The diet «roller coaster» — the best options

Диета «Американские горки» - лучшие варианты

A diet that is called «roller coaster» is hard, but effective. Highlighted this technique of weight loss that do not need to exclude from the diet favorite, but harmful to figure products, and should simply reduce their number.

The diet «roller coaster» – how to really lose?

To learn about the performance of the presented method of weight loss, studies have been conducted and interviewed women of different ages and physique. Approximately 80% said that the diet «roller coaster», the results of which depend on many factors, is efficient, and it is difficult to observe only the first day. 12% of respondents indicated that it was hard, but the effect was achieved. Only 8% of women confirmed that their health has deteriorated, and they constantly suffered from hunger. The average diet «roller coaster» helps to throw about 7 kg.

Diet rollercoaster – the options

The method of weight loss includes several variants of the diet, which differ from each other in terms of energy value and go in turn. An important advantage due to the fact that the menu can be on their own, given some of the rules and the calorie count each day. Trying to achieve the required values of energy value, many people give up fat entirely, but this is a mistake and not to cause health issues, it is necessary to include in the diet 2 tbsp high quality vegetable oil. It is important to drink every day at least 1.5 liters of fluid.

Includes the diet «roller coaster» menu at 600 calories, 900 and 1200 per day. The first days are the most difficult, because the energy value of the diet drops to minimum values. The power supply circuit looks like this: the first three days of the diet contains only 600 calories, four days at 900, seven days at 1200 and then another three days on and four 600 to 900. These jumps in calorie confirm the name of the scheme supply.

Диета «Американские горки» - лучшие варианты

Diet Martin katana «roller coaster»

Before you can use the specified power supply circuit, it is important to consider the possible dangers and contraindications. Many nutritionists believe that a diet of Martin katana, dangerous because sudden calorie can trigger negative reactions in the body. In the early days almost everybody has a weakness, headache, dizziness and insomnia, and this is due to lack of energy. If the discomfort is strong, then it is better to abandon this weight loss. The diet «roller coaster» is contraindicated in problems with the gastrointestinal tract, pregnant and lactating women.

The diet «roller coaster» – menu

If you want to quickly cope with the problem of excess weight, it is recommended not only to comply with a specified calorific value for each day, but choose healthy foods. Exclude from the diet fried, smoked, pastries, sweet, fatty and so on. Harmful carbonated and alcoholic beverages. If you feel strong hunger, the diet «roller Coaster» allows the use of snacks, for which you should use approximately 400 g of vegetables or fruits that have a lot of water, so their caloric content is low. These include cucumbers, watermelons, celery, apples and others.

It is recommended to properly prepare food, excluding cooking and baking with oil. It is necessary to abandon the salt replacing it with herbs. There are no restrictions on the use of tea and coffee, but you can’t put sugar and cream. Dinner should be no later than three hours before bedtime, so focus on your routine. If you have the desire to cope with the extra weight, then the method can be repeated, but no later than three months.

Диета «Американские горки» - лучшие варианты
Диета «Американские горки» - лучшие варианты
Диета «Американские горки» - лучшие варианты

Diet rollercoaster and sport

One of the rules for successful weight loss is combination of low calorie diet and exercise, but in this case it is important to consider some features. Because the menu is low-calorie, heavy-duty loads are banned, otherwise you can harm your health. It is impossible to do in the gym, swim, run and use other serious cardio. American sports diet allows training in the following areas: walking, climbing stairs, Pilates and yoga.


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