What distinguishes modern man from ancient man?

When and where appeared the first Homo sapiens (thinking man)? Modern investigations suggest that this happened about 200-250 thousand years ago in the jungles of South Africa. Anyway, it was then already living beings no different from us. However, the human race began much earlier — was to us as «heroes of their time». So inquisitive researcher, you always want to know: what distinguishes modern man from ancient man, and how deep?

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First, let’s define the terms. In this article we will consider the differences between us and our most immediate predecessor, Neanderthal man. Scientists often call him old man. We ourselves are referred to as CRO-magnons and almost no different from our ancestors, but the Neanderthals there are differences, and significant.

Note. In Europe, the appearance of people with the characteristics of protoneolithic dates back to the time period in 350-600 thousand years ago, and the last Neanderthals disappeared about 25-35 thousand years ago.

The fact is that, despite the almost complete biological similarities, there are many nuances that distinguish the modern «gentleman» (CRO-magnon) from its ancestor (the Neanderthal). This applies to appearance, and to emotional and spiritual component of people who lived hundreds of thousands years ago.

As reference, specify that in the scientific world is already not the first decade of heated debates on the topic of whether we are the direct descendants of Neanderthals. Some believe they are an independent branch of the human race, someone- an evolutionary step that is located immediately beneath us. There is evidence that one and the other hypothesis. We are not competent enough to challenge anyone’s theory. So stick to a classic look that Neanderthals are our direct ancestors, at least up until conclusively proven otherwise.

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If you consider ancient man from a medical point of view, it is almost completely identical to modern. Of course, there are some differences, but they do not play a significant role. However, there are obvious external differences that are impossible not to pay attention. Briefly discuss the main differences:

  • The structure of the skull. The forehead was low and downhill. Powerful eyebrows. The gray matter was already large enough – much larger than monkeys, and even slightly surpassing the volume of the brain of modern man. A small, sloping chin.
  • Long forelimbs, and the characteristic inclination forward, however, we still have no monkey, and man. High hairiness of the body, but not wool.
  • Underdeveloped vocal apparatus. Early man communicated using a simple set of sounds expressing a small range of the necessary signals – anxiety, anger, threat or love signs.
  • Wider and thicker the bone. Strong jaw able to tear large pieces of meat.

If we combine all that we have listed, in one way, we see that the old man is very like a monkey. But despite this, he stands above her on the evolutionary rung, and at the same time, below us. Based on what we’ve done such a conclusion? Read on.

Note. In order not to overload the article with repetition, the description of the appearance of modern man we will give below in a comparative table.

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We will now proceed to the most interesting and significant features of the primitive inhabitants, which demonstrate the difference between modern man from ancient man.

  • Great importance has developed vocal apparatus. Moreover, its advancement depends on the level of thinking, skills and knowledge, life experience and skills, accumulated and transmitted by previous generations. Therefore, human speech is not only a broad or narrow set of audio signals. It is an indicator of intelligence, ability to think, to build the logical connections between different phenomena and events.
  • Early man all these rather mundane things to us was in its infancy. In most cases he could not link the two similar phenomena in one chain, and as a result many of his actions differed little from the reaction of ordinary members of the animal world. Ancient man was something like a small child who had no adult parent, able to give him your experience and skills. He froze at this stage. The accumulation of experience and advancement in the evolutionary ladder lasted tens of thousands of years.
  • Accordingly, the thinking of the ancient man relied on the emotional side, creating an uncontrollable reaction to the world around us, based primarily on instincts. Logic, rationality, common sense, which often suppress our instincts – all this was absent from our primeval ancestor or was in an early stage of development.
  • And one more very important stage – social relations in society. Modern man brought up on a huge range of social settings, to transgress which for most of us, if possible, only in exceptional circumstances. For ancient man, there was only one law – the law of the pack. He didn’t have any moral values or virtues. In this respect, the ancient people for a long time remained at the animal level.

All of the above brings us to the idea that fundamental differences of modern humans from ancient lie not in the field «matter» and «spirit.» It remains only to organize all the facts in the comparative table.

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Once again I want to emphasize that the article presents not a full-fledged scientific analysis, but only the generalization and comparison of the long-known facts.


Ancient man
Modern man

External differences:

  • Flat forehead, developed brow ridges, strong jaws, small beveled chin.
  • Walking upright on two limbs, bend forward. Long, knee hands. The stoop.
  • Abundant hair, sometimes similar to wool.
  • Heavy, solid skeleton
  • External differences:

  • High forehead, moderately developed brow and a relatively weak jaw with well marked chin.
  • Upright posture, slouching is a symptom of the disease. Proportionally developed body.
  • Hair is present in a very small degree (in comparison), and many of his contemporaries do not.
  • Relatively light, narrow bone
  • Primitive vocal apparatus. However, already significantly surpassing that of most developed animals
    Well-developed speech. In the world there is no animal that, at least from afar, was similar to a modern human in this aspect

    Primitive thinking. The lack of logical and rational thinking. The complete subordination of the instincts and emotional impulses
    Deep, multi-level thinking. Modern man (mostly) guided by common sense and logic, not feelings and emotions. In any case, quite capable of it

    Social relations are at the lowest level. No fundamental concepts of «good and evil». It all comes down to a pack instinct
    Our contemporary enmeshed in social relations, conditions and dogmas. They are so rooted in his soul, often reaching the level of natural instincts (the best representatives of a human civilization)

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    In the end, we can safely say that modern man differs greatly from the ancient ancestor. Moreover, the main differences have on biology and physical data, but on a spiritual, conscious being. However, scientists argued, what is the difference between modern man and ancient man, no matter how argued that they — we are heaven and earth, the authors have another point of view. Despite all the differences, the old man is our ancestor, and his current «aristocrats of the spirit» owe their origin. Just hundreds of thousands of years ago people were very young and looked out at the huge world around them through children’s eyes. Today we’re adults and more aware. That makes all the difference. We grew up in.

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