Mesotherapy for weight loss problem areas — pros and cons

Мезотерапия для похудения проблемных зон - плюсы и минусы

Method of treatment in which drugs injected into the skin or subcutaneous fat is mesotherapy. Used in medicine for treatment of respiratory organs, joints, neurology. The most common application of it is found in cosmetics for rejuvenation and weight loss, treatment of cellulite, scars and stretch marks.

Mesotherapy — the pros and cons

Undoubted advantages of mesotherapy are:

  • delivery of the drug precisely to the affected area;
  • the technique of mesotherapy allows the use of small doses of medication;
  • the ability to accumulate, creating a depot of medical supplies;
  • long-term effect;
  • drugs have a positive effect on the body as a whole (vigor, improved sleep and mood);
  • there is no age limit;
  • safety with proper conduct.

Disadvantages of the procedure are related to what this technique refers to injection. The drug is administered with a small needle or using a special apparatus to a depth of 5 to 15 mm. in violation of the sterility or error in the introduction can occur:

  • soreness and redness at the injection site;
  • bruises and even areas of necrosis;
  • infectious and allergic dermatitis (skin inflammation).

Мезотерапия для похудения проблемных зон - плюсы и минусы

Mesotherapy for weight loss body

This procedure like mesotherapy is indicated for the correction of body weight, as the process is uneven — first lost volume of the upper body, and thighs and stomach lose weight last. In addition, the significant weight loss the skin fails to shrink and SAG. One procedure mesotherapy can reduce the volume of 1.5-2 cm After the course of treatment manifest such effects:

  • Acceleration of metabolism and the destruction of fat.
  • The renewal of tissue and skin tightening.
  • The excretion of excess liquid, toxins and slags.
  • Elimination of sagging and orange peel.
  • Though mesotherapy and does not provide a significant reduction in body weight, but unlike strict diets, improves elasticity, skin elasticity, tones and strengthens the subcutaneous layer, forming a beautiful figure. In addition, the silhouette is formed for each client individually. Subject to the recommendations for an active lifestyle and healthy diet, the effect of the course will be visible not less than six months.

    How often can one do mesotherapy?

    To reduce the volume of the body and tightening of the skin depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, age, neglect of the process should take from 4 to 10 sessions. Mesotherapy for weight loss gives a noticeable effect after the second procedure. But over time, the buildup of the drug in the injection is absorbed, and the skin loses its elasticity and density. Therefore, the following course shall be held not later than in six months. It is recommended to maintain the achieved effect 1 time per month. In this case, mesotherapy problem areas will be in a year.

    Preparations for mesotherapy for weight loss

    Injections of mesotherapy for slimming is carried out with the use of such drugs:

  • Lipolytics are: carnitine, yohimbine, lecithin, and bile drugs. Under their action, fat cells are destroyed, dissolved and eliminated fats.
  • Enzyme preparations destroy the coarse connective tissue (collagenase, hyaluronidase), reducing the cellulite.
  • Cardiovascular drugs increase blood flow and stimulate the outflow through the lymphatic and venous system: troxerutin, Ginkgo biloba, artichoke.
  • Preparations for tightening up the skin.
  • Vitamins, microelements: silicon, ascorbic acid.
  • Mesotherapy — weight loss smoothies

    Drugs are generally not used alone. Before a session the doctor prepares a personalized mixture for each patient. Also used ready-made cocktails for mesotherapy. They contain:

    • full complex of vitamins, amino acids;
    • coenzymes, minerals, peptides;
    • hyaluronic acid;
    • water-soluble collagen;
    • antioxidants and nucleic acids.

    Besides the usual medicines used cocktails of homeopathic preparations of different manufacturers. Homeopathy does not act immediately, but when using it the body samostoyatelnaya. The products are fully compatible in any quantities. No side and allergic reactions. After the course metabolism and the body’s resistance.

    Мезотерапия для похудения проблемных зон - плюсы и минусы

    Can alcohol after mesotherapy?

    For course success need to know about the restrictions on drinking alcoholic beverages. According to experts, mesotherapy and alcohol are not compatible. It is not recommended to take it three days before the procedure. After mesotherapy for weight loss also must be at least three days. This is due to the fact that alcohol destroys the introduced the drugs removes them from the tissues ahead of time. The combination of biologically active substances with alcohol may develop allergic and toxic reactions. If the patient takes medicines on alcohol, you need to warn the doctor.

    Mesotherapy for weight loss — the effects

    Any medical or cosmetic procedure has limitations. Mesotherapy and contraindications which are well studied, is not carried out:

  • If you are allergic to components of the cocktail.
  • For cancer or suspicion on them.
  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • In case of insufficiency of the liver or kidneys, heart disease.
  • When bleeding.
  • In infectious diseases, flu.
  • In mental disease and a pathological fear of needles.
  • In diseases of the skin.
  • With the lack of skill of the doctor or the breach of procedure may have complications such as hematoma, disorders of the epidermis with its detachment, the formation of keloid scars. Therefore, this procedure is performed only graduate with basic medical education. It is not recommended for home use.

    Mesotherapy — before and after

    In order to evaluate how effective is mesotherapy for weight loss before and after photos that hit the Internet, you need to compare. Signs of cellulite – the tuberosity and swelling in the hips, waist, abdomen become smaller. The volume decrease locally. The skin is tightened and smoothed. The result is noticeable in respect of body contouring and skin condition. Significant weight loss with mesotherapy the authors of the method do not promise. It is recommended that for better results, include a set of proper nutrition, exercise and lymphatic drainage massage.

    Мезотерапия для похудения проблемных зон - плюсы и минусы

    Mesotherapy for weight loss — before and after


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