What is the difference between plastic window from aluminum?

Coming out of the cave, our ancestors built the house. Then when he got tired of sitting in the dark, he cut a hole in the wall, in order to his new home was bright and cozy. Perhaps it is this way in human history appeared first window. Since then it has become not only a mandatory construction element, but also the notion of a common noun. «The window to Europe, a light in the window…». But let’s leave the lyrics and move on to more mundane things, namely: what are the Windows of what is made and how the differ from each other.

Today’s building materials market is just full of different types of window frames. Wood, plastic, aluminum, plastic… All these materials are widely used in the manufacture of window designs. However, in modern residential and office spaces all the more common PVC (plastic) and metal (usually aluminium). The purpose of our article is to understand what is the difference between plastic window from aluminum. The task in front of them are the same – to keep warm, to be comfortable and practical. But what design is most effective solves them? Let’s try to figure it out.

The content of the article

Plastic is a miracle of the XX century

One of the greatest achievements of mankind is the creation of polymer materials and their application.

Note. About the polymers has long been known. Information about the first synthetic polymers appeared in the early nineteenth century. But now, the mass distribution they received in the 50-ies of the last century.

Products made of polymers are very quickly filled industrial, construction and domestic markets. Appeared in the second half of the 20th century Windows on the basis of their large-scale and rapidly pushed all other types of window profiles. In principle, it and is clear – plastic Windows have several advantages compared to, for example, with the classic wooden frames. Let’s take a look.


  • High climatic suitability – changes in temperature, humidity do not affect the quality of the profile.
  • When correctly installed, have a maximum tightness due to the physical properties of plastic (extensibility, elasticity).
  • Not afraid of cold.
  • Good resistance to ultraviolet light. May be exposed to direct sunlight without loosing its initial colour.
  • Excellent chemical resistance. Alkali, acid, mineral supplements – in General, all that is in the current rains and snow, for a low hazard plastic.
  • Soundproofing of the Windows is considered to be one of the best.
  • A long service life. High quality PVC Windows can be operated for over 20 years. More expensive counterparts, having in its composition of titanium oxide and various additives allow to increase the term to 40 years.
  • The lowest cost. Wooden and metal bindings are more expensive.

Of course, that these wonderful Windows have their drawbacks, otherwise they’d look suspicious.


  • Require extremely careful handling. Scratches, chips, one of the main problems of plastic profiles. They appear easy and simple, but to get rid of them is very problematic.
  • Quite difficult to install. All must be exhibited accurately on the level. The slightest imbalance will cause a loose closure and, consequently, a significant reduction in the effectiveness of Windows in achieving the main objectives – conservation of heat and fighting with the drafts.
  • Sometimes, even after a perfectly done installation, window condensation. This problem is solved by repeated airing, which is not very good.
  • Plastic is plastic, and in certain situations it can be a source of danger. For example, a fire retardant window frames made of PVC may lead to poisoning.

As you can see, some disadvantages occur, but by and large they are lost against the many advantages. From all the above it becomes clear that the main application for PVC Windows is the residential sector, small business firms and small public institutions: home, cafe, mini shops, etc.

And what about their metal rivals in the fight for a purse of the buyer and how big is the difference of plastic Windows from aluminum, read on.

to content ↑Aluminium – metal of the future?

Despite the fact that aluminum window overlap is known already for a long time, many believe that they are the future. Anyway, the European market, they are gaining slowly but surely. According to statistics, aluminum window has already surpassed its wooden «family» in terms of sales, although lagging behind the plastic in this matter. Let’s see what the metal will be able to surprise us.


  • Easy to maintain and does not need special care, easy installation due to low weight and low sensitivity to mechanical damage.
  • High strength metal allows you to operate the window profile from 30 to 50 years without excessive tricks to care for him.
  • The rigidity of the material ensures protection from all sorts of shrinkage, utasok and usushek.
  • Good environmental friendliness. Aluminum is a natural material, not having in its composition any harmful chemical additives, so it is fully safe in all conditions.
  • High climatic suitability.


Aluminium is a metal, and, unfortunately, the dignity of this fact blends in with the lack of:

  • Windows made of any metal have a very low insulation or, in other words, high conductivity.
  • It is impossible to achieve maximum sealing and, as a consequence, have poor soundproofing and some other minor annoyances.
  • Metal is much more expensive than plastic.

For all its undeniable advantages of aluminum Windows, as you can see, we have a number of disadvantages, of which the most significant two is a low thermal insulation and high price. However, one of them (heat) have resolved. Today the so called warm window, which in the struggle for the retention of heat is little inferior to what the PVC profiles. But on the other hand, increased second negative – these Windows are more expensive than ordinary «cold» model.

Standard scope of application of this type of window profiles in the field of small household needs is unheated space, loggias and balconies, summer kitchen, verandas. However, in industry, in social and public buildings and in various office and shopping centers, aluminum window overlap is the undoubted leader. A huge strength of the structure plays a crucial role in such buildings.

to table of contents ↑the Difference between plastic and aluminium Windows

If you objectively evaluate the information received, we can say that it is quite contradictory and contrasting. Here there are both positive and negative characteristics. In order to it looked harmonious and orderly, we group the facts presented above in the comparative table. It shows only the differences between the two types of Windows. Warn that we provide analysis of model variants that are most in demand in the consumer market.

to content ↑Comparative table

Plastic Windows
Aluminum window

Excellent sound and thermal insulation qualities
Both features leave much to be desired

High sealing
Sealing at the secondary level

There are some problems during installation. Quite heavy and very demanding setting on the horizon
Easy to install thanks to its light weight and high strength

Ill-suited to small repairs. In the care of the window should be extremely careful not to scratch
Easily repaired and not require special care. To cause some physical harm to hard – metal is metal

The average lifespan of a little more than 20 years
The figure for aluminum profile is higher by almost 2 times – an average of 40 years

Such a phenomenon is missing

In some situations, environmentally hazardous
Environmentally safe in all situations

Applications: homes, small offices, shops, and small and uninhabited, but the heated space.
Main sphere of use: industrial buildings and large public facilities. In the residential sector are used in cold rooms without heating, and glazing of balconies, loggias

The cheapest option on the market
More expensive than plastic, and much


From the table we can clearly see the difference between plastic and aluminum Windows. We can say that both type of Windows has its pros and cons. You should choose based on the specific circumstances, opportunities and needs. And, most importantly, a set of window profile should be done only by qualified professionals. Otherwise even the most expensive and cutting-edge window may turn into a constant source of irritation due to problems with the cold and drafts.

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