How to get rid of feelings of hunger, simple and affordable ways

Как избавиться от чувства голода - простые и доступные способы

Hunger is one of the main physiological needs of the body. In addition to true hunger, fatigue, thirst, depression arises about the need for food. Even when saturated, the smell and the sight of a favorite food can be perceived as a signal for food. Artificial food restrictions, the diet may be constant desire to eat.

Why people experience hunger?

Everyone knows what hunger: rumbling stomach, feeling of emptiness in the stomach. Natural hunger occurs when:

  • The contractions of an empty stomach.
  • The fall of the level of glucose in the blood.
  • The lack of water in the body.
  • Activate the hunger center (hormonal disturbances, lack of sleep, deficiency of vitamins and carbohydrates in diet, the desire to receive pleasure).
  • Postprandial saturation. If the digestive and endocrine systems are working properly, then there is a sense of satisfaction after entering the blood glucose. At psychological disorders and eating disorders the person doesn’t know how to get rid of feelings of hunger even after a hearty meal. Continuous desire to eat leads to obesity.

    How to suppress hunger?

    To reduce the constant desire to eat, getting rid of unpleasant sensations in the stomach, you can apply:

  • Drink a glass of warm water. It relaxes the stomach wall.
  • To eat a raw Apple, carrot, tomato or cucumber. These low-calorie foods are rich in fiber and the body uses more energy to digest it than it contains. Each piece must be thoroughly and slowly chewed.
  • Eat a spoonful of bran with a glass of water. Dietary fibers increase in size and give a feeling of fullness.
  • Как избавиться от чувства голода - простые и доступные способы

    You can give yourself exercise. Released from muscle glycogen is the body perceives as a signal of satiety. The easiest way is to walk briskly. Besides these methods for fatigue and stress can take a bath with aromatic oils to make a gentle massage, drink soothing tea. Helps to reduce the feeling of hunger is shifting attention to the fun, a hobby.

    Herbs that reduce appetite and suppress hunger

    The herbalists know how to get rid of feelings of hunger, the use of such plants:

  • Flax seeds, marshmallow root, willow herb when brewed secrete mucus, enveloping wall of the stomach, appetite is felt later than usual.
  • Kelp, increasing in volume gives a sense of filling the stomach.
  • Mint, St. John’s wort, Linden and fennel, lower the acidity of gastric juice, thus blunting the feeling of hunger in my stomach.
  • Valerian, marjoram, chamomile and motherwort soothe and reduce the effects of stress hormone (cortisol) causing a constant desire to eat.
  • Products that reduce appetite and suppress hunger

    To build a healthy diet food you need to eat at certain times warm and fresh. There are better in small portions and often. Need to know how to get rid of feelings of hunger between main meals is to include in the snacks the following products:

    • fermented milk drinks and cheese low in fat with no additives;
    • fresh fruits and vegetables, salads made of them;
    • honey – not more than a tablespoon;
    • a handful of nuts or dried fruit, but not more than 30 g per reception because of the high calorie content;
    • freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, green smoothies of various fruits, vegetables and herbs.

    Как избавиться от чувства голода - простые и доступные способы

    Drugs that reduce appetite and suppress hunger

    Strong feeling of hunger does not disappear after normalization of diet and a great excess weight are indications for drug therapy. All centrally acting drugs inhibit the hunger center in the brain. Active ingredient – sibutramine, has the ability to improve carbohydrate metabolism, and improves skin tone and mood. But it has strong side effects and is issued with a prescription. Trade names: Lindaksa, Goldline, Reduxine, Slime. Another group of drugs based on Metformin enhances the sensitivity to glucose and its uptake by tissues.

    Teas that reduce appetite and suppress hunger

    If you know how to overcome the feeling of hunger with natural stimulants, there will be no need for toxic and dangerous drugs. For vitality, energy and health you can use the teas:

  • Ginger – fresh root cut in small pieces or grate to boil. Ginger reduces appetite, helps fat burning.
  • Mate – the leaves and shoots of a tree of Holly, contains matein, normalizes sleep and metabolism, and tones.
  • PU-erh tea – treats constipation, reduces weight and appetite.
  • Green tea – contains antioxidants and vitamins, gives energy and reduces appetite.
  • Respiration, blunting hunger

    Those who practice Eastern gymnastics Tsangpa do not need herbs or drugs, so as to remove the feeling of hunger by using the breath: to lie on your back. Legs bent at the knees, put on the floor. One hand put on the stomach and the other on the chest. On the inhale the belly retracts on exhalation – rises. The chest — on the contrary. These breathing cycles need to hold forty. The rhythm of breathing regular. After a little practice you can do this exercise sitting or on the go.


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