • rhombus;
  • triangle;
  • square;
  • snowflake;
  • star;
  • twig;
  • horns.

How to do quilling

If you are just beginning to learn this craft, you can print out a diagram and stencils, because working with them will be much easier. In order to do quilling, you can use any substrate – fabric, paper, wood or plastic. DIY quilling for beginners is the manufacturer of the basic elements of wireframes which you can see in the photo, and link them together into a beautiful picture.

What you need for quilling

Quilling for beginners not forcing to buy expensive available materials or special equipment which are hard to find. Here is what you need for quilling in addition to the imagination:

  • colored paper;
  • adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • cocktail straw;
  • floss;
  • the cutting Mat and prototyping;
  • tool to tighten paper;
  • template for quilling;
  • tweezers;
  • colored pencils;
  • gel pens;
  • acrylic paint.

What can be done quilling

Ideas for creating crafts based on this technology there is a huge amount. To make quilling can be laced pictures for decorating the house or for a gift, beautiful letters, three-dimensional shapes of animals, trees in Chinese style etc to make an original hack, it is possible to use only a few basic elements or by employing some more, to create large canvases, pictures, cards. The charming flowers look quilling, peacocks, swans, hummingbirds.

DIY quilling

There are many step-by-step master classes of quilling for beginners, which helps even a child to create an original applique. Video tutorial or a phased description of the schemes available to explain and show the inexperienced masters how to make a DIY quilling in the form of different animals or flowers. The lessons of quilling for beginners simple and fun, they help have fun and go back to the world of creativity.

Quilling – flowers for beginners

Small delicate jewelry made with your own hands – an exclusive gift to a loved one. Quilling – flowers for beginners look amazing on cards, so bring colored paper, glue, scissors, toothpicks and start creating gorgeous paintings:

  1. Paper assorted colors screw tight rolls, then make a loose spiral, and of them drops.
  2. Make the middle of the flower – shape loose spiral.
  3. Squeeze some glue onto a card or cardboard, attach the middle.
  4. Around using glue, attach several petals.
  5. Make the stem: attach green side stripes. Leaves can create multiple elements: drops, eyes.
  6. Let the glue dry completely.

Snowflake in the technique of quilling for beginners

Such a hack is relevant during the Christmas holidays or just for training. Snowflakes quilling for beginners will work if you prepare the main materials: light blue cardboard (8h11 cm), glue, rhinestones, a toothpick or orange stick, paper. Will need ruler, pencil, tape, thread and universal sharp knife. First you need to cut out the shape, which will consist of herself snowflake:

  • 4 bands 8 cm for large tears;
  • 4 strips at 6 cm for small tears;
  • 8.5 halves of the stripes on the 3.5 cm circles;
  • 4.5 halves of the bands at 4 cm for diamonds.

Knowing the basics of quilling for beginners, you will be able to collect crafts from the blanks:

  1. To make the flower, alternating between a large and a small tear, fixing them with glue.
  2. On the ends of large tears to glue two circles, and to them the diamond.
  3. Attach rhinestones in the Central part of the product, stick the ribbon to the snowflake can be suspended.

Painting quilling

Experienced craftsmen by training he learned to create masterpieces of paper or thread. To make pictures of the quilling just need a little patience and imagination: the elements are joined together on a thick sheet and work a variety of work. You can draw a sketch of the future creation or pasted pieces of colored paper ready drawing. Painting to frame it under glass.

Cock quilling for beginners

This animal is a symbol of 2017, so it must be present in every home, it does not matter in what form. Cock quilling for beginners – ideal for beautiful Christmas decorations or the volume picture. To create you need to prepare a standard set of quilling for beginners, and the finished sketch of the rooster. Next, you need to act incrementally, as described in the instructions:

  1. Twist 5 red pieces in the form of drops, it will be the comb.
  2. Bird eye is alternately black, white and orange stripes that twisted in a tight roll.
  3. White and light yellow paper of the workpiece in the form of drops will go a head and beak.
  4. 5 components will go on the neck, and another pair – on earrings under the bill.
  5. Twisted stripes to fill in a torso, legs, and wings, alternating colors in a chaotic manner.
  6. On the tail it is better to spend a maximum of elements: every one of them to glue together.
  7. Leave on all night to dry completely.

Quilling – butterfly for beginners

There are many different ways how to create beautiful crafts, but please note this master class. Quilling – butterfly for beginners get even the child, because the process is described step by step. You need to prepare:

  • stationery knife;
  • tweezers;
  • adhesive;
  • floss;
  • line;
  • Mat with needles;
  • colors (8 yellow, 8 pink and 2 crimson for 29 cm x 3 mm)

Quilling for beginners on creating a butterfly is in such actions:

  1. Cut out of colored paper triangle, whose height is 9 cm and the base is 3 cm.
  2. Wind the figure on the stick, starting at the base.
  3. Decorate body with stripes of a different color, the same color make the butterfly antennae.
  4. Prepare the wings: twist 8 twist, turn them into drops. Glue 3 spiral together and separately 2. Glue each preset crimson stripe.
  5. Of the yellow stripes roll up loose spirals of different diameters: 15 mm and 10 mm. Lock the middle. Glue the parts of larger diameter on the wings of the 3 helices and the smaller on small wings. Glue again crimson stripe.
  6. Glue to paper body of the butterfly, then the wings.

Quilling – tree for beginners

On the eve of New year, many children and parents decorate the Christmas tree toys made by your own hands. Here come to the aid of quilling – tree for beginners is not as difficult as it may seem, looking at the photo of the finished product. The technique, which made the hack, called homecumming because it uses only corrugated paper. Prepare the elements and start to put all the details together:

  1. Take 64 green stripes and 13 white (width 7 mm). Twist each tightly, cut into fine fringe.
  2. Twist rolls of 8 red stripes with a width of 5 mm, cut into a fringe.
  3. Puff on all the blanks.
  4. Twist 4 discs for the Christmas tree: one of the 2 lanes, two 3, one of 4 bands. From the red stripes make one disk.
  5. The drive from three lanes promazhte glue on one side and until set aside – this will be the base. Of the remaining disks squeeze high cones, brush with glue on the inside and dry it out.
  6. The base insert the large cone.
  7. Twist of the half bands 4 brown and 2 yellow disk.
  8. Connect the yellow disk with a large cone over it with glue and place the middle cone. Similarly stick a little.
  9. Glue the tree trunk – brown discs.
  10. Two strips twist the disc and squeeze it to get the bowl. Inside fill with hot glue and insert trunk. Fill the bowl with crumpled pieces of white cloth.
  11. Connect the trunk and the Christmas tree, glue it around the perimeter of the green fringe and beads.

Video: flower quilling for beginners

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