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Subjective article about best browser for Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, let’s start with the following: in real time you can select only 4 truly different at its core browser — Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You can add to the list of Apple Safari, but today the development of Safari for Windows has stopped, and in this review we are talking about the OS.

Almost all other popular browsers are based on the work Google (open source Chromium, the main contribution to which is making this company). And this Opera, Yandex Browser, and lesser-known Maxthon, Vivaldi, Torch and some other browsers. However, this does not mean that they don’t deserve the attention: despite the fact that these browsers based on Chromium, each of them offers something that’s not in Google Chrome or other.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular in Russia and most other countries, the Internet browser and rightly so: it offers the highest speed (with some reservations, in the last section of the review) with modern content types (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), elaborate functionality and interface (which with some modifications was copied in almost all browsers), and is one of the most secure end-user web browsers.

That’s not all: in fact, today Google Chrome is more than just a browser: it is also a platform to run web applications, including offline (and soon, I think, bring to mind and run Android applications in Chrome). And personally for me the best browser is just Chrome, even though it is subjective.

It should be noted that for those users who use Google services, are the owners of devices on Android, this browser is really the best, being a continuation of the user experience with its synchronization within the account, support offline work, running Google apps on the desktop, notifications and functions that are familiar on Android devices.

Some items to note, speaking about Google Chrome:

  • A wide range of extensions and apps in Chrome Web Store.
  • Support of themes (it has almost all browsers on Chromium).
  • Great development tools in the browser (something better can only be seen in Firefox).
  • Easy bookmark Manager.
  • High performance.
  • Cross-Platform (Windows, Linux. MacOS, iOS and Android).
  • Support of several user profiles for each user.
  • Incognito mode to avoid tracking and storing information about your Internet activity on your computer (other browsers implemented later).
  • Pop-up blocker and download malicious applications.
  • Built-in Flash player and PDF viewer.
  • Rapid development, largely sets the pace of other browsers.

In the comments I have seen reports that Google Chrome is slow, watching and generally not worth using.

As a rule, «Slow» due to the set of extensions (often not from the Chrome store, and with the «official» sites), problems with the computer itself or just a configuration where performance problems arise in any software (however, note that there are some unexplained cases with a slow Chrome).

And what about «follows», here: if you use Android and Google services, to complain about it has no special sense, or to abandon their use in the aggregate. If not in use — here, in my opinion, any fears too, in vain, provided that they are working on the Internet in the bounds of decency: I don’t think much harm you will cause to display advertisements based on your interests and location.

Free download the latest version of Google Chrome from the official site

Mozilla Firefox

On the one hand, I put Google Chrome in the first place, on the other — are aware that the Mozilla Firefox browser is not worse than in most of the parameters, and according to some, and superior to the aforesaid product. So to say which browser is better Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, is difficult. Just last a little less popular and personally I don’t use it, but objectively these two browsers almost equal and depending on the tasks and habits of the user can be either one or the other.

Performance Firefox most tests slightly inferior to the previous browser, but it «slightly» unlikely to be noticeable to the ordinary user. However, in some cases, for example, in tests WebGL asm.js Mozilla Firefox wins nearly half to two times.

Mozilla Firefox the pace of its development is not far behind Chrome (and followed him, copying function), just once a week, you can read the news about improving or changing the functionality of the browser.

The Advantages Of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Support almost all the latest web standards.
  • Independence from the companies that actively collect user data (Google, Yandex) is an open non-commercial project.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Excellent performance and good security.
  • Powerful developer tools.
  • Sync feature between devices.
  • Own decisions relating to the interface (e.g., tab groups, app tabs, at the moment is borrowed in other browsers, first appeared in Firefox).
  • A great set of additions and customization of the browser by the user.

Free download Mozilla Firefox latest stable version on the official download page

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a relatively new browser that is included with Windows 10 (for other operating systems are available) and there is every reason to assume that for many users who do not require any special functionality, installation of third-party Internet browser in this OS will eventually become irrelevant.

In my opinion, the developers Edge closer approaching the task will make the browser as simple as possible for the average user and at the same time comprehensive enough for the experienced (or the developer).

Perhaps it is too early to pass judgements, but we can already say that the approach «to make a browser from scratch» something has paid off Microsoft Edge wins in performance tests most of its competitors (though not all), is probably one of the most concise and enjoyable interfaces, including interface tweaks and integration with Windows applications (for example, the item «Share», which can be converted into integration with social networking apps), as well as its own functions — for example, drawing on the pages or read (though this function is not unique, is almost the same implementation in Safari for OS X) I think, over time, will allow to acquire the browser Edge for a significant share of the market. While Microsoft Edge continues to evolve — recently introduced support for extensions and new security features.

Finally, the new browser from Microsoft has created a useful for all users of the trend: once it was stated that Edge is the most energy-efficient browser, providing the greatest battery life battery life from the device, the rest of the developers started to optimize their browsers and a few months in all major products visible positive developments in this regard.

An overview of Microsoft Edge and some of its functions

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is built on Chromium-based, has a simple and intuitive interface and also features synchronization between devices and tight integration with Yandex services and notifications for them, used by many individuals in our country.

Almost everything that was said about Google Chrome, including support for multiple users and «surveillance» applies equally to the browser from Yandex, but there are some nice, especially for the novice user things, in particular integrated add-ons that can be quickly turned on in the settings, not finding where to download them, among them:

  • Turbo mode save load time in the browser and faster loading of pages on slow connections (also present in Opera).
  • Manager passwords from LastPass.
  • Extensions Yandex Mail, Tube and Disk
  • Supplement for safe working and blocking ads in the browser — anti-shock, Adguard, WOT reputation sites, some own best practices related to security
  • Sync between different devices.

For many users the interface can be a good alternative to Google Chrome, something more understandable, simple and close.

Download Yandex Browser from the official site

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a browser that you always have immediately after installing Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 on the computer. Despite the stereotypes about his brakes, the lack of support for modern standards, now everything looks much better.

Today Internet Explorer has a modern interface, high speed of work (although, in some synthetic tests it lagging behind the competitors, but in tests the speed of loading and rendering pages wins or is on par).

Additionally, Internet Explorer is one of the best in terms of security use, has a growing list of useful add-ons (add-ons) and, in General, to carp especially there is nothing.

However, the fate of the browser amid Microsoft Edge not well understood.


Vivaldi can be described as a browser for those users who just browse the web pages, in reviews of this browser you can see «browser for geeks», although it is possible that a normal user will find in it something for themselves.

Vivaldi browser was created under the guidance of former Manager Opera after the eponymous browser, has moved from its own Presto engine to Blink, among the tasks in the creation was noted —the return of the original Opera functions and adding new, innovative capabilities.

Features include Vivaldi, of those that do not exist in other browsers:

  • The function «Fast team» (called F2) command search, bookmarks, settings «inside the browser», information on open tabs.
  • Powerful bookmark Manager (this happens in other browsers) + ability to set short names, keywords for a quick search through the quick command.
  • Setting hotkeys for desired functions.
  • The web panel in which you can pin sites to view (the default in the mobile version).
  • Take notes of the contents of the open pages and just work with the notes.
  • Hand unloading background tabs from memory.
  • Display multiple tabs in a single window.
  • Save open tabs in a session, so that then you can open them all at once.
  • Add sites as search engine.
  • Change the look of pages by using the «Effects»page.
  • Flexible appearance settings of the browser (and the location of the tabs not only at the top of the window is the only one of these settings).

And this is not a complete list. Some things in the browser, Vivaldi, judging by the reviews, do not work as I would like (e.g., for reviews, there are problems with the operation of the extensions you need), but in any case, it can be recommended to those who want to try something custom and different from the usual programs of this kind.

Download Vivaldi browser from the official site

Other browsers

All browsers in this section is based on Chromium (Blink engine), and are in fact, only interface implementation, a set of additional functions (which can be included in the same Google Chrome or Yandex Browser with add-ons), sometimes in minor ways performance. However, for some users, these options are more convenient and the choice given in their favor:

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  • Opera — once original browser on its own engine. Now — Blink. The pace of updates and new features introduced are not what they used to be, and some updates controversial (as was the case with bookmarks, which cannot be exported, see How to export Opera bookmarks). From the original remained, in part, an interface, a Turbo mode, which first appeared in Opera and user-friendly visual bookmarks. Download Opera on com.
  • Maxthon is by default equipped with features blocking ads using AdBlock Plus, the safety assessment of sites, the advanced features of anonymous browsing, with the ability to quickly download video, audio and other resources from the page and some other «Goodies». Despite all of the above, Maxthon uses less computer resources than other Chromium browsers. Official page of loading
  • UC Browser is a popular browser Chinese for Android is in version and for Windows. From what I had mentioned — its a visual bookmarking, inline extension to download videos from sites and, of course, sync with mobile UC Browser (attention: installs its own Windows service, knows what dealing).
  • Torch Browser — among other things, includes a torrent client, the ability to download video and audio from any websites, built-in media player, the Torch Music service for free access to music and music videos in the browser, free games Torch Games and «accelerator» files (note: has been seen to install third-party software).

There are other, even better known to readers browsers not mentioned here, Amigo, Satellite, Internet, Orbitum. However, I don’t think they should be in the list of best browsers, even if they have some worthy of attention function. The reason is not ethical scheme of distribution and follow-up work that most users interested in how to remove such a browser and not install it.

Additional information

You may also be interested in some additional information about the browsers:

  • For performance tests browsers JetStream and Octane the fastest browser is Microsoft Edge. Test Speedometer — Google Chrome (although the results of the tests varies in different sources and for different versions). However, subjectively, the interface of the Microsoft Edge much less responsive than chrome, and this for me personally is more important than a slight gain in speed content processing.
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox provide the best support for media formats on the Internet. But only Microsoft Edge supports codecs H. 265 (at the time of writing).
  • Microsoft Edge claims lowest energy consumption of your browser compared to the others (but at the moment not so simple, since other browsers also began to catch up, and the latest Google Chrome update promises to be even more efficient by automatically suspending inactive tabs).
  • Microsoft says that Edge is the most secure browser, and it blocks the greatest number of threats in the form of phishing sites and sites that distribute malware.
  • Yandex Browser has the largest number of useful functions and a corresponding set of pre-defined (but disabled by default) extensions for the average Russian user, taking into account the features of the browsers that we have in the country.
  • From my point of view, to prefer is the one browser that has a good reputation (and honest with my user), and developers who for a long time engaged in continuous improvement of their product: while creating your own work and adding a viable third-party functions. To those can be safely attributed all the same Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex Browser.

In General, for the vast majority of users a significant difference between the described browsers will not, and the answer to the question of which browser is the best may not be unique: they all work adequately, require a lot of memory (sometimes more, sometimes less) and sometimes inhibit or sboyat, have good safety features and perform its primary function — browsing on the Internet and maintain modern web applications.

So in many ways, the choice of which browser is best for Windows 10, or another version of OS is a matter of taste, requirements, and habits of a particular person. There are new browsers, some of which, despite the presence of «giants» are gaining some popularity, focusing on any specific necessary functions. For example, now there is a beta browser and Avira (from the name of the manufacturer of the antivirus), which, as promised, may be the safest for a novice user.

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