Ovarian cyst treatment without surgery — reality or myth?

Киста яичника: лечение без операции - реальность или миф?Prevalence of gynecological diseases increases. The cause is bad environmental conditions, constant stress, overexertion. All the more common ovarian cyst treatment without surgery which is unacceptable. Find out when and under what forms of violation of effective conservative treatment, call its methods.

Cyst on ovary — treatment or surgery?

After hearing such a diagnosis, the first thought that visits the woman is how to get rid of ovarian cyst without surgery. It should be noted that all depends on the type of education. The majority of these entities are benign. While it is customary to divide them according to the mechanism of occurrence. Frequent functional cysts, associated with disruption of the reproductive system. These include:

  • yellow body;
  • the follicular.

The formation of such entities notes often. At the same time, their distinctive feature is the ability to self-destruct. The special, drug therapy contributes to acceleration of this process. The basis of it is the use of hormones. If the ovarian cyst treatment without surgery effect for 3 months, not shown, raises the question of the need for surgical intervention. Be sure it is carried out by:

  • suspicion for malignancy;
  • complications — bleeding in the tumor torsion legs, rip.

How to treat ovarian cyst at home?

Afraid of surgical intervention, often women think about how to cure ovarian cyst without surgery, looking for an answer on the forums, Internet portals. It should be remembered that a full assessment of the situation is able to only conduct a doctor. When diagnosing violations it evaluates:

  • the size of education;
  • the structure;
  • location;
  • the degree of damage of the adjacent tissues.

Киста яичника: лечение без операции - реальность или миф?

Ovarian cyst — treatment of folk remedies

The doctors themselves are positive about the recipes of traditional medicine, how to get rid of the disease, method of use and use of medicinal plants. It should be clarified that this therapy can be only functional education. The success depends directly on the size of the education the time of the beginning of the therapeutic process. Themselves folk remedies for the treatment of ovarian cysts in women are more and more popular. A personal experience suggest recipes to their friends. Among the effective is called:

  • Juice of burdock. Gather the young leaves of the plant, squeeze the juice out of it. Immediately placed in the refrigerator. Drink daily 2 tablespoons of the juice 3 times a day for 1 month. It is worth considering that the prepared juice is stored for 3 days, and then prepare a new batch.
  • Acacia flowers. Purchase at the pharmacy, prepare infusion. Take 70 grams of flowers and 500 ml of vodka. Burying the flowers, placed in a cool, dry place, waiting for 1 week. Insisting, drink 1 tablespoon before meals 3 times a day, 1 month.
  • Raisins. You can use yellow or black, pitted. Prepare a tincture: 300 g pour 500 ml of vodka. Waiting for 2 weeks, hiding in a darkened place. Drink 1 tablespoon per reception 3 times a day. Take 3-4 weeks.
  • Walnut. Using partitions, from which is prepared a decoction of exactly 50 g of these parts of walnut, pour 700 ml of boiling water. Cook for 20 minutes. Ready means use 100 ml, three times a day, for 2 weeks.
  • Onions. Small onion crown put in honey, to envelop the vegetable. Waiting a day before going to sleep it is wrapped in cheesecloth, making a tampon which is inserted into the vagina. In the morning remove. A course of 10 days.
  • Treatment of ovarian cyst medication

    Therapy developed by physicians on the basis of the received data of examination: examination, ultrasound results. At small dimensions of education (to 5 cm) carried out the treatment of ovarian cyst without surgery, drugs thus prescribed the following:

  • The progestins. The main representative is progesterone, on the basis of which the main cough medicine. Use them in the interval day 11-25 of the cycle. The course is chosen individually, indicating dosage and frequency of use.
  • Oral contraceptives. These medications lead to normal menstrual cycle, reduce existing tumors, prevent the formation of new. The drug is selected based on severity of symptoms and characteristics of the organism. An example of such drugs can be yasmin, LOGEST, Lindinet. Take 2-3 months.
  • Other drugs:

    • enzymatic tools — Wobenzym;
    • vitamins;
    • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (in severe pain) — Nurofen, Ibuprofen.

    The duration of such treatment may not exceed 3-4 of the menstrual cycle. When ovarian cyst treatment without surgery which failed, continues to grow, surgery is carried out. With women needs with rigour and understanding of its health, from the operation not to give up. In the formation of new groups does not reduce the rate of growth, there is a likelihood of complications in the form of:

    • bleeding;
    • apoplexy (a violation of the integrity of the cyst);
    • aslamazishvili.

    Киста яичника: лечение без операции - реальность или миф?

    Ovarian cyst treatment without surgery during menopause

    The disease is often marked by the extinction of the reproductive function in menopause. Ovarian cyst in menopause treatment without surgery which is not always feasible, is often diagnosed when a large amount of education. The reason lies in the fact that for this period of breaking the cycle are normal and not cause suspicion in women. The decision about how to cure ovarian cyst without surgery, the choice of method of therapy is guided by the index of malignancy — likelihood of aslamazishvili education. With this estimate:

    • menopausal period, when discovered education;
    • multi-education or single;
    • size;
    • density;
    • amazed both glands or one.

    Ovarian cyst in postmenopausal women — treatment without surgery

    During this period, conservative treatment of ovarian cysts is performed when doctors have no of malignancies. When therapy is used:

    • means for normalizing the hormonal system: Avedon, Diane-35, Rigevidon, Marvelon;
    • the progestogen — Gestrinone, Orgametril, on a Monitor;
    • antiestrogens – Bill, Novopen;
    • immunostimulant — Levamisole Timalin.

    The cyst in pregnancy in the early stages — treatment

    A violation is recorded and during gestation. Education in such situations is functional, does not require any special therapy. Treatment of cysts in pregnancy is often done by a conservative. Doctors take the wait-and-see tactics, conducting periodic ultrasound, estimating the size of education in the dynamics. It can be administered cough medicine, antiseptic. If the cyst is growing — is assigned to laparoscopy, which is performed after 14-16 weeks of pregnancy.


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