How beautifully folded napkins or tissue paper — schemes and methods for the table with photos and videos

To be the hostess with the mostest, it is not enough to cook – you need to be able to surprise family and guests with artful presentation of dishes. For this reason, the folding napkins for the table will be a useful skill when organizing a large feast, and a dinner for two. Check out different ways to design a meal with the help of such accessories.

How to fold paper napkins

This kind of accessories – a universal and irreplaceable, because the variety of sizes and colors allows to realize various ideas in a beautiful and festive decorating party. To learn how to fold paper napkins – it’s not difficult, but a lot of pleasant moments in the future will bring you, your family and guests! With the help of such products will be very easy to set the tone and mood of the holiday – for example, to create a Christmas aura or the atmosphere of the holiday.

Table decoration with napkins and useful from a practical perspective, because without these hygienic products guests will feel uncomfortable. The easiest way to solve this issue many Housewives – they put accessories near portions of the plates, and additionally fold some products into tubes to place them in separate cups in the holders and then put on the table. With a little imagination, you can significantly vary the setting to make the decor festive.

How beautifully folded napkins in paper napkin holder

Correctly chosen decorative holders themselves will decorate the table. Before, how to fold napkins in the napkin holder, you need to see to these items in harmony with each other. To the original design of the feast, in one stand to lay out two contrasting kind of accessories: for example, alternate the wipes one after the other in color. More elegant way is to fold each piece in half, the resulting triangles to collect in the form of a fan and to pin the structure in the vertical flat bracket.

How to serve a table with paper napkins

Decorations in the form of various figures – an integral part of any holiday. How to roll napkins to the table one of its kind delighted the guests? Here’s an interesting method. Using paper napkins for serving green, you can fold the sheets for the figures of the flower. For this purpose the edge of the product in the direction of the turn should turn into the cones and press, and formed bends – you will get two sheets like Tulip. The Bud can be folded from napkins any bright colors.

Napkins on the table under plates

Accessories with a variety of drawings and colors will quickly make plain a variegated tablecloth, and decorations of the holiday memorable. How to fold napkins under portioned dishes? In this case, you can use accessories to draw any geometric pattern. For example, under white plates to deploy a large colorful paper leaf, lay them on the tablecloth like diamonds, and next apply a contrasting color for more products designed specifically for hygiene.

Ways of folding napkins for the table

Without which the feast is unlikely to be festive and elegant, so it is without cloth accessories a different look. Cloth napkins for the table is indispensable. In addition to practical functions (to protect the outfits of the guests from possible stains), they perform decorative of them with different variants of addition get amazing figure. Learn tips on how beautifully folded napkins from a fabric material.

Lily from napkins

If you decorate the table with real flowers for some reason does not work – it’s time to exercise a little creativity. To a festive table pleasing to the eye, find out how to make a Lily from napkins.

  1. Fold the fabric in half with wrong side inside to make a triangle with a wide base at the bottom.
  2. The corners of the triangle up towards the top.
  3. The bottom corner of the resulting rhombus again raise to the top.
  4. Fold down the top corner of the triangle and flip the figure on the other side.
  5. Tuck up previously rebuffed edge and over it connect the product in the ring, loaded with loose corners into one another.
  6. Rotate the shape to his face. Remove the loose top corners down and tuck in the rim.

How to make a rose out of napkins

There are several schemes of how beautifully folded napkins in the shape of the flower. But need some skill to correctly put the fabric. If you have time to practice, use the simplest way, how to make a rose out of napkins.

  1. Presumably not krahmalno fabric facedown and center the square vertically to place the plug.
  2. Gently push the folds of the cloth between the prongs Cutlery.
  3. Rotating the plug about its axis to tighten the fabric into a spiral.
  4. Remove the cloth with a fork and put it on a plate, making sure that the helix is not unwound. To draw a rose, carefully adjusting the edges of the figure.

How to fold a napkin for devices

Cutlery can also be advantageous to select on the table using a cloth kitchen accessories. Here is an easy way how to fold a napkin for devices.

  1. To connect the edges of the face in the middle to make a rectangle.
  2. To turn down a third of the top edge of the fabric.
  3. Flip the cloth to the other side. Bend the small sides of the rectangle to the center and fold the canvas in half.
  4. In the resulting pockets to put devices.

A Swan out of a napkin

This figure can be a very best accent in table decor. Deciding how beautifully folded napkins, try the following scheme. Use a thin starched cotton or paper:

  1. Position in front of him folded four times the product so that it was a rhombus, the lower corner of which will be freely opening angles.
  2. Bend vertically to the center left and right corners.
  3. Flip the fabric again and fold the side corners to the center.
  4. Fold the top corner down, connecting it with the lower part of the figure.
  5. The same area of the fold upward, forming the head of a Swan out of a napkin.
  6. Turn the figure and fold it in half vertically.
  7. Correct the resulting product, forming the shape of a bird: place it at the right angle or the head and neck, from the top layer of the canvas straighten the tail.

How to make napkins on the table with their hands

Decoration feasts is a fascinating process, and there are no limits to imagination! To design your table was exclusive, make placemats for the table with their hands. They can be made any size and from a material of different texture – most importantly, the structure of the fabric was absorbent. The design of the tissues make the original thanks to the use of lace details, embroidery, appliques from satin, beads.

Video: napkin fold for the table

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