After abortion no periods — causes of absence of menstruation, what to do to the woman?

После аборта нет месячных - причины отсутствия месячных, что делать женщине?Women who have undergone the procedure of abortion, often experience menstrual irregularities. So, many complain of that after the abortion no periods for a long time. Let us consider the situation, name the main reasons, find out when to come monthly after an abortion, depending on its type.

First period after abortion

It should be noted that the period of absence of the menstrual due to the completed procedure of getting rid of pregnancy. But, regardless, after-abortion needs to go period. It is necessary to distinguish them from the withdrawn from the uterus with blood, which is often recorded after the manipulation. They can lasts for up to 10 days. Directly critical days should be reported a month later.

When start period after an abortion?

Often the girls who have undergone abortion, interested in the question as to how long after an abortion period. Answering him, the doctor draws attention to the way the manipulation. There is a pattern: the less traumatic method of getting rid of the embryo, the faster the restoration of the uterine endometrium is restored the cycle. The average menstrual observed already after 28-35 days. For starting point we take the day of the manipulation.

How are periods after abortion?

The changes affect both the time of onset of the menstrual and its duration. Often they pass as before. Talking about how many days there are periods after abortion, gynaecologists say about 3-5 days. Due to various reasons, that time may shift. Among them:

  • the protracted recovery period of hormonal background;
  • complications process (a partial interruption, the presence in the uterus of the particles of the fetus);
  • severe trauma to the uterine endometrium at curettage.

После аборта нет месячных - причины отсутствия месячных, что делать женщине?

Scanty menses after abortion

The small volume is due to a hormonal imbalance in the body that there is any kind of stop pregnancy. In such cases, the girl needs medication. Often very scanty menses after abortion come when he is done with the help of drugs. The menstruation acquires the following features:

  • spotting 1-3 days;
  • re masane in a week.

Heavy periods after abortion

This phenomenon is not uncommon after surgery. Heavy menstrual cycle after abortion are in this type of getting rid of pregnancy, dilatation and curettage Due to this fact a strong trauma to the endometrial layer of the uterus. In some cases, can be fixed the damage to the deeper layers, down to the muscle. The abundant secretions called those:

  • have a volume of 80 ml or more (sanitary pads are changed every 1-2 hours);
  • duration more than 7 days.

Why after abortion no period?

The norm adopted time interval with a length of 25-35 days is how long after an abortion no periods at 35-45% of the fair sex. If they are not observed after the deadline — you should consult a doctor. Among the main reasons explaining the fact that after abortion no periods for a long time, doctors call:

  • Hormonal failure. Often develops with medical method of manipulation. In such situations, prescribe medications, corrective exercise hormonal system.
  • The inflammatory processes. Violation of the rules of implementation of manipulations of sterility of the instrument may lead to the development of the inflammatory process in the reproductive system. As a consequence, after the abortion no periods. Additional testing, the appointment of appropriate therapy are essential requirements in such situations.
  • Excessive injury to the inner layer of the uterus. Recovery cycle the body needs time. The length of this period is 3-5 months.
  • После аборта нет месячных - причины отсутствия месячных, что делать женщине?

    Period after medical abortion

    Often girls are faced with the fact that after medical abortion no periods for a long time. This fact is due to a period of recovery of the hormonal system. With the beginning of pregnancy there is an increase in the concentration of the hormone progesterone, prolactin, which inhibits ovulation and menstruation. Artificial stopping is instantaneous, but the body needs time to rebuild — because of this, after abortion no period. About a month can be a restoration of the menstrual period and cycle in General. In some cases, one cycle may be anovulatory — out ovum does not occur menstruation is also there.

    Monthly after vacuum abortion

    After such manipulation the girl observes the appearance of blood that has no connection with the cyclical phenomenon in the reproductive system. They last up to 10 days. With the blood out the remains of the damaged uterine tissue. As for the time, when month after mini-abortion, gynecologists notice that the species in this plan are unpredictable. For nulliparous women, the period of amenorrhea may be delayed up to six months. For those with children, the rehabilitation period is shortened to 3-4 months. In the same normal menstruation should be a month later.

    Period after surgical abortion

    This method of getting rid of a fetus is recognized as the most dangerous, so it is used exclusively on large stages and in case of special indications. After the operation it is necessary to carefully monitor the nature and volume of menstrual. It should be noted that the bleeding can be fixed for one month from the moment of manipulation. You need to be wary when the discharge of blood is stopped, after a few days. If after surgical abortion no periods, this may indicate hematometra — violation of the outflow as a result of spasm of the cervix.

    Regarding the time of onset of the critical days, doctors noted that in view of the violation to the basal surface of the endometrium, they do not exist for several months (2-4). To avoid this, it is necessary to strictly observe the instructions of the doctor and his recommendations. So, doctors advise to refrain from sexual relations for 1 month. Perfect when to resume sex after the menstrual.

    После аборта нет месячных - причины отсутствия месячных, что делать женщине?

    What if after abortion no period?

    The fact that there is a delay period after the abortion, the doctors regard as normal. Every female body is different, the recovery is happening at different speeds. A much greater concern is the consequences of the disruption of the hormonal system, reproductive system disorders (polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids). There is the probability of developing human from the time of the artificial termination of gestation — the period of pregnancy more, the violations are more pronounced.

    If your period does not come after 35 days since the procedure, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist. The doctor performs a comprehensive examination, based on the result assigns the therapy. It includes:

    • gynecological chair;
    • Pelvic ultrasound;
    • a blood test for hormones;
    • exception of infection of the reproductive system (PAP smears).


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