Himalayan salt — benefits and harms, the healing properties of lamps, tiles and food

Himalayan salt has an unusual pinkish or red color. Many millions of years ago the highest mountains on our planet – the Himalayas – was part of a submarine ridge. After the transformation of the earth’s crust of this salt, previously belonging to the underwater depths, was available to people.

What is Himalayan salt

Mineral deposits are still deep in the mountains, hidden partially solidified lava, its composition has not changed for millions of years. Himalayan pink salt is mined in Pakistan. Painted in a shade due to the high content of nutrients and lack of toxins. Naturopaths attribute to the product, therapeutic properties, used in pure form for the preparation of drugs and food.

Himalayan salt – composition

Salt is a substance that give the food extra flavor, but not as its main component. Some people limit its use. However, the composition Himalayan salt is more reminiscent of a medicinal drug. It can contain from 70 to 85 of the elements, as in the usual cooking salt has only sodium chloride. Among the components in the lead:

  • copper;
  • barium;
  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • iodine;
  • molybdenum;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus.

Such quantity of useful substances, scientists explain the origin of salt. When moving continents, she was rich, mixed with volcanic magma. Now extraction of the mineral occurs old methods, eliminates the explosion or the use of machines. Crystals with composition have a large size – about with a tennis ball.

Himalayan salt for bath

The ancient Greek military leader Alexander the great used pink rock salt not for food. When this material laid the surface in the baths. For this Pakistani in the mine cut out the whole salt-cellar. For modern builders Himalayan salt in the bath, sauna or steam room is not new. This is only for the wealthy, because the materials are delivered from Pakistan.

Himalayan salt baths – how to use

Experts suggest to use Himalayan salt in the bath in different types:

  1. As bath salt. For this purpose the compositions are sold with a crumb similar to sea salt. You can put a few handfuls in a bowl, dissolve and use as directed.
  2. In the form of pebbles. Used pieces of irregular shape, placed the stones in a sauna. When exposed to high temperature and the moisture saturation of the air with nutrients increases.
  3. As bricks or tiles laid on walls and floors. As this coating is useful to walk barefoot. The part that holds salt tiles for sauna, is a solution of magnesium chloride and caustic magnesia. Observe the proportions 5:3. Another way to connect – molten glass, however it is not as durable.

The latter method, when using tile made of Himalayan salt, also carries a decorative function: thanks to its pinkish color with different shades, bath bricks give the interior a beautiful effect. To strengthen the perimeter is laid illuminating diode tape. If you can put the walls of the sauna around the perimeter, you get a real salt cave. The time spent in it is necessary to discuss with your doctor individually. You can not be afraid for the material – rock salt for a bath is renowned for its temperature resistance and will lie unchanged for many years.

Salt pink Himalayan food

Another way of using the product – adding to food. In this form it was used by Tibetan monks. Apply small crystals: they can be added entirely in the liquid, and grind in a coffee grinder into a fine crumb. Such a consistency suitable for lightly solting salads and sandwiches. Himalayan salt, according to user reviews, gives the dish a rich taste.

Himalayan salt – benefits and harms

All of the benefits and harms of Himalayan salt are determined by its composition. Valuable vitamins, trace elements, healing some and contraindicated for others. Among the main evidence for the purpose of pink salt as a dietary Supplement to promote health, doctors referred to the fact that almost all substances absorbed completely. At the same time:

  • easier endocrine diseases;
  • strengthening muscles, including cardiac and nervous system;
  • leave the toxins and wastes;
  • restores the water-salt metabolism;
  • increased appetite;
  • there is a rapid wound healing;
  • eliminates the digestive upset;
  • comes relief for diseases associated with musculoskeletal disorders;
  • reduces the signs of skin Allergy, psoriasis, acne;
  • disappears cellulite, if you use the salt scrub burned the excess body fat;
  • occurs prevention of influenza, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases.

Use in cooking and medicine without doctor instead of advantage can bring great harm. Contraindications to direct the salt from a stone no, but special caution to treat people with diseases such as:

  • an allergic reaction to any salt;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • glaucoma;
  • venous insufficiency.

Safe dose for internal use is 1 tsp per day. If pink salt is added to dishes, ordinary table should be excluded entirely, to avoid congestion overdose of sodium chloride. For children under 3 years, mothers-to-use product may, after consultation with a specialist. Better to limit inhalation of heated salt and skin compresses.

Lamp from Himalayan salt

One of the types of recovery – using the lamp from Himalayan salt. To undertake the manufacture of large rough stones, set inside a light bulb or a candle. After turning in the socket, the salt is heated from the lamp and emits into the air nutrients. This is a great item for decor. Indoor salt lamp can:

  • to clear the air;
  • to neutralize electromagnetic radiation from household appliances.

The price of Himalayan salt

The prices depend on the product from where it is purchased. Occasionally it deliver in urban supermarkets and ordinary shops. The advantage of the product in the online store, where is only a photo, obviously. You can take up and consider carefully and then buy. You need to consider that the larger salt crystals and darker in color, the more it will cost. Approximate prices in the following table:


Price (RUB)

The number



1 piece



1 piece

Dietary Supplement


1 kg



1 piece

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Nicholas, 32 years

During a trip to India I bought pink salt. There it is sold in a beautiful curved vessels and the interior looks like a souvenir, but the seller claimed that it should be added to food. Upon arriving home, I read a lot of interesting things about the product, to the extent that it can cure serious diseases. I will try.

Olga, 28 years

Use a lamp made of salt. Bought it on the advice of a doctor, when a son became ill after he went to kindergarten. To write had through a special website dealing with the supply of such goods. The light is dim, the day is not even noticeable, and at night successfully replace the lamp. I don’t know what the secret it, but ill we really have less.

Inga, 48 years

The first time I saw this gimmick at a friends, it turned out, she puts her food in almost a year. Decided to buy myself. At first did not like the smell, a bit like rotten eggs, but in the finished dishes he’d never know. In addition, drink the dissolved salt with water on an empty stomach, as I read in one of the medical sites. I feel full as in youth.

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