How many ml in a tablespoon — table of volume of liquids

Cooking is often referred to the exact number of required ingredients, and inexperienced Housewives don’t always know how to measure. This requires a kitchen scale, measuring spoon or measuring Cup, but not every kitchen has them. In a pinch you can use the Cutlery, if you know exactly how many milliliters in a tablespoon and a teaspoon.

The volume of a tablespoon

Cutlery is familiar to anyone. With their help, we eat soups, cereals, marmalades and jams. The spoon can be called the most ancient of the instruments: her story began long before the advent of forks and knives. Early material for its production served as clay, wood, bronze, metal. Now, this device is made from stainless steel. The main varieties of the instrument: large, tea and dessert. Now has more than 10 types: bar, caviar, olives, gift, personalized, and others.

Did you know that by using ordinary spoons can measure the weight of food? The amount of tablespoon in different countries may vary. In the US it is 14.95, and in the UK only 13.8 ml. In Russia it is believed that its capacity is approximately 14 to 20 ml. it Should be noted that the volume and weight of the products may be different. For example, sunflower oil, one tablespoon contains 16 ounces, and its weight will be equal to 18 grams.

Weight in 1 tablespoon:


The number of grams





Condensed milk








Tomato paste




Dry milk






Citric acid


Coffee natural


Potato starch






Ground nut


Black pepper


Egg powder




To measure out the liquid easier. But they are different, conventionally distinguish between the following types:

  • true (water, vinegar, wine);
  • dense (milk, cream, syrups, liquid honey);
  • thick mixture (sour cream, condensed milk, tomato paste).

Spoons also come in different types. Each person in the kitchen has several sets. They differ visually and in volume. To find out the capacity of the spoon, which is you, there are several ways. The easiest is to compare it with a plastic container for medicines, which is attached to the syrups. Measure the liquid first, dimensional plastic, and then the one you have, and compare performance. So you know the exact amount of ml in a tablespoon, which is located in your kitchen and the measurement error will be minimal.

How many ml in a tablespoon of water

For cooking at cooking sites is the exact number of milliliters of water. When cooking baking (cakes, cupcakes), baby food must adhere strictly to the recipe. For this you need to know how much water in a tablespoon.One tablespoon of a standard sample containing 15 ml of water. Interesting fact that the weight of water equal to its volume, i.e. 18 ml of water has a mass of 18 grams.

How many ml in a tablespoon of vinegar

In recipes vinegar indicate milliliters. But to measure it is not difficult. It is a true liquid, its mass is equal to volume. About 15 ml of vinegar in a tablespoon. Knowledge of its exact quantity is necessary for the hostess to conservation, in your baking, salads, sauces, roasting meat, fish, vegetables. This is a great seasoning and a preservative.

How much oil in a tablespoon

To find out how many ml of oil in a tablespoon, you need to know it. What is the volume of different types of this product contains one large appliance:


How many ml contains 1 tbsp.

Vegetable (sunflower)










These data are required to cook for salads, fried food, pizza, pastries and many desserts. Remember, Flaxseed oil cannot be exposed to thermal effects (fry it, season with hot dishes). It is best to consume it raw.

How many ml in a tablespoon of the syrup

Measure sugar syrup with precision it is sometimes necessary. This may be necessary in cases when a person follows the diet, believes the energy value or PFC, for careful observance of the instructions for the recipe. Much easier to do not a glass, and one spoon. There is a special table, which you can see that 18 ml of syrup in a spoonful weighs 22 grams.

The amount of teaspoon and tablespoon

When cooking you need to know the volume of the teaspoon and tablespoon. Special cooking table indicate the number of bulk products, with a slide and without. The measures provided for milk, tomato paste and other ingredients commonly found in our kitchen. It is believed that 1 tsp – 5ml, 1 tbsp – 15. Having information about how many ml contains cooking utensils, and having a cooking table, you will be expertly cooked dish of any complexity.

Use these items to determine the weight very comfortable, but there are some nuances that affect the measurement accuracy. It is the shape and depth of the appliance. The best way to measure small amounts, then the error will be minimal. For weighing larger quantities, it is better to use a kitchen scale. In the manufacture of medicines, tinctures and cosmetics it is best to use containers with divisions and precise measuring devices, as any deviation from the prescription in this case, it may be important or even dangerous.

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