Sweetener — harm or benefit for weight loss?

Сахарозаменитель - вред или польза при похудении?

Artificial sweeteners were invented long ago, but the controversy about this product, do not cease now. Sweetener — harm or benefit — this question is often put to themselves by those who want to buy this product but hesitates to buy it immediately.

The composition of the sweetener

Xylitol and sorbitol – the main substances contained in the product that replaces sugar. They are not inferior to him in calorie content, do not spoil the teeth and are digested more slowly. Aspartame is another sweetener that is considered to be more popular. Even given its low caloric content, it is a complete substitute for table sugar. Aspartame can not withstand high temperature, that’s why it’s not used in cooking sweets.

In addition to positive qualities, consumers have already noted the dangers of sugar substitutes. People who regularly use them, can easily gain extra pounds, while receiving additional health problems. Various diseases occur due to the slow process by which the body processes this product.

Use sugar substitutes

To the question whether useful sweetener, it is possible to receive a negative answer. It benefits the body only when the person monitors and restricts the number of techniques. What’s the pros:

  • Does not affect the concentration of sugar, therefore it is recommended to diabetics.
  • Protects the teeth from decay.
  • Are inexpensive and suitable for long-term use due to the long shelf life.
  • Сахарозаменитель - вред или польза при похудении?

    What is more harmful — sugar or sweetener?

    Sometimes an ordinary buyer can think of that is healthier sugar or Splenda. In this case, you need to remember that some of the synthetic sweeteners are very harmful to health, but there are others made from substances that benefit. They’re much better than sugar, because it provokes a sudden release of blood insulin, causing hunger. Such fluctuations are extremely useful to humans, and so the choice should be approached individually and choose only natural counterparts.

    Sweetener — harm or benefit for weight loss?

    Many people prefer to go for useful sugar substitutes for weight loss. It is worth remembering that artificial components may lead, conversely, to disastrous consequences. In our case, to excess fat accumulation. Modern high-calorie sweeteners, and this factor also must be considered in their selection. Natural – low in calories, and it indicates that you can select them those who struggle with excess weight.

    Erythritol or stevia, for example, have no energy value, do not affect the level of glucose and not contribute to the appearance of excess weight. They have a very sweet taste, which is able to meet all the requirements of foodies and people who prefer sweet coffee, tea or any sweet drinks and meals.

    Сахарозаменитель - вред или польза при похудении?

    Sweetener — harm or benefit in diabetes?

    On the market a wide range of such products, so before buying we often think about how harmful artificial sweetener. They are divided into two categories – natural and artificial. In small doses the first recommended for diabetics. Fructose, sorbitol, stevioside and xylitol – calorie substitutes of the natural components that influence the level of glucose and are digested more slowly.

    In addition to stevioside, all the rest are less sweet than sugar and it also must be considered before use. 30-50 grams is the daily rate, which will not harm people suffering from diabetes. They can recommend other synthetic versions that do not linger in the body.

    Than harmful sweetener?

    Answering the question whether the harmful sweetener for a healthy person, it is worth noting that in large doses it is not recommended to use anyone. This is because each sweetener has a negative impact on overall health, causing the emergence and development of serious diseases. Regardless of what was chosen sweetener, the bacteria will still be noticeable. If use – the regulation of the concentration of sugar in the blood, the negative effects can be different.

  • Aspartame often causes headache, Allergy, depression; may cause insomnia, dizziness; disturbs digestion and improves appetite.
  • Saccharin – causes the formation of malignant tumors.
  • Sorbitol and xylitol are purgative and cholagogue products. The only advantage over the others – they do not spoil the tooth enamel.
  • Salamat often causes an allergic reaction.
  • Сахарозаменитель - вред или польза при похудении?

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