Tie clip — a review with photos and prices, how to choose and wear a brooch with a chain or without

Accessories for modern men – detail, completing the whole image. A kind of condiment, which binds together the tastes of all key components. Stylists call the main accessories business man watch, cuff links and clip on tie. What purpose worn last and how to choose?

Kinds of tie clips

The father of modern accessory – a pin, fixing the folds of the clothes of the emperors of Ancient China. The current view of the tie clip has received a little more than a century ago, by the British, who introduced the fashion ties in the form of tapes. Earlier in the course of men were the pin neckerchief. Aesthetic function to clamp stood in the last place-primarily accessory was not to allow the tie to fall into a Cup of tea or just not to be thrown over the shoulder due to a strong gust of wind.

If you examine the product in the photo, it looks like 2 metal bands located close to each other. The stylists there are several options:

  • Classic clip of the tie of precious metal: gold, silver, platinum, etc. Flat and narrow, suitable for any look.
  • Models with teeth on the inside to better hold thin slippery materials such as silk.
  • Clip with chain on the inner side provides additional fixation, because it is attached to the button shirt.
  • Very large, broad hair clips stylists consider vulgar regarding office image, but a good option for an informal style. However, it should be chosen with care.

How to choose a tie

Find this accessory can be in the range of the leading jewelry Houses: Cartier, Tiffany, Bvlgari and with brands engaged in production of clothes: Chanel, Hugo Boss, Versace, Dior. These companies offer men a luxury product that emphasizes the status and exceptional taste of the owner. Even the most simple models made of precious metals, embellished only by an engraving with the logo of the House, look presentable and elegant. The choice between them is carried out mainly considering the price bracket that puts the man himself.

Stylists offer you the following options:

  • Henderson produces classic models clips with inserts of enamel, mother of pearl, onyx. The main material is copper. plated with rhodium. Length 57-60 mm. Can be ordered cufflinks in the set. Fixing system for the «automatic» tie holds securely and does not allow the accessory to slide off even with the silk fabric.
  • Hermes – luxury brand who create things of the highest class. Clips are mainly made of gold 750-th sample have the chains fixed on to the button. A classic, delicate, perfect for narrow ties.
  • Gran Carro is an Italian brand with sturdy products made of copper, covered with gold leaf and lacquer. Features low cost, but also an exquisite decoration.

The price of the tie clip

If you decide to buy in online store the product from the Fashion house of luxury, it is desirable to contact the directory official site. Keep in mind that too low a price for a discount, and the signal of the forgery: the cost of such items is estimated in the tens of thousands of rubles. Cheap to find only clips from brands for the mass market and budget jewelry factory. Approximate running cost:

  • At Henderson cost of the clamps is in the range of 2000-2400 R.
  • Gran Carro offers pins at the price from 1600 to 2500 p.
  • Classic slim clip for a narrow tie with chain from Hermes will cost the man in the 40000-45000 R. and more.
  • Some of the most expensive clips from Cartier – a yellow gold with emeralds is estimated at nearly$4,000.

How to properly wear a tie clip

Surprisingly, not every man realizes the functional feature of this accessory. He does not want to act as pins that holds the two strips of the tie: short and long. The clip connects the tie with the shirt. What mistakes not to make:

  • The size of the clip should match the width of the tie or be a few millimeters less. Too long of a hairpin on a narrow ribbon – moveton.
  • All metal parts of the image must blend together. If you wore cufflinks made of silver, the clip could not be performed in the yellow metal.
  • If the costume is made in warm colors, you should purchase accessory of red gold, and for cold you can use any white metal.
  • To the dark suits are purchased the same clips as the black tie: mostly grey or dark blue. To the bright and pastel suits gold.
  • This accessory cannot be worn with a vest, since the latter is the same function of fixing the tie. A similar requirement for the sweater.
  • The presence of decorative elements in this accessory makes it impossible for the combination with a tie having a pattern. If the print on the latter is very catchy hairpin don’t wear at all.
  • On the front side only output the jewelry is decorated with cubic Zirconia, precious stones, pearls, armorial symbols. Classic clip better hide.

As recorded clip on tie

The location of the clip depends on the male physique and intentions regarding accessory:

  • The classic location is between the 3 and 4 buttons. This option is always appropriate with any suit, ideal for the owners of excess weight, as a tie’s not going anywhere.
  • If a man wants to demonstrate the design of the piece (an interesting finish, the presence of nominal initials, etc.), the accessory can be placed between the 2 and 3 buttons. A place he can not be.
  • In the presence of the chain is fixed to the button above – i.e., 3 and 2, depending on the positioning of the clip.

Video: men’s tie pins

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