Setting ClearType in Windows

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ClearType is a technology of smoothing of fonts in Windows operating systems, designed to the text on modern LCD monitors (TFT, IPS, OLED and other) were easier to read. The use of this technology on old CRT monitors (cathode ray tube) not required (however, for example, in Windows Vista is enabled by default for all types of monitors, so the old CRT screens could look unsightly).

In this tutorial information on setting ClearType in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7. And briefly about how to configure ClearType in Windows XP and Vista and when it may be required. You might also find useful: How to fix blurry fonts in Windows 10.

How to turn on or off and adjust ClearType in Windows 10 – 7

Why you may need to adjust ClearType? In some cases and for some monitors (and, possibly, depending on the perception of the user), default Windows ClearType settings can lead to readability, but to opposite effect — the font may seem blurry or just «unusual».

To change the display font (if it is in the ClearType, not an incorrectly installed monitor, see How to change the screen resolution of the monitor) you can use the corresponding parameters.

  • Run the ClearType tuning tool is to make it easier, when you start typing ClearType into the search bar on the taskbar of Windows 10, or in the start menu of Windows 7.
  • In the settings window, ClearType, you can disable the function (default for LCD monitors enabled). If you want to configure, then turn off, and click «Next».
  • If your computer has multiple monitors, you will be prompted to choose one of them or you can customize two at a time (better to do it separately). If one or you go directly to step 4.
  • Will check that monitor is set to the correct (physical resolution).
  • Then in a few stages, you will be prompted to choose the type of display text that you feel better than others. Press «Next» after each of these stages.
  • At the end of the process you will see a message stating that «customize display text on a monitor is complete.» Click «finish» (note: to apply the settings you will need Administrator rights on the computer).
  • Ready, the configuration is completed. If you want, if not enjoy, at any time, you will be able to repeat it or disable ClearType.

    ClearType in Windows XP and Vista

    A function to smooth edges of screen fonts, ClearType is also present in Windows XP and Vista — in the first case it is off by default, and the second is enabled. And in both operating systems there is no built-in tools for configuring ClearType, as in the previous section — only the ability to enable and disable the function.

    Turning on and off ClearType in these systems is in the settings screen — design — effects.

    As for settings there is an online ClearType tuning tool for Windows XP and a separate program Microsoft ClearType Tuner PowerToy for XP (which runs in Windows Vista). You can download it from the official website (note: strangely, at the time of this writing, the program is downloaded from the official site does not occur, although used it recently. Perhaps the fact that I try to download it from Windows 10).

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    After installing the program in the control panel appears ClearType Tuning by running which you can go through the process of setting up ClearType like in Windows 10 and 7 (and even with some additional settings, such as contrast settings and the order of colors on the matrix screen on the Advanced tab in the ClearType Tuner).

    Promised to tell you what it might need:

    • If you work with a virtual machine of Windows XP or it is on the new LCD monitor don’t forget to enable ClearType as the default font smoothing disabled, and for XP today, it is generally useful and improve the usability.
    • If you run Windows Vista on some ancient PC with a CRT monitor, I recommend to turn off ClearType if you have to work for this device.

    On this finish, but if something is not working as expected or any other problems installing the ClearType settings in Windows, share in the comments — I’ll try to help.

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