How thin Pelagia is an effective way to lose weight from the stars folk

Как похудела Пелагея - эффективный способ похудения от звезды фолка

The well-known singer Pelageya in this season of the show «the Voice» surprised the audience with her figure. For a short time she was lucky to get rid of 10 kg and it made the Russian beauty even more elegant. Thanks to figure-hugging outfits became clearly visible neat and chiseled figure, and in the minds of all a dumb question – how did she weight?

Over what period of lost Pelageya?

For a short period between the filming of the show, the singer stopped often flashed on television screens. But, after 4-6 months, the girl was seen in a new, exciting way. Many argue that it is unrealistic so fast to get in shape without harming the body, because the stars of show business have a very tight schedule, to fit in that workout and proper nutrition is very complicated. Thinner Pelageya does not focus on feedback about themselves and continues to go for their ideal figure.

The parameters of the figure Pelagia

Diet for a singer is given very hard. From childhood she had a propensity to be overweight and almost always struggled with it. How thin Pelageya now of interest to many, because before it saw the noble dumpling. Her last weight traditionally surpasses 60 pounds, and she couldn’t afford to wear a formfitting dress, but had the strength to change everything.

Seriously hand in your figure, Pelagia, the growth, the weight of which is at the moment 55 kg and 163 cm, decided not to stop there. Twenty days per month she is training hard in the gym, on a specially made for her technique. The girl began to look more attractive after he lost the weight and pulled up her sports data.

Как похудела Пелагея - эффективный способ похудения от звезды фолка

How lost Pelageya?

For many women, the question is how thin Pelagia and the singer claims that for a chic result, it took her a serious and comprehensive approach. The first two months she worked in emergency mode, later switched to a more gentle level. In addition to active training, diet Pelageya included the following rules:

  • the refusal of sweet and starchy foods;
  • increase intake of water;
  • refusal to eat after 19.00;
  • to eat as much buckwheat.

This set of constraints was added some detail, contributing to weight loss. Pelagia began to visit bath. This does not only melt fat, but also improved skin. Natural scrub was a real girl friend, he is well toned and massaged the problem areas and most importantly, it is the internal mood. Only having faith in yourself once again and starting to enjoy life, the goal in losing weight will be achieved.

Diet from Pelageya for the lazy

That is what lost the singer has seriously affected her interests. Now she is system diet and training like a serious approach, and for the most lazy. The second way interested many, because in the daily bustle so little time is left for yourself. This option take in the arms, Housewives and young moms. Interesting diet Pelagia, the menu consists of such dishes:

  • buckwheat without butter (Breakfast);
  • vegetable salad with olive oil in any quantity or lean fish, chicken, 120 grams (lunch);
  • buckwheat without butter, 200 grams, some vegetables (dinner).

Making a diet for a week need to focus on buckwheat. Two times a day to consume it in small quantities, without oil. In the days of exceptions, you can replace it with seafood or fish, weighing not more than 200 grams. Have to do the last meal before seven o’clock. If you have a busy schedule and the sleep you get after midnight, you should try not to eat 4 hours before bedtime.

Diet Pelagia on buckwheat

Popular and common buckwheat diet is very popular, because it really brings a visible result, but, on the advice of doctors, it is impossible to sit longer than one week. The singer did not torment your body and included in the diet of complementary products makes it easy to lose weight. Diet Pelagia on the buckwheat, which was to contain lean meat and seafood does not lose its efficiency, and greatly contributes to weight loss. Thus the girl was able to hold on to it for almost 6 months.

Как похудела Пелагея - эффективный способ похудения от звезды фолка

Pelageya before and after weight loss


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