What distinguishes Islam from Islam?

Islam is one of the three world religions (along with Buddhism and Christianity) and refers to the so-called Abrahamic religions. This means that it comes from a spiritual tradition that goes back to ancient Semitic Patriarch Abraham (Ibrahim in Arabic). Consider what distinguishes Islam from Islam.Or, is it synonymous? Let’s start with the history.

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A bit of history of Islam

Islam appeared in the 7th century ad on the Arabian Peninsula, where by that time there was not a single centralized state, and there were a large number of small States and tribal unions of the Bedouin nomads. The prophet Muhammad, whose name is associated with the emergence of a new religion, started preaching the new faith. His actions do not like local authorities, and he was forced in the year 622 to escape from his native Mecca to Medina, where his preaching was treated more favorably. Since then this date is the starting point of the Islamic calendar.

Subsequently, the supporters of Muhammad intensified and managed during the life of the prophet to return to Mecca victorious. And after his death a new religion called Islam, through the Arab conquests spread to the entire middle East, Iran, the Caucasus and Central Asia, North Africa and even on almost the entire Iberian Peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal). Later on, the Muslim influence was adjusted history. From Spain the Muslims were expelled, but they stretched their religion to other areas – part of India and island States in South-East Asia.

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Islam and Islam – Arabic word and means the same thing – that new religion that Muhammad began preaching in Mecca in the early 7th century ad. Where did the different names for the same concept? It’s all in the peculiarities of the Arabic language. These words, though meaning the same thing, have a minor semantic difference, and the origin of them is different.

The original name of the new religion of Islam, or in Arabic, submission (or surrender). One who professes Islam is called «Muslim» (literally «follower of Islam»). Islam in Arabic is written like this: الإسلام, Muslim مسلم. The similarity in the Arabic spelling of these words is, but in adapting them to European languages – particularly Russian – and there was a discrepancy. Although any linguist will tell you that as both words have consecutive consonants [s], [l], [m], so these words are related – the more that refer to the same concept.

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