Strength training for women — workouts and nutrition

Силовые тренировки для женщин - программы тренировок и правила питания

There are different areas in sport that can be considered universal, and these include power or anaerobic training. It is used to adjust the shape, getting rid of extra pounds and improve muscle relief. You can engage in at the gym and at home, the main thing is to make a complex with all the rules.

Warm-up before strength training

Since such training involves a heavy load without heating of muscles, tendons and joints can’t do. If you skip this part of training, then there is a high risk of injury, and the effectiveness of the exercises is significantly reduced. There are several important principles that relate to how to do a warm-up before strength training.

  • Duration warm-up of the complex is 15-20 min. First is a five-minute jog with a slight acceleration. Then go to the joints and start with the upper body, gradually descending to the feet. For this purpose, bi-directional circular motion. In the next stage, warming up the muscles.
  • It is important to perform the warm up slowly to feel the muscles and ligaments. Most popular exercises: bending, Jogging in place, jumping rope and others.
  • After performing a General warm up, perform a special, which involves the preparation of core exercises. For example, if you plan to do squats, then you need to do a warm up set with light weight.
  • Strength training at home

    Many believe that home practice is inefficient, but this is a fallacy, because if you know the rules and choose exercises, then the result will certainly be. The basic principle to successful training is consistency, so it is better to develop a plan, writing all the exercises. There are a few basic rules that will allow for a short period of time to achieve success.

  • Strength training for women at home start with a warm up and they should last at least an hour.
  • Exercises do a few approaches, there should be at least three. If the purpose of this class is weight loss and endurance training, then between sets we should take a break lasting 30 sec. When a person is working on muscle development volume, you can rest up to two minutes.
  • Use the extra weight for the effectiveness of strength training. If you want to lose weight, then it needs to be small, and to increase muscle volume, on the contrary, the maximum.
  • Exercises for home strength training: squats, lunges, push-UPS, plank, various traction, extension of the hands, lifting the pelvis and others.
  • Силовые тренировки для женщин - программы тренировок и правила питания

    Strength training for women at the gym

    The best results can be achieved working out in the gym at the gym. It is important to soberly assess their own level of training, as the workload should be manageable. If you can not contact the coach, then you must first learn the operation of equipment and technique exercise. Strength training for all muscle groups must comply with the basic rules.

  • You need to focus on basic exercises, giving the load on several muscle groups.
  • The complex should be designed to first carry out exercises, work out the large muscles: thighs, back, legs, buttocks and chest. In the presence of problem areas, the main emphasis is recommended on it.
  • To sustain progress, it is important to regularly increase the load, for example, increasing the number of reps or by weight.
  • Силовые тренировки для женщин - программы тренировок и правила питания

    Strength training for weight loss

    Many will be surprised, but it is the exercises with additional weight help to effectively burn calories compared to cardio, the same time the person will spend 50% more. A significant advantage even after the training will be the process active fat-burning for several hours. Strength training for fat loss will help to shrink in volume, to get rid of cellulite and improve the relief of the body. Such trainings have a positive impact on overall health. There are some features lessons for weight loss that is taken into account.

  • To start the process of fat burning, perform the exercises you want with great speed, and the rest between sets should be minimal.
  • It is best to use low weight but do high reps.
  • For those wishing to quickly say goodbye to excess weight, are better suited circular strength training. Their principle is based on a selection of 4-5 exercises that are performed one after another with minimal interruption.
  • Силовые тренировки для женщин - программы тренировок и правила питания

    Nutrition for strength training

    The result, regardless of the goal, largely depends on what a person eats. Discard the fat, sweet and high in calories, opting for protein-rich foods with low fat, fruits and vegetables. Meals a day weight training should be a fraction and there should be at least five times a day. It is important to prepare correctly, giving preference to boiling, baking and stewing. You should drink a lot of water, so the daily rate should be 2-2,5 liters.

    What to eat after weight training?

    Here, too, it is important to dispel one myth because many people believe that if you do not eat after training, it is possible to lose weight faster. Trainers and nutritionists recommend eating immediately after a workout to close the protein-carbohydrate window. Pick a portion of that protein should be 60% and carbs 40%. Thus be able to recover the wasted energy and to provide amino acids to muscles. Great option is cottage cheese with fruit. Nutrition after weight training includes a full meal, in about half an hour. In this menu you can enter and proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

    Силовые тренировки для женщин - программы тренировок и правила питания

    What to eat before strength training?

    To have strength to work, you must give the body «fuel», but it is important not to feel during exercise discomfort. Energy give the body slow carbohydrates, which are released gradually, for example, they have in the bread and bananas. To eat about 40 g is recommended for 30 minutes Because they will load muscles, the strength training should include protein products and will last about 20 More to include in this meal little fat – 3 g

    Harm to strength training for women

    Many believe that if you deal with weight, that can ruin the shape, making it masculine, but it’s nothing more than a myth. The damage strength training is the place to be failure to comply with basic rules and with no warm up. To hurt training can in the presence of certain diseases, so if you need to visit a doctor to avoid health complications.

    Strength training is an ideal choice for people who want to lose fat and improve the relief of your body. Most importantly, follow the rules of the training and to find effective exercises, focusing on the desired result. After a couple weeks of classes you will see progress, but it all depends on the initial weight measurements and goals.


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