Why nails become wavy on the toes and hands — causes of distortion and methods of treatment

On beautiful and well-groomed nails every woman dreams. Professional care, grinding, up ladies are doing everything to become attractive to the fingertips. However, all the efforts and costs will be reduced to zero if the nails become ridged: they formed uneven waves or bumps.

Uneven nails

This is not a serious defect, as the grooves, is attracting a lot of attention. When they appear, find out why this happened and what do wavy fingernails in your case: perhaps it is a sign of disease. Inspect your fingers top and side swipe the entire length (from the nail hole to the tip) with your finger: it should be smooth, without lines. The same examination do on the subject of transverse grooves. If you found them, you have to find and remove the cause.

Ridged nails

Longitudinal grooves on the nails not only look bad — it is really dangerous to health. The only case when the nail strips you should not be worried about this, old age and the related changes in the body. If you are still young, and the lines appeared, is to sound the alarm. Corrugated nails like in the photo below, can be the consequence of sloppy edging manicure and as a consequence, gross violations of circulation.

Otherwise, note the General condition of his health. If you experience changes in blood pressure, heart pain, suffer from skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis or gout, you ugly furrows will disappear after recovery. You feel well and do not complain about health? Explore the digestive and the cardiovascular system: possible reasons are there.

Waves on nails

Even with nail Polish transverse stripes on the nails immediately apparent: see photo. If you put them with, he lies crooked and ugly. These lanes are not only an obstacle for the manicure, but I can talk about the failures in the systems of your body. Often the reason why nails become wavy, the exclusion from the diet of meat. If a person becomes a vegetarian, his own business, but then you need to consult with your doctor about taking the missing products (legumes, greens, seaweed).

If the wave is added to the lamination, that is, most likely, tells about the fungus. But not to worry, to harass depressing myself with thoughts like «Why is this happening to me…?» — better to concentrate on solving the problem. The fungus is very treatable, most importantly, to dermatologist prescribed set of effective with this diagnosis drugs (tablets, sprays, ointments), and you properly he should have.

Bumpy nails

Along with other irregularities, bumps on the nails as in the photo below, doesn’t appear. The nail plate, as in the previous cases is an indicator of the condition of the body. If lumps appear, consult a good therapist. Perhaps you suffer from a severe lack of minerals (iron, selenium, vitamin B and other). Some nails become lumpy during periods of hormonal imbalance.

Deformity of fingernails — causes

So, the change in elevation is called several serious reasons:

  1. Local disease, for example, fungi.

  2. Recorded during a manicure bacteria or infection.

  3. Overall health — here to understand why the wavy nails on the hands, you must pass a blood test for trace elements.

  4. Hormonal failure.

Another reason why the nails are wavy on the hands, often contact with household chemicals (if you don’t protect your hands with rubber gloves), abuse of a decorative coating. If you use liquid for removal of varnish based on acetone, change it to another professional or on the basis of natural components.

Diseases of the nails on the hands

The fungus not only causes itching, but always negatively affects the appearance of your hands. No covering can hide fungal infections of the nails: ridged and brittle surface does not bear any paint, and you will become one more problem. What beauty can there be a speech? If this happens to you, immediately go to the dermatologist and he will prescribe a comprehensive treatment (tablets, ointments, creams), the fungus will disappear and your hands and cuticles will become soft.

The fungus infection occurs in public places: gyms, transportation, hotels, hostels. The disease can affect the nail plate as on the hands and feet, and especially becomes unbearable because of the itching. To avoid this, use a special anti-fungal drugs, which are sold in nail salons and pharmacies — it is better to prevent disease than to treat it.

Mechanical damage to nail

Damage your nail in several ways: compromise its integrity (shock, pinching door), too deep, to the blood, to trim cuticles or a hangnail with subsequent bacterial infection. Chemical burns cannot be attributed to mechanical damage to nail, but it leads to a change in its structure and colors. Stripes, yellowing and lamination is sometimes said about choosing low-quality Polish to nail.

Vitamin deficiency

Sometimes the situation can be improved simply by taking a vitamin-mineral complexes. The nails are bumpy and as a result of lack of calcium: it makes them stronger. But here we need not only strength, but and hydration: lack of vitamin E for the nails is manifested in the dryness, breakage, lamination, the formation of stripes. Vitamin that comes in capsules with the oil inside, can be taken not only inside, but also RUB into the cuticle.

Deformity of the fingernail on the big finger

Hardest striking uneven wavy nails on the thumbs, especially in her cleavage. They are almost always in sight, and they most clearly manifest any deformation. If the terrain is uneven (for example, on the thumb there are waves, and others), so it’s a mechanical force on the nail plate. Otherwise, the reason you need to look inside the body and not to delay treatment to avoid serious consequences.

How to make nails smooth

To summarize. Here are a few simple tips on how to get rid of the strips on the nails and prepare them for the manicure:

  1. Take vitamin complexes. Drink calcium, do massage with vitamin E, but if you don’t eat meat, regularly pass rate of vitamin B. the Ideal fruit for you — Apple.

  2. Avoid skin injuries during cutting of cuticle, use only high-quality paint with the base coat, keep a clean manicure, give your nails a break from decorative varnish and build-up.

  3. To prevent breakage, do not knock nails on the table and the keyboard, do not clean them seeds and nuts, cleaning do with gloves on.

  4. Time to start the treatment of fungal diseases.

Why you should not use a special nail file for polishing? The fact that this procedure is effective only for small irregularities and imperfections, to impart Shine and radiance. If the nail plate has a transverse or wavy bumps — polishing will not help. But the bath with sea salt or of broth of potatoes, even at home, will only accelerate the recovery.

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