Anti aging cosmetics for women and men — best skin care for Mature skin

Youth is not eternal – it is a fact, but whether for this reason to be upset, if now there is a choice of effective cosmetic products for Mature skin? Find out what nutrients and rejuvenating compounds can effectively fight the signs of aging on the face and for a short period of time to substantially refresh and improve your appearance.

Face cream after 40 years rating

In this period of life every woman, who responsibly care for themselves, on the vanity necessarily present in anti-aging cosmetics. What are the best face creams after 40 years? Estheticians advise to choose products which include active substances such as peptides, elastin, collagen, retinoids. The components of the cosmetics give the skin a good nutrition, improve blood circulation, reduces wrinkles. Women in this age should pay attention to the following creams:

  1. Vichy face-my Savior! retinol is a retinoid, which is part of this pharmacy tool, helps fight pigmentation and visually reduces the number of wrinkles.
  2. Avon body Effects – the cream contains ceramides that activates the production of skin’s own collagen.
  3. Black Pearl 46+ – the composition of the cream also contains components required for effective anti-aging care.

Face cream after 50 years rating

At this age the skin greatly slows down production of elastin fibers and collagen, so its elasticity is significantly reduced, it becomes thinner, it becomes more dry. At this stage a woman needs effective cosmetics from wrinkles, which will give a lifting effect, refreshes the face and helps to control the manifestation of age spots. A rating of face creams after 50 years includes the following products:

  1. L’oreal Luxury Food – it is composed of natural oils, able to saturate the cells with the missing minerals and make excellent rejuvenating effect.
  2. Belita Metkompleks – this anti-aging product from the Belarusian manufacturer has a lot of good reviews thanks to hyaluronic acid, which is enriched in its composition.
  3. Cream Bark – has good nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Face cream after 60 years – rating

What are the characteristics of the process of care in this period? For a Mature skin will need more effective, and therefore more expensive products. We must remember that even the most effective anti-aging after 60 years does not smooth out all wrinkles, but thanks to the use of such creams face will look much more well-groomed:

  1. Vichy Idealia Skin Slip – its composition will help the cells to regenerate in the process a night’s sleep.
  2. Olga, Regenerist – this anti-aging product gives a nice lifting effect due to its content of hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides that stimulate the regenerative processes in the dermis.
  3. Kanebo Sensei – this cream is able to further saturate the skin with collagen, in its application, many women are noted as a result of the tightening of facial contours and reduction of wrinkles.

Cosmetics for men after 30 years

To date, and among the male population, a clear trend to use in adulthood appropriate means to care for themselves. Feature of cosmetics for men after 30 years – it more texture, to make it better able to penetrate the skin, because this cover of the representatives of the stronger the way is more dense than women. To start anti-aging treatment you can use these products:

  • Tony Moles, Recenzia – light emulsion with regenerating components from well-known Korean manufacturer may be used immediately after shaving.
  • Health and beauty – a powerful cream that restores and at the same time protects the skin.

Cosmetics for men after 40 years

In this age on the male’s face is clearly appear wrinkles and the skin can not quickly regenerate after frequent shaving, it becomes more dry. Cosmetics for men after the age of 40 should contain effective components, is able to start the process of recovery. This category of anti-aging include:

  • cream Shiseido Men;
  • anti-aging cosmetics Clarins Men Line Control;
  • Prime four Men – an effective night cream, etc.

How to choose anti-aging cosmetics

What you need to pay attention to find effective care for Mature skin? You should not rely solely on the reviews of others or believe all the hype from directories – evaluate the facts: what ingredients are in specific funds. For this reason, do not expect that effective cream is inexpensive. Anti-aging product should contain active ingredients, able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and there to make the changes, and the production of such products is not cheap.

Also it is not necessary to hope that all the problems of the Mature and aging skin will solve only one, albeit the best anti-aging cream for the face – we should always remember about the system of care: proper cleansing, exfoliating, and then moisturizing, nourishment and protection. For effective care good to use serum – they are better absorbed by the skin and transportyou nutrients in its deeper layers. The cream eyeshadow is best to choose a lifting effect, because the thin skin in this area is always very prone to age changes.

The price of anti-aging cosmetics

To ask the price, how about face creams for Mature skin care, check out the prices on some of these funds:

Product name

Volume, ml

Cost, rubles

Vichy Retinol day face-my Savior!



Vichy Retinol night face-my Savior!



Olga, Regenerist






L’oreal Luxury Food night



Black Pearl 46+



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Marina, 45 years

I believe that a good anti-aging care can not be cheap, I do not believe the simple tubes with folk recipes and masks from scrap products from them to the effect for 10 minutes. I prefer to use proven means of brand «Vichy», especially I love their creams for the eye contour, Idealia and a lift Asset!

Olga, 51

I read recently that the factor of aging of the skin # 1 is sun exposure. After that, I began carefully to make sure that my daytime’s skin drugs has always been the protection from the sun, after all, to prevent pigmentation is a lot easier than to get rid of it. Still my opinion that it is necessary to give the skin extra nourishment by applying masks.

Nina, 58 years

I can afford expensive cosmetics can not, and do not argue that it is often more effective. Compensate for the lack of range of anti-aging in my bathroom proper nutrition and drinking regime, and the room monitor the humidity of the air: put containers with water near the battery or spray it from a spray bottle.

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