The benefits of fasting for weight loss and health improvement

Польза голодания для похудения и оздоровления организма

Refusal of food is practiced by many monks, the followers of different religious movements and ordinary citizens. However, their health is not only deteriorating, but comes back to normal. The benefits of fasting are enormous. And there are a variety of techniques to achieve a particular result.

The benefits of fasting for the body

With a sharp depletion of caloric intake the body begins to consume its own adipose tissue and ketone bodies to replace glucose, and this leads to increased production of adrenal hormones – corticosteroids, which are characterized by anti-inflammatory action. Therefore, starvation is helpful, answer is that it has a therapeutic effect in various diseases.

In addition, it starts the process of purification from the decay products – toxins and poisons. Every day bodies are exposed to toxic aggression of the environment. Some of the toxins neutralized, but some is deposited in the tissues, lymph and cells in the form of slag. They gradually accumulate and at some point provoke the depression of the main vital functions. If you still populated and parasites, the situation will worsen considerably.

Польза голодания для похудения и оздоровления организма

The benefits of fasting on water

This technique involves a complete refusal of food. You can only drink clear water, stored at room temperature. Regularly resorting to this method and practicing it every 7 days within 1-3 months, it is possible to prepare the body for a longer abstinence from food and get rid of many ailments. For those who wondered how useful fasting on water, you can answer it:

  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Cleanses the body. The lack of food provides the opportunity for the digestive system to relax and to spend energy on digestion and cleansing.
  • Rejuvenates the body.
  • Revitalizes the intestinal flora. Putrefactive processes in the gastrointestinal tract stop and pathogenic microorganisms are killed. Useful flora of fermented milk fermentation remains and heals, resulting in improved intestinal synthesis of biologically active substances.
  • The benefits of dry fasting

    In case of refusal from the food and fluid the body is placed in more severe conditions. The speed of all the processes that are characteristic for wet starvation significantly increases. Tissues break down faster, and the therapeutic effect is achieved on the third day and coincides with ketoatsidoticheskaya crisis. Peak at 9-11 days. The benefits of fasting is to accelerate cleansing, because the body ceases to flow, even water. This causes cells to burn toxins in your own furnace.

    In the absence of water is run internal thermonuclear reactions, with the result that survive the most viable, the healthy cells and patients die. The blood in an unmodified composition repeatedly passes through the filter elements, the plasma becomes ideally pure, normal coagulation. The benefits of dry fasting is more powerful anti-inflammatory effect, because any inflammation needs water, and in its absence the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are killed instantly. The competition is held only the body’s own cells.

    Польза голодания для похудения и оздоровления организма

    Helpful whether fasting for liver

    The liver performs in the body is vital as it flows through a blood mass and cleans it from toxins, viruses, poisons, etc. in the absence of food accelerates the metabolism of lipids in the body. Their content in the liver decreases by about 30%. For those interested, helpful whether fasting With hepatitis C, the answer is, that the disease is inflammatory in nature and it should not be used. In addition, participating in the process of amino acid metabolism enzymes in the absence of food not produced and the level of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) is normal.

    Helpful whether fasting for gastritis

    It is known that a common cause of gastritis and ulcers of the stomach acts as a pathogenic bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Its peculiarity is that it lives and reproduces only in an acidic environment, which is formed before a meal or during a meal. To prevent the release of stomach juice and increasing its acidity will help starvation. Shown it to individuals with gastritis. Moderate fasting is helpful for them. But suffering from chronic ulcers is contraindicated.

    Helpful whether fasting in pancreatitis?

    In this disease the pancreas makes enzymes do not come in a 12-dipertua the gut and increase their activity in the prostate, causing inflammation of that organ. The use of short fasting in pancreatitis scientifically proven. The lack of food provides iron rest and the healing process is faster. This is the first thing prescribed to the patient in the acute phase together with cold and peace.

    The benefits of fasting with depression

    This radical method is widely practiced in many psychiatric institutions. At the same time benefit day of fasting will be negligible: you need to undergo two to 3 weeks. This provides the opportunity to bring the body from a state of apathy. The person begins to experience emotions – both pleasant and unpleasant. Together with the purification of toxins increases vitality, and with it a desire to live and fight the disease.

    Польза голодания для похудения и оздоровления организма

    The benefits of fasting for the brain

    When refusal of food in the brain aktiviziruyutsya favourable neurochemical changes. Intermittent fasting is helpful in that:

  • Improves cognitive function.
  • Enhances the ability of gray matter to withstand stress.
  • Increases the level of neurotrophic factors.
  • Suppresses inflammation.
  • No doubt, useful whether fasting, because it translates the cells from sleep in a state of self-renewal. As a result of formation of new neurons from stem cells, stimulating the production of ketones and increase the number of mitochondria in nerve cells is enhanced learning ability and improved memory. Increasing the ability of brain tissue to DNA repair and adaptation to stress.

    The benefits of fasting for weight loss

  • The food, the calories the body fails to do that causes it to use its own reserves.
  • Interested in what the benefits of fasting is still, to say that abstaining from food triggers a cleansing process. Its consequence is the recovery, in which the normal metabolism and metabolism.
  • The benefits of fasting lies in the restart of all systems of the body. As a result, he not only gets rid of extra pounds, but many diseases.
  • Regular fasting leads to a reduction in the size of the stomach. As a result, the feeling of satiety comes faster and the man imperceptibly for more than small portions of food. He quickly gets used to it and even after achieving the desired result continues to eat as well.
  • Fasting forms and correct eating habits. Losing weight ceases to get pleasure from harmful products and useful be the basis of its diet.

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