Vitamins during menopause — the best multivitamin complexes for women

Витамины при климаксе - лучшие комплексы поливитаминов для женщинThe period of fading of reproductive function tolerated by women difficult. Constant hot flashes, malaise, deterioration is often observed. In order to maintain the body’s recommended to take certain drugs. So, vitamins with menopause are a great tool. Look at them, find out which essential to ladies at this time.

What vitamins are needed during menopause?

When expressed menopausal phenomena doctors recommend taking certain vitamins. It contains the optimal dosage of biological substances and trace elements, which positively affects the General health of women. Talking about vitamins during menopause, doctors say that women’s body are important the following:

  • Vitamin E (Tefera). On the basis of this research, doctors claim that the compound is able to extend the function of sex glands. To take vitamin E during menopause is very important, as it participates in the synthesis of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. In addition, is characterized by the ability to lower blood pressure, positively affects the condition of the vascular walls.
  • Vitamin a (retinol). This element is distinguished for its antioxidant properties. Proven that taking it reduces the risk of developing tumors of the breast, bowel, uterus. Positively it acts on the skin slows down the aging process, reducing wrinkles.
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Not only active, natural antioxidant, but also a great element that enhances the body’s defenses.
  • Vitamin d plays an Important role in the absorption of calcium, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Taking vitamin D at menopause, the lady eliminates the development of osteoporosis that can be observed on the background of reducing the body’s concentration of estrogen.
  • B1 from B6. Known for its positive effect on the nervous system. During menopause mood swings, apathy is a frequent phenomenon. The acceptance of these substances normalizes the process of sleep helps to fight irritability, by normalizing the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Separately must be said about minerals that speed up metabolic activities in the body, serve as building material for the recovering cells. Among the highlights are:

    • magnesium;
    • calcium;
    • zinc;
    • iron;
    • phosphorus.

    Витамины при климаксе - лучшие комплексы поливитаминов для женщин

    Vitamins at the menopause age 45

    First we need to say that the appointment of a vitamin complex duties of a doctor. After examining the patient, documenting the onset of menopause, on the basis of complaints, the doctor prescribes the drug. In the pharmaceutical market there is a lot of similar funds. Vitamins during menopause (age 45), the title of which we give below, taken a long course, the duration of which indicates the doctor. Thus the woman must follow his instructions. As an example, you can call:

  • Menopaus. The drug is manufactured in the UK. In its composition contains a balanced dosage of Pantothenic acid, minerals. Helps the weakened female body to synthesize estrogen, leads to normal balance of sex hormones, reduces the incidence of climacteric phenomena. Taking these vitamins when starting menopause.
  • Vitatress. The drug developed by local pharmacists. In its composition contains vitamins such as C, A, D, E. is not only Able to normalize the activity of the nervous system, but also to intensify the cardiovascular apparatus. Effective at the beginning of menopause.
  • Femicaps. Made in Finland, plant-based components. Passion flower, evening primrose, vitamin E or a positive effect on the nervous system. Has a calming effect, perfect for fighting insomnia.
  • Vitamins at menopause — age 50

    Every woman should own to take care of their health, using vitamins at the menopause. It is necessary to consult a doctor. Doctors often hear the question about which vitamins to take during menopause (age 50 years). Doctors call the following tools:

  • ALFAVIT 50+. The drug developed by Russian pharmacists specially created for women of menopausal age. Not only contains the optimal ratio of vitamins, but also lycopene, lutein. These substances improve the functioning of the visual apparatus, reduce the risk of vision loss. The composition is divided into 3 pills have different colors. Take according to the scheme proposed in the instructions to the drug.
  • Extraval. The medication normalizes the blood concentration of estrogen, thereby reducing hot flashes. In laboratory studies it was found that the drug reduces the risk of tumor processes in the reproductive system.
  • Klimadinon UNO. Created on the basis of plant components. Quickly normalizes the concentration of female sex hormones, which has a positive effect on General health.
  • Витамины при климаксе - лучшие комплексы поливитаминов для женщин

    What vitamins to drink during menopause?

    This question arises often due to the large variety of media. The doctors do not give a clear answer. Vitamins for women during menopause should be prescribed by a gynecologist or physician. They suggest drugs based on their experience, based on laboratory data. A single universal remedy does not exist. Upon appointment, the doctors take into account the severity of climactericum signs, General condition of the patient. The course is assigned individually.

    The best vitamins during menopause

    From a large number of drugs can hardly be called a vitamin complex during menopause, which is completely free from phenomena of this period. It is worth remembering that the treatment should be complex. In some cases, with severe symptoms, manifestations, can be assigned to hormone therapy, vitamins with menopause this kind is powerless. Restore missing volume of hormones is the main focus of therapy. Full compliance with the rules and instructions of the doctor are the key to proper treatment.

    Vitamins at the menopause in women at high tide

    It is worth noting that estrogens not only cause the development of the body of the female type, but have an effect on the center of thermoregulation, which is located in the hypothalamus. At lower concentrations the body tries to compensate for the lack. He begins to respond, ucasa heartbeat, increasing the amount of discharge of sweat, dilating blood vessels. The woman feels the heat.

    To compensate for these conditions applied phytoestrogens, including:

  • Feminology. Improves mental state, helping to reduce symptoms of menopause. Can be used in the problem cycle and irregular periods.
  • Was feminal. The main ingredient is red clover. This plant reduces sweating, reduces fever and reduces the heart rate.
  • Chi-Klim. Stands out for its sedative effect. Excellent relieves nervousness, anxiety, emotions that often overtake during menopause.
  • It is worth remembering that vitamins during menopause from the tides save not always. Because of this, doctors are forced to resort to prescription of the considered drugs. To use them yourself is not allowed. It is very important to follow the dosage, frequency and length of treatment. Improper use may cause the formation of estrogen-dependent tumors. In this case, you may need surgery.

    Витамины при климаксе - лучшие комплексы поливитаминов для женщин

    Vitamins at the beginning of menopause

    Vitamins for women during menopause are a lifeline that helps minimize the appearance of the process of extinction of reproductive function. Because of this, many doctors recommend taking them with the first signs — since menopause. Using such vitamins at the menopause, such as:

  • Hypatian — contains a large concentration of vitamin E, complemented by active mineral complex. Not only cleans the tides, but also reduces the risk of tumors;
  • Orthomol — improves mental and physical health, intellectual capabilities.
  • Vitamins for joint support during menopause

    Osteoporosis after age 50 is not uncommon. Because of this, doctors draw attention to the need to use special preparations. Talking about what vitamins to take for menopause, doctors pay attention to:

  • Complivit Calcium D3. The combination of calcium and cholecalciferol positively heating opornodvigatelnogo operation of the apparatus.
  • Doppelgerts asset. Supports overall health, has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system of women.
  • Osteo-Vit. Helps to cope with such a thing as menopausal arthritis.
  • Vitamins after menopause

    To determine the type of drug, its dosage, length of treatment can only a doctor. In order to establish which vitamins to take during menopause the particular woman, you need to collect all the history, to exclude concomitant diseases, which is not uncommon at this age. The right approach, a comprehensive treatment makes it easier to move the period of the extinction of the reproductive system, to prevent the development of diseases, among which are often marked by ovarian tumors. Among the drugs used in this period include:

    • Undevit;
    • Vitrum century;
    • ALFAVIT 50+.


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