Anaplasmosis: symptoms — how to recognize the disease?

Уреаплазмоз: симптомы - как распознать болезнь?Often gynecological disorders for a long time not heard. The speed of their development depends on several factors — immune status, age, presence of precipitating situations, etc. Among these diseases and anaplasmosis, which symptoms are first noticeable. Let us consider ureaplasmosis in women, symptoms and treatment of disease.

Ureaplasmosis — what is it?

Talking about what ureaplasmosis, gynecologists note that this is an infectious disease. It is called Ureaplasma is the smallest organisms contained in the urogenital system, its mucous membranes. Unit availability is not a violation. The microorganism is considered to be opportunistic — causes disease with typical clinic only at increased concentration. Because of this, the girls ask gynecologist question regarding whether it is necessary to treat a ureaplasmosis. Doctors always give a positive answer. The diagnosis put on the basis of laboratory diagnosis, typical symptoms and clinical picture.

Ureaplasmosis in women — causes

Needless to say, ureaplasmosis refers to sexually transmitted infections. This factor indicates that it is possible to get infected during sex. There are other factors causing anaplasmosis, causes of development:

  • the change of vaginal environment, reducing the acidity of the inflammation, leads to the reproduction of ureaplasmas;
  • failure to observe conjugal fidelity;
  • early sex;
  • prolonged use of antibiotics that causes a change in the vaginal flora, and causes disease;
  • reduction of local immunity.

Ureaplasmosis diagnostics

Laboratory testing is the basis of the diagnostic measures when ureaplasmosis. In this case, using several methods:

  • PCR – basic, fast method of identifying the presence in the body of Ureaplasma. A positive result is indication for further examination of the patient, detecting the concentration of pathogens. The study takes a little time — 5 hours.
  • Serological technique. Used as a means of differential diagnosis, in the presence of a suspected Ureaplasma. The analysis establishes the presence of antibodies to the structures of the pathogen.
  • Bacterial inoculation. Known for high degree of accuracy, but requires a lot of time. After taking a smear from the vaginal wall and the urethra, the material is placed on nutrient medium. Over time, assess the result. It is also possible not only to identify the pathogen and its concentration. Doctors determine the stage of the disease, the sensitivity of the pathogen to certain types of medicines.
  • The method of direct immunofluorescence and immunofluorescence analysis (MIF and ELISA). In order to definitively diagnose «ureaplasmosis», the analysis can be repeated.
  • Уреаплазмоз: симптомы - как распознать болезнь?

    Ureaplasmosis — ways of infecting

    In order to protect themselves from such diseases as anaplasmosis, the symptoms of which are almost not expressed, it is necessary to clearly understand how it is transmitted. Even girls with a diagnosis of «anaplasmosis» as it is passed, I know not always. The main ways of infection include:

  • Sexual — sexual intercourse with a carrier of the pathogen inevitably leads to the development of a breach in a partner.
  • Intrauterine infection is relatively common. The patient is transferred from mother to child. Infection noted during the passage of the baby through the birth canal. Ill mostly children of the female sex. Timely therapy and prevention of genital infections during pregnancy avoid the possibility of such transfer.
  • Much less frequently the infection occurs when:

    • the failure to intimate hygiene;
    • use not their hygiene;
    • visiting public saunas and baths.

    Signs of a ureaplasmosis women

    Often the causative agent for a long period of time can be present in the reproductive system, not pointing to its existence, the symptoms of anaplasmosis are not available. With the appearance of favourable conditions, hypothermia, change in the vaginal environment, the likely rapid growth patogenov. When this girl finds out about ureaplasmosis, symptoms of which captures. Talking about how appears ureaplasmosis women, gynecologist drew attention to:

    • the increase in vaginal secretions;
    • the appearance of burning sensation during urination;
    • failure of the menstrual cycle;
    • nagging pain in lower part of the abdomen.

    It is worth noting that some may be sick with anaplasmosis, symptoms without noticing. Their severity due to the presence of underlying. So, the symptoms of anaplasmosis are aggravated endometritis, adnexitis, — worse overall health, increases body temperature, which indicates inflammation in the reproductive system.

    Chronic ureaplasmosis

    With prolonged lack of treatment, compliance with medical instructions, prescriptions may involve a diagnosis of «chronic ureaplasmosis», symptoms of which are somewhat different. Among them:

    • frequent acts of urination;
    • transparent, scanty discharge from the cavity of the vagina;
    • mild pain in the abdomen;
    • constant malaise, fatigue;
    • the increase in body temperature for no apparent reason.

    Уреаплазмоз: симптомы - как распознать болезнь?

    Ureaplasmosis in women — treatment

    After performed diagnosis, concluded «ureaplasmosis» how to treat it the doctors determine on the basis of the test results. The basis of the treatment are antibiotics. The correct selection determines the success of therapy. In General, the therapeutic process includes:

    • antibiotics;
    • local physiotherapy;
    • the use of immunomodulators.

    Treatment of Ureaplasma in women — treatment

    First, it must be said that to treat a ureaplasmosis, symptoms of which are described above by means of universal means impossible. The course is chosen individually, taking into account the causative agent, stage of the disease, the severity of symptoms. In the treatment using such antibiotics as:

    • tetracyclines – Doxycycline;
    • macrolides — Rovamycin, Azithromycin;
    • fluoroquinolones — Avelox, Taricin.

    As an example of the therapeutic process, with this disease like anaplasmosis, treatment of women (drugs antibacterial spectrum), use:

    • Doxycycline — 100 mg 2 times a day. The first dose is a dosage of 200 mg. Drink a week;
    • Azithromycin — the first time — 1 g, then 0.5 g, 1 times daily, 5 to 7 days.
    • Josamycin — 0.5 g 2 times a day, 7 days. The first dose is the dosage is doubled.

    Parallel apply:

    • immunomodulators — Immunomax (im), in conjunction with antibiotics. Used daily, and 1-3 and 8-10 days of therapy;
    • anti-fungal (to prevent dysbiosis) — Nystatin;
    • to restore the intestinal flora — Lacrobat.

    Ureaplasmosis — treatment of folk remedies

    Before how to treat anaplasmosis in women folk medicine, physicians conduct the main course of therapy. This fact confirms that this method of treatment is used as and does not exclude additional antibiotic treatment. It is recommended to use:

  • Mix Eleutherococcus (3 parts), Thistle (3 parts), root zamanihi (1), the roots of aralia (1), roots of licorice (5 piece), the roots of Angelica (2). Crushed in a coffee grinder. 2 tablespoons of the prepared powder is poured into a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water overnight. After straining take a glass 3 times a day, for 3 months.
  • The root levzei (2 parts), inula (2), root of Eleutherococcus (4), stockings (4), licorice root (5), calamus root (2) are mixed and milled. Insist night in a thermos, Bay 1 liter of boiling water. Take three times a day, for 90 days.
  • What is dangerous ureaplasmosis?

    As with any gynecological disease, urogenital ureaplasmosis can cause the development of other disorders of the reproductive system. Among these we can mention:

    • colpitis;
    • cervicitis;
    • neoplasia of the uterine cervix;
    • adnexitis.

    Separately should say about the violation of the work of the reproductive system. Changes in menstrual cycle that is an integral result of a ureaplasmosis, can result in reproductive dysfunction. In the untimely appeal, lack of proper therapy may develop sterility, as the result of a failure in the reproductive system.

    Уреаплазмоз: симптомы - как распознать болезнь?

    The ureaplasmosis at pregnancy

    Doctors try to rule out the disease in the early stages, conducting smears from the urethra and vagina. If you do not timely detect the ureaplasmosis at pregnancy, the consequences for the child can be dire. The disease can cause miscarriage at any period. Infection of the fetus from the mother during gestation does not occur through the placental barrier. Maybe it’s childbirth. To avoid this, prenatal is the reorganization of the reproductive system with the appointment of certain drugs.


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