What distinguishes Hercules from Hercules?

From childhood we have heard about the exploits of Hercules. Books, cartoons and movies over and over again telling us about his victory over the Nemean lion, the Lernaean Hydra and cleaning the Augean stables. Recall the great Greek demigod, has made all 12 feats, not considering different small things like strangle snakes with his bare hands in favor of active participation in the famous March of the Argonauts for the Golden fleece.

Today’s students know the biography of Hercules better than the multiplication table, and a crib to talk about his life, from birth to ascension to Olympus. However, if you ask them, who is Hercules, such a question will cause serious thought. And not only among the younger generation. Well… As they say in popular advertising – let’s talk about it. To start refresh your memory, remembering the highlights bright, but short life on earth of the legendary hero.

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Hercules, the Greek Ilya Muromets

Hercules is the fruit of love, head of the Greek Olympus the Thunderer Zeus and Alcmene, daughter of the king of Mycenae Electryon. Moreover, to fully satisfy his passion, the leader of the divine Pantheon was not ashamed to create a little Apocalypse – stopped the sun and made the night long in three days. It is not surprising that as a result of these tumultuous events was born not just any ordinary hero, a mighty Hero, demigod of the Royal family.

Hera, wife of Zeus, very disliked, a legend and since his birth has started to build all sorts of intrigues against Hercules. Then serpent he would send, the madness will be punished… However, the hero and the hero to overcome all difficulties. Ultimately capricious goddess, patroness of marriage and bluesteelnet the family hearth, made up with the illegitimate son of his terrible husband and even married him to his daughter Hebe.

During his short but turbulent life on earth Hercules was attended by the considerable number of glorious deeds. The most famous of the so-called 12 labors of Hercules performed the filing with the Supreme king of the Peloponnese – minded and insignificant Doesn. We will not describe the acts of the mythical Greek literature and films a huge amount. Now, having made a brief overview of the life of our hero, let’s try to establish a connection between the Heracles and Hercules. However, let’s first find out who Hercules is and where he came from.

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After the tumultuous heyday of Greek civilization over the world, the sun came out – the Roman Empire. Its famous legions in a very short time (in historical terms) has occupied almost all more or less populated at that time, the world. And unlike previous and future Metropolitana did it soundly, on century. Not spared by the Romans to their attention and cultural centre of the contemporary civilization – the divine Hellas. Occupied it was bloodless and harshness, but firmly and permanently.

The influence of the Greeks on Rome was enormous. Religion, mythology, many festivals and rituals were perceived «barbarians from the Apennines» as their own, native. We can safely say that the Greek culture gave a strong impetus to the development and establishment of the «Roman world».

Of course, the Romans could not copy the Greeks everything up to the comma. It would be contrary to the Roman spirit and the logic of the conqueror. Therefore, all the gods, heroes and other mythical characters from Greece, going into the possession of the Romans, had received other names, and eventually even began to stand out for the native Roman figures.

Not spared this trend and our hero – Hercules. In Roman mythical officialdom, he received a new name – Hercules. Later, this name caught on in the Western world, but the countries of the Byzantine sphere of influence used exclusively the Greek original – Hercules. Thus, we gradually moved to the question posed in the title of the article – namely, what distinguishes Hercules from Hercules?

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We think that the attentive reader will have yourself understood. However, our task is to articulate the output that you want from our little trip to the land of myths and legends of Ancient Greece and Rome.

So, summary. Between Hercules and Hercules makes no difference. These are two completely identical characters with different names. The name of Heracles, the original Greek having no other options. The Roman Hercules is the same Greek Hercules, renamed for the sake of Imperial ambitions of the Latins. As already mentioned, both these name is widespread and used simultaneously, but in different circles of world culture from East and West.

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