What distinguishes inset sinks from the invoice?

A significant part of his life, we have been cooking and eating, and most people, the main venue of this action is the kitchen. And as humanity still have a sense of beauty, then we want this vital process took place in the most comfortable environment. Naturally, the choice of kitchen units is becoming a significant event for the whole family. It causes a lot of turmoil, debate and doubt, however, as acceptance of any important decisions. And in some of the most discussed issues is the selection of the sink for dishes. The main types of this important item of the kitchen ensemble only two mortise and invoice. Therefore, an understanding of the difference between inset sinks from the invoice, is a necessary factor for the correct definition of your requirements for design and kitchen furniture set.

We’re not here to give instruction on the technology of the positioning of the sink. This is a topic for another article. Our main task is to briefly describe each type of washing separately, to conduct a comparative analysis of their advantages and disadvantages, as well as differences from each other.

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Inset sinks: design and elegance

Inset sinks can be mounted in already customized it under a countertop or Cabinet. Its upper metal edge of it tightly pressed to the surface of the cabinets (countertops). In most models the edge of the sink is in the same horizontal pedestal and has no protrusions or gaps. The reference for the bezel is extremely thin and creates a sophisticated, holistic design. Washing capacity itself is usually round or rectangular (including square) shape. Inset sinks has a number of unique features.


  • The design principle makes it easy to solve the problem of water leaking under the sink. It requires almost no additional arrangements for sealing joints.
  • Inset sinks are more durable and strong. This is due to the slightly increased thickness of metal in comparison with patch models.
  • Thin metal edging is elegantly placed on the surface and causes a feeling of total harmony of the whole kitchen ensemble. Often striking inset sinks is a key design element of furniture.
  • Generally inset sinks are compact, allowing them to mount the tabletops of any size. This is a big plus for small kitchens.


  • The need for a complete dismantling of the kitchen cabinets (countertops) in the case of plumbing work in the kitchen.
  • Individual selection of table tops (counters) for a specific unit, subject to individual purchase. Plus or minus a few centimeters in this case does not pass. Requires exceptional precision in the choice. However, this drawback is partially kompensiruet a huge range of inset sinks in the market.
  • The most significant and perhaps the defining difference between inset sinks from the invoice – it is quite a high price relative to rivals.

Add in conclusion that the material from which usually done this type of cleaning, is stainless steel. Although, of course, you can find a number of original variants of the run-up to telekamery models. But it’s delights, for very wealthy citizens, and they are not standard.

to content ↑Invoice wash: versatile and economical

Overhead washing is also made mainly of stainless steel and are an all-metal or welded construction. This sink is simply placed on top of countertops and in some cases it replaces (depending on the architecture of the sink). Briefly list its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Because of the design and used technologies of metal fabrication on this type of cleaning takes less than flush models, respectively, and prices are lower, sometimes significantly.
  • Locker, bedside table under the sink you can choose, with some tolerances (higher, of course, way), as the extra inches will be covered by the side edge of the sink.
  • The ability to find the sink combines the sink and the countertop. This not only gives a monetary saving, but also extends the life of surfaces bordering the wash. After all, water, detergents, etc. to get them will be much less than when flush option.
  • More simple installation, because the unit can be put separately, and then to adjust or even do it yourself Cabinet. Naturally, this versatility allows you to perform the repair (replacement) of sanitary ware without major dismantling washing and furniture design.


  • A small amount of metal expended in the performance of the sink is, unfortunately, a negative side:
  • A shallow bowl that, as you say any housewife, is not good.
  • Reduced strength and durability.
  • We’ll have to work hard to achieve complete sealing of the border edge.
  • Standard, we can say, the ordinary design for almost all of sinks of this type are presented in the domestic plumbing market.

We assume that we understood and applied washes. Move on to the final part of the article.

to table of contents ↑the Difference between flush and surface sink

In order to clear all decomposed on the shelves, we just have to keep the above information in a comparative table.

to content ↑Comparative table

Sink flush
Wash invoice

Mounted flush with the kitchen Cabinet. In some models, a little bit is the narrow edging
Superimposed on top of the pedestal. There are many options with integrated countertop

Easily sealed
Need careful sealing because of the large area of contact with the surface of the cabinets

Installation requires precision to the millimeter, in the case of replacement or repair of plumbing will have to disassemble the entire structure
When you install some tolerance due to the wide edge of the piece. Repair, replacement can be performed without disassembling the washer Cabinet (the Cabinet)

Inset sinks are more durable and strong (thick metal)
The margin of safety is less because of the thinner metal

It is not difficult to choose a sink for kitchen of any size
For the kitchenette is not an option. Find superminimal an attachable sink is very problematic

The bowl is deep which is a plus when cleaning large number of dishes
Basically washing the sink small. Even a small amount of detergent in some models must be washed in several visits

The design
More faceless and breech design

An expensive option
Significantly cheaper than its rivals

to content ↑Conclusion

So, we conducted a relatively thorough study on the topic, what is the difference between flush and surface sink. After reading this article, differences in this issue is eliminated. Now you only have to make the right choice and ready to create a cozy kitchen where you will not only eat, but also happy to spend time.

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