How to choose skates for a comfortable ride?

Как выбрать коньки для комфортного катания?

Love skating on the ice, many are thinking about how to choose skates. It would seem that to choose the right size and all, but this may not be enough. Comfort when traveling is the start for further development in the sport, right up to professional level.

Как выбрать коньки для комфортного катания?

How to choose the right horse?

Before you go shopping, pay attention to your feet. Corny, but they should be no swelling. Do not wear too many socks, because all modern models are with good insulation, is suitable to practice on the street, or special for ice rinks, but this is higher level. Most importantly, define for yourself what the skates, because they exist in three types:

  • a pleasure;
  • hockey;
  • curly.

Knowing how to choose the right skates, you will ensure yourself a comfortable ride, even on a very basic level. Wearing pair, try to walk them around the store, in order to ensure the quality of their fixation on the leg. As for the material, there is no precise definition, because each focuses on what it is convenient. They are made of leather, artificial and plastic.

Как выбрать коньки для комфортного катания?

How to choose hockey skates?

Experts say that hockey models are of two types, some of them are designed for high performance sports and for fans. A simpler version will not protect the foot from impact of pucks or sticks and in General from injury, but it is much cheaper. This kind of is great for beginners or Amateurs. Experienced athletes know how to choose hockey skates for serious competition, which would not have failed them in the game.

The main indicator of quality hockey skates is the stiffness. Especially for this, they put in a plastic or Styrofoam, to stronger locking nylon – the material from which they are made. Considering what skates to choose from, all used to pay attention to the price. Unfortunately, the higher the value, the better sports shoes.

Как выбрать коньки для комфортного катания?

How to choose figure skates?

Like other sports equipment, skates for figure skating must meet certain requirements. Since this type is significantly different from hockey, having a different structure, they are selected for convenience and the shape of the blade. The teeth on the toe help to make beautiful pirouettes and absolutely do not interfere when skating. Don’t forget about the heels, which perfectly controlled the center of gravity of the skater.

Knowing how to choose skates for skating, even a novice will feel like a star on the ice. Now prefer leather variants, they breathe better and for some time adopt odds legs, so borrowing them is not always beneficial, because panning does not work. As in hockey, it’s very important to rigidity. In order to increase it for the professional model is made with a triple layer of leather.

What horse to choose for beginners?

Choosing the best skates for skating, decide what goals you are pursuing in this sport discipline. If it’s just recreational fun, you need to take the most comfortable option, which is somewhat similar to the rollers. To learn the ice better on them, because they will not cause discomfort to beginners. Get used to them really during the month, and if you want to further on advance to the more superior option. Choosing footwear for beginners need to highlight the following points:

  • comfort;
  • any size;
  • the shape of the blades;
  • the methods of fixation.

How to choose the right skates in size?

To make it easier to choose the skates in size be sure to do a fitting with an attempt to walk. If the foot does not feel discomfort, then perhaps this option is the most suitable. It is believed that to take a sports shoes should size up than normal, in order to be able to wear a warm sock. In any case can not buy them for growth, how often do many parents. This can increase the trauma and hinder the normal training movement on the ice. Knowing how to choose the right skates, you can play sports and get pleasure from it.

Как выбрать коньки для комфортного катания?

How to choose skates across the width of the foot?

There are times when the human foot is a bit wider than normal, and how to choose skates for the completeness of a foot is not known to many. Leather models tend to become comfortable at all, and it is possible that after some time they will take the shape of the foot, but their price is much more expensive. Experts suggest to measure different variants from different manufacturers, because it so happens that they are sewn to another block. If this does not work, then you can buy the shoes a little more and put cotton wool or soft cloth in the sock.


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