How to choose a bike according to height and weight depending on the purpose?

Как выбрать велосипед по росту и весу в зависимости от целей?

Modern shops offer a variety of models of this technology, and to find among them the best option is not easy. To avoid mistakes and save money, it is necessary to understand the purposes for which designed bike. This is the first thing you need to do athlete, lover of outdoor activities, or caring parent, searching technique for a child.

On what parameters to choose a bike?

Before heading to the store, think how you are going to use the technique, and for whom it is purchased – for an adult, teenager or child. Without this information to choose a bike will not work, the design of each type would have distinguishing features. As a rule, it is recommended to use only one which is designed for operation in the selected conditions. In stores you can find:

  • Teen, children and adult models.
  • For city walks, travel in the mountains, perform tricks and travel.
  • How to choose a Bicycle for growth?

    This is the first parameter that should be evaluated. Suggest to measure growth before going to the store, and then use the universal table, allowing you to choose the size. In some cases, manufacturers have their own recommendation guidance document, which has information on the division of its products for a given parameter, but a universal measurement is not too different from individual councils developers.

    How to choose a bike to suit the table:

    Как выбрать велосипед по росту и весу в зависимости от целей?

    After this indicator will be considered to be engaged in the evaluation frame. Experts say that with this task you can handle yourself. In order to choose the size of the bike frame and its design should take into account:

  • The smaller the item, the more maneuverable bike.
  • The size conventionally referred to as the same as clothing – S, M, XL, L, XXL.
  • Construction can be aluminum, steel, carbon and magnesium. The last type is the most expensive and reliable, and the optimum combination price-quality specialists recognize the second or third.
  • How to choose a bike weight?

    To determine this characteristic you should pay attention to the design of the frame. To choose a bike weight easily than more pounds in man, the greater must be the size of the part. Fat people (over 80 kg) is not recommended to purchase the sports model, and those in which the reduced back or the frame is made of aluminum. It makes more sense to buy an option with the part from steel, they are much stronger.

    How to choose the right bike?

    To buy a good bike, you should consider some of its technical characteristics. Regardless of what bike you need to choose – sports, walking, or other, it is necessary to assess the condition of its braking system. I advise you to pay attention to bikes with disc system, have high reliability. In addition, you should evaluate the dampers and wheels. The quality of the data the characteristic features depends on the comfort of riding.

    How to choose Bicycle wheels, shock absorbers and the saddle:

  • Rate the seat, it must be adjusted for tilt and height.
  • Select the type of wheel depends on the riding style, going for walks suitable polislik for active sports and performing tricks – narrow tires.
  • The most reliable dampers – air / oil.
  • Как выбрать велосипед по росту и весу в зависимости от целей?

    What bike to choose for the city?

    If you have already evaluated the size and growth should evaluate its additional features. Urban models have a carbon, steel or aluminium frames, tyres should be of medium width (polislik). Saddle this bike is not narrow. The frame design has narrowing towards back. Experts suggest before you choose a bike for the city finally, make sure that in the presence of a trunk. When walking through the settlement you will need it for transportation of personal effects.

    How to choose a mountain bike?

    There are three types of such bikes – XC, light freeride and Enduro. What mountain bike is better to choose, will depend on the type of riding. The first option is suitable for standard, medium difficulty walking, the second is designed to overcome obstacles, and the third for extreme driving. Each type has its own characteristics, novice athletes is not recommended to buy a Enduro option, to start training skills it will be uncomfortable and unsafe. Get suitable levels of the model.

    How to choose a road bike?

    These bikes have curved handlebars, rigid fork, light weight frame. All these factors provide a fast set speed while driving on it and its stable retention while riding. You can find pleasure, racing and universal model. What road bike to choose from is presented, depends on riding style and experience of the athlete. For those who train for a long time and loves challenging trails, suitable for racing, someone who prefers to ride in the city — universal or pleasure.

    How to choose a bike:

  • To evaluate the design of the frame than it’s lighter, the better. Perfect design carbon fibre.
  • Wheel diameter should be approximately 28 inches.
  • The brakes on these models are set to lightweight.
  • Как выбрать велосипед по росту и весу в зависимости от целей?

    How to choose a sports bike?

    Such models are equipped with disc brakes, provides security during an emergency stop or reducing the speed. What bike is better to choose depends on where you plan to train. For the urban environment to choose a road, to perform stunts — pritalennye, to practice triathlon, bikes of the same name. The sale also there is a track that does not have a braking system, and is designed to explore sports tracks, and touring (the movement in the settlements and in the stadiums), with a special protector.

    Bike for triathlon — how to choose:

  • The greater the stiffness of the fork, the better.
  • Frame shall be made of carbon or steel.
  • It is wiser to choose the kind with tires of size 700C, they provide comfort while riding.
  • The brake shall be disc or rim, these types will provide the best safety.
  • What bike to choose for travel?

    Buying a bike for such purposes, you need to pay attention to the frame, the bushing, and wheel diameter. These parameters are important, but besides them there are several factors to take into account that it will not be superfluous, they will provide comfort when long trip. Choose the Bicycle for touring without the help of a specialist, just have a closer look at the models that have:

  • Carbon steel is more reliable and maintainable.
  • Wheel diameter can be from 24 to 29 inches wide tires with a protruding tread patterns ensure good traction.
  • Sleeve on bulk material bearings are easier to maintain on their own in cases of failure.
  • Spacious Luggage compartment and headlights is a necessity.
  • Как выбрать велосипед по росту и весу в зависимости от целей?

    How to choose a folding bike?

    Such models are perfectly suited for movement in the settlements. They are easy to transport personal and public transport, be kept at home or at work. Life and human comfort when using it depends on how carefully would be appreciated main features during the purchase. This can be done independently, the consultants give the most straightforward advice that is understandable to any layman.

    Folding bike — how to choose:

  • The less weight the better.
  • Dropped frame more convenient.
  • You need to try at the time of purchase to transfer the folded bike, so you can appreciate the comfortable life to travel with him in the subway, inside the rear or ride in buses.
  • Carbon steel is a more reliable option.
  • Guided by these simple rules, you can easily choose the Bicycle for trips to work, and for ordinary walking. All modern models of such bikes are often equipped with a trunk of small size. In assessing this part, pay attention to the reliability and the material from which it is made, consider a good aluminum or steel.


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