How to stop heavy bleeding during menses?

Как остановить сильное кровотечение при месячных?Such menstrual disorders like excessive bleeding during menses, causes worry. The woman often does not know what to do in such a case, so as to independently establish the cause difficult. Let us consider this phenomenon, highlight the factors responsible for it, control measures.

Heavy bleeding during menses — causes

To determine the factor influencing the amount released during menstruation blood is often difficult. Doctors prescribe a large number of surveys which include:

  • gynecological chair;
  • smears from the urethra and cervix;
  • blood tests — General and hormones;
  • Ultrasound of the ravines of the pelvis.

Based on these data found out that increases bleeding during menses in a particular case. Among the reasons you need to call:

  • The disruption of the hormonal system. With the predominance of the concentration of estrogen marks the increased growth of endometrial cells forming the inner layer of the uterus. If it is delamination, which is during menstruation, a discharge of blood, sometimes with clots. This could be in premenopause when extinction of the reproductive function of the body. With the onset of menopause, everything comes back to normal.
  • The endometriosis. The disease is characterized by a gradual ingrowth of the cells of the inner layer of the uterus to nearby tissue. Due to the hormonal changes noted an increase, which causes bleeding from the uterus. In such cases required medical therapy.
  • Tumor (myoma) can cause severe bleeding with prolonged menstruation. Observed in women of reproductive age. Benign tumors almost always cause the appearance of blood from vagina, lengthening of the menstrual. These characteristics are the basis of the appeal to the gynecologist, who diagnoses the disease. It should be noted that during menopause, fibroids yourself gradually decreases due to decrease synthesis of hormones.
  • In addition to the above violations, the increase in the volume of menstrual blood can be kept at:

    • inflammatory conditions (oophoritis, salpingitis);
    • infections of the reproductive system (gonorrhoea, Gardnerella);
    • after surgery on the reproductive organs, vysalivaniya;
    • as a result of trauma.

    Как остановить сильное кровотечение при месячных?

    Heavy periods or bleeding — how to identify?

    It is necessary to strictly distinguish between 2 different term: heavy bleeding when menstruation and uterine bleeding. The second involves loss of large amount of blood that is fraught with the development of anemia. Before therapy, we need to understand what is observed in girls: menstrual periods or bleeding — how to determine which must know each. If there are more of these signs, it is about the loss of blood:

    • hourly changing of sanitary pads;
    • the duration of the discharge of more than 10 days;
    • severe weakness and fatigue;
    • recurrent pain in the lower abdomen;
    • blood from vagina after sex;
    • a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.

    Excessive bleeding during menses — what to do?

    It is not necessary to self-medicate even in those cases, if there is knowledge of how to stop bleeding when menstruation. In this situation, you should consult a doctor, whose task is to determine the immediate causes of the violations. A girl must adhere to the following rules:

    • to use the liquid in a large volume;
    • avoid physical exertion, heavy lifting;
    • do not visit sauna and bath;
    • eliminate alcohol, coffee;
    • take vitamins A, C, V.

    To reduce excessive bleeding during menses, you can use cold. Filled with cold water, a heating pad, placed on the lower third of the stomach. Duration of one procedure is 15 minutes. The water should be very cold, about 20-25 degrees. The temperature reduction in this area may precipitate the inflammatory process. Do not exceed and the duration of manipulation.

    Drugs from bleeding during menses

    All appointments are held exclusively by physicians. When mild violation, shall be appointed pills from bleeding when menstruation. Among them:

    • Dicynone. Has a fast action, the first results visible already after 3 hours. Can be used for the prevention of profuse menstruation.
    • Calcium gluconate. Reduction of vascular permeability in the result of the use of medications, increases blood clotting. Take the tablets before meals.
    • Askorutin. Appointed to strengthen vascular walls, which leads to smaller amount of lose blood.

    At strongly expressed symptoms made injections from bleeding when menstruation. Among the drugs used in this case:

    • Menadione;
    • Dicynone;
    • Traneksam.

    Как остановить сильное кровотечение при месячных?

    How to reduce the bleeding during menses is

    Choosing what to stop the bleeding when menstruation, women resort to traditional medicine. Effective recipe in such a situation can be:

    • Nettle. Brew 1 tablespoon per 200 ml of boiling water. Drink throughout the day in small portions 3 times a day for 10 days.
    • Tincture smartweed. 2 tablespoons to 1 liter of water, insist 3-5 hours. Drink a glass before meals, 3-4 times a day, 7 days.
    • A decoction of oak bark, shepherd’s purse, yarrow, Potentilla. Take in equal portions, diluted in 1 liter of boiling water. After taking food, after 2 hours, morning and evening for 5-7 days.

    How to treat bleeding during menses more than a month?

    Bleeding more than a month indicates hormonal changes in the body, requires appropriate therapy. Hormonal haemostasis held in conjunction with the General treatment is to:

    • the use of oral contraceptives — Mersilon, Non-dark;
    • purpose in parallel, hemostatic means — aminocaproic acid, Menadione;
    • reduce the uterus funds – Oxytocin;
    • iron preparations — Aflubin, with her husband.


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