Vitamins for the brain and improvement

Витамины для мозга и улучшения его работы

A clear mind dictates the behavior in society, makes possible the implementation of the abilities bestowed by nature, even the Golden hands of the worker is controlled by the head. To organize the work of intelligence after mental stress or ailments vitamins for brain, you can buy them at the pharmacy or to pick up a natural way – eating right products.

Vitamins for brain and memory

Excellent memory and strong mind to the right person at any age. The main stimulants of memory, vitamins for the brain belongs to the group V. the Active work of the Central nervous system, is ensured by the intake of antioxidants to protect the brain during periods of intense work and prevent early death of aging cells, saturating them with oxygen.

With a shortage of vitamins of group In, the difficult work on the synthesis of amino acids, neurons blunts the process of transferring impulses among themselves, it begins the oppression of the memory. Useful food for the intellect needs to support the work of the mind, to improve the emotional state of the person in norm. The best vitamins for the brain on the predominance which build the daily ration of mental workers – representatives of group B.

Vitamins after stroke brain

Stroke – a disease associated with disruption of blood circulation in the brain. To a certain I’m not getting the blood and oxygen that leads to the death zone. Regular intake of vitamin products, in this case, becomes a way of increasing immunity, prevention of secondary stroke attack. Vitamins for the brain in this disease:

  • And stimulate growth of new cells, forming the reopening of tissues. Is found in large amounts in cheese, egg yolk, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, peaches, apricots, grapes.
  • In – the diet of the patient must be present in a large number of vitamin B1 it increases cerebral blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure. Contains in bran, nuts, fish, buckwheat and oat cereals.
  • With – stimulates the regeneration of blood vessels, which affects an increase in blood circulation. Not produced by the body, so is an important therapy in the treatment of will be added to the diet. Should eat tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper, kiwi, citrus fruits, black currants, rosehips, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon.
  • D – improves blood composition, keeps the walls of blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation process. There are in fish and fish oils, eggs, cheese, butter, dairy products, parsley.
  • E – helps to restore the tissues of the brain, struggling with changes of its structure. There are great numbers in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olives, legumes, oatmeal, liver.
  • K — improves blood circulation. Located in plant leaves, cabbage.
  • Витамины для мозга и улучшения его работы

    Vitamins in atherosclerosis of brain vessels

    Atherosclerosis appears, in the process of accumulation of fatty deposits on the blood vessels and the aorta. In order to avoid complications of the disease – stroke or heart attack, doctors recommend to change the usual menu, and go on a healthy diet. Vitamins for blood vessels of the brain maintain normal levels of lipids in the blood, promote the assimilation of good fats. Valuable elements in a power system vitamins C and E — antioxidants, deducing from an organism the products of oxidation in the form of radicals.

    Vitamins and minerals for the brain in epilepsy

    Receiving antiepileptic medicines may weaken the immune system of the patient, to cause bouts of headaches, to trigger a fall in blood sugar, constipation, cause of beriberi. To prevent seizures epileptics eat food 2 hours before sleep. Useful vitamins for the brain is removed in epileptics seizures, nervousness, irritability, drowsiness, lethargy, muscle soreness. Vitamins for the treatment of epilepsy:

    • B2 — Riboflavin, lactoflavin;
    • B5 — Pantothenic acid;
    • B1 — thiamine;
    • B6 – pyridoxine;
    • B7 — Biotin;
    • B9 — folic acid;
    • B2 — carnitine;
    • C — ascorbic acid;
    • D2 – ergocalciferol;
    • D3 – cholecalciferol;
    • E — tocopherol.

    Vitamins when you have a concussion

    The best vitamins for the brain after a concussion — all from group b, they normalize the nervous system. Healthy food to restore health in this case – greens, vegetables, fruits and dried fruits. Prepare meals for patients in easily digestible form, to avoid additional stress on the couple by way of otwarci. Products in which high levels of vitamins:

    Витамины для мозга и улучшения его работы

    Vitamins for the brain products

    Main products and vitamins for brain are contained in large quantity at very affordable gifts of nature, the purchase of which is not much empty the purse of the average consumer. Making the purchase of products from the stores, you can make a choice taking into account the use for intelligence is to choose the food containing the vitamins to improve brain function. Products that will establish the work of memory:

    • avocado;
    • anchovies;
    • eggplant;
    • grapes;
    • green peas;
    • dark chocolate;
    • cranberry;
    • shrimp;
    • red beans;
    • coffee;
    • kiwi;
    • dried apricots;
    • red cabbage;
    • salmon;
    • chicken;
    • yogurt;
    • green tea;
    • pumpkin seeds;
    • carrots;
    • seaweed;
    • mussels;
    • sea salt;
    • oatmeal;
    • beets;
    • calf’s liver;
    • cod;
    • pistachios;
    • whole grain bread;
    • blueberries;
    • sage.

    Витамины для мозга и улучшения его работы

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